Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Two-part strategy, continued

On the way to give a political speech, Bill Clinton was subjected to a 'mugging' (found at Covert History). The two-part strategy continues. The Clintons aren't stupid. The race-baiting has to be obvious enough that it can't be missed, but subtle enough that the elderly ladies who still support Clinton can claim, while winking broadly, that it is not really going on. The best part about this is that the Clintonistas have tacitly acknowledged that it was Bill's ham-handed misuse of race that made Obama the national figure he has become. Bill could see a fellow charismatic winner a mile away (and knew the threat that Obama posed, as Hillary is completely charisma-less), and started in on Obama even before he was considered to be a plausible candidate. It was an uncharacteristic tactical error by Bill, and explains why he disappeared from the Hillary campaign for a while. Now he's back, apparently working on the second part of the strategy, ensuring that McCain is elected so Hillary can win in 2012.