Sunday, March 02, 2008

Shoah 'nuff

Quotes of the day, from Khalid Amayreh (my emphasis in red; found on Desertpeace, from Israel, and, unlike the sites of almost all the American 'progressive' Jews, not merely another a lite Zionist tactical trick):
"I know that many Jews, especially Zionist Jews, have developed almost instinctive knee-jerk defensive reactions to any comparisons between Israel and Nazi Germany. However, the truth must be proclaimed aloud, irrespective of how many Zionists will get angry.

Israel claims that it doesn’t murder innocent civilians deliberately. But this is a big, obscene lie, of which even most Israelis are aware. Mistakes happen a few times, but when the wanton slaughter of children occurs each day and every day of the year, it means it is policy.

In addition, when the number of victims, especially innocent victims, as in Gaza, even intent itself becomes irrelevant.

In the final analysis, murdering knowingly is murdering deliberately, regardless of the prevarication and the verbal juggling.

Hence, Jews around the world, especially those who support Israel, should be willing to bring themselves to recognizing that what their wonderful state is doing to these helpless Palestinians is a virtual holocaust or at least a holocaust in the making."

"If Jews who support this satanic entity are not willing to call the spade a spade and recognize a holocaust as a holocaust, then they should be viewed as active accomplices in this wanton rampage of murder and terror.

This is not a war. Calling the current Israeli onslaught on Gaza a war is like fornicating with words. Wars occur between armies and states.

What is happening in Gaza is actually a merciless and brutal rampage of murder and terror waged by a Wehrmacht-like army against a blockaded, beleaguered and starved people who want to survive and be free, very much like Jews did under the Nazi occupation of Europe.

Indeed, when Israel murders a hundred Palestinian, mostly innocent civilians, for every Israeli killed, there is a name for that, it is massacre.

It is conscionable that honest people around the world, including many conscientious Jews who can’t bear watching the heinous crimes Israel is committing in their collective name, must call the spade a spade. A holocaust, after all, doesn’t become lesser when perpetrated by Jews. There is no such a thing as a kosher holocaust or kosher massacres."

I guess this is an appeal to the morality of Jews from the Anglosphere. As I've said here many times, I think this is barking up the wrong tree. These are people who feel themselves to be moral because they did not support the attack on Iraq, but they support whatever Israel does to the Palestinians, all under the outrageous Zionist lie of 'self-defense'. The absolute best we can expect from them is the lite Zionist tactical approach of calling for restraint because the IDF excesses are increasing the danger that the long-term plan - which they fully support - of ethnic cleansing may be stopped by world outrage. A more realistic quote from the comments to Desertpeace, from (the real?) Alan Cabal:
"When Jews worldwide are treated as Israel treats the Palestinians, this will stop."

Unfortunately, this kind of ScareJew, which is starting to appear in the lite Zionist sites, is the only constraint on the immorality of the Jewish community. Of course, Jews worldwide won't be treated as Israel treats the Palestinians, but only because the rest of the world is more moral than Israel and its supporters.