Saturday, April 26, 2008

Bottom line

From an interview by Philippe Gohier, John Mearsheimer responding to a question on the chances of a peace agreement with the Palestinians:
"All this talk about a possible peace agreement and a possible settlement in the near future is not serious. It's all designed for public relations purposes. Israelis are not interested in giving the Golan Heights back and reaching a peace accord with the Syrians, and they're not interested in withdrawing from the West Bank and allowing the Palestinians to create a viable state in the West Bank and Gaza Strip."

Any analysis that grants Israel or its American supporters any credit for decency or even common sense is fatally flawed. The only thing that can possibly lead to an agreement is a situation where it is apparent that Israel has no choice whatsoever but to agree to peace. Even then, the insanity of ethnic apocalyptic supremacism may make an agreement impossible. Whenever you see rumors like the recent ones about Olmert considering peace with Syria remember one thing: they are lying to you to create the appearance of rationality which is not there.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Is Marc Grossman 'Mega'?

We have no evidence whatsoever, but Grossman was a senior American diplomatic official spanning both Democrat and Republican administrations. Sibel Edmonds may be proven right in the long run. By the way, the Philip Giraldi story, that the latest Israeli spy case was discovered as a result of a leak from the Israeli government (!), is quite obvious bullshit - professional courtesy from the CIA to the Mossad? - proven by the fact that the supposed reason for the leak, derailing the disinfo campaign against Syria regarding a Syrian nuke program, can't be true, as the disinfo campaign continues at full speed. Giraldi (my emphasis in red):
"Israeli sources are reporting that the FBI investigation of the Ben-Ami Kadish spy case resulted from a leak coming from inside the government of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert. The information on Kadish and on a number of other Americans who have spied for Israel was provided to the FBI anonymously, leading to the Bureau’s opening of a full investigation. One source reports that the National Security Agency was provided with Yosef Yagur’s current phone number and address and was able to obtain corroborating information on the case by tapping the phone. Yagur, who is now retired and living in Israel, was Kadish’s case officer, handling the cases of both him and Jonathan Pollard. Before the anonymous leak of information, the FBI had no idea that Kadish had been a spy for Israel. Now it is investigating a number of US citizens, including an individual who held very senior security positions in the Clinton and Bush White Houses."

This is questionable. The grand jury investigation, the source of the story, started in 2005. Olmert didn't start leading the Israeli government until 2006! How could Olmert's leak have lead to the opening of the investigation, which arose out of the grand jury investigation? Why would the Olmert government, with full access to the Jew-controlled American media, be trying to get the information out by leaking it to a secret grand jury investigation, the most convoluted way possible, and one not guaranteed of success? Another aside: there appears to be disinfo floating around that the FBI tapped Yagur's phone. How is that possible? Yagur has been living in Israel for years. Isn't it far more likely that the FBI overheard the conversation when they tapped Kadish's American phone? Watch out for a huge campaign of Zionist spin around this story, which really is deeply frightening to World Jewry.

There are a lot of shenanigans going on from the Zionists:
  1. The aforementioned propaganda attack through the Jew-controlled American Congress and the Jew-controlled American media concerning the mythical Syrian nuclear installation, 'proven' by some lousy pictures of a . . . building;
  2. Israeli air attacks on Lebanon;
  3. A wild story that Olmert wants to trade the Golan for 'peace', as if the Israelis ever really wanted 'peace', or as if Syria actually constituted a threat to Israel (it is actually Israel that is a threat to Syrian peace). This is probably a distraction from the threat that peace might break out with Hamas, an utter disaster for Zionism.

Thursday, April 24, 2008

The hunt for 'Mega'

Apart from Zionist conspiracy theories (some of which may be true, particularly the idea that a goal of American authorities was to block Bush's anticipated pardon of Pollard), the main interest of the latest Israeli spy scandal comes from reading between the lines. Ben-Ami Kadish, the latest alleged spy, was arrested after he foolishly discussed the problem on the phone with his Israeli handler, identified as Yosef Yagur, and Yagur, who must not be a very good spy, even more foolishly instructed him on what to tell the FBI. The Americans were already tapping phone lines by this point, and seemed to be approaching the conspiracy from both ends, having spooked Kadish enough to confide in Yagur. The lines were being tapped as part of a Manhattan grand jury investigation - a Manhattan grand jury? what did Eliot Spitzer know? - which had apparently been investigating espionage against the United States. Grand juries don't empanel themselves, so some American officials must have decided that Israeli spying needed to be investigated. You have to wonder whether there are special non-Jewish teams of lawyers and staff, as even one American Jew associated with any investigation could not possibly be trusted not to tip off Israel.

Speaking of 'dual loyalty', you can gather a slight indication of the mentality by Kadish's response to the FBI:
"Kadish initially lied to authorities and said he never spoke with Yagur, the feds said. But when confronted with his alleged crimes, Kadish told FBI Special Agent Lance Ashworth he didn't do it for money - he did it because he thought it 'would help Israel.'"

Dual loyalists think that helping Israel is a complete defense to the charges, the mindset being that there is no difference between Israeli and American interests. We have had a big dose of that thinking during the neocon era, where the Wars For The Jews were consistently held to be in American interests.

The official Israeli story is that Pollard was an isolated case, the only spy, and nothing similar has happened since. This is laughable, as we have seen numerous instances of Israeli spying, including the rather massive operation which was spying on the September 11 hijackers in the months before September 11. Since American authorities have caught the Israelis in a lie about the uniqueness of Pollard, they can now start to question the wider issue of Israeli spy operations against the United States, operations which have been going on for decades.

Stewart Ain asks the big question (my emphasis in red):
"The government alleged that the Israeli agent instructed Kadish which documents to retrieve.

There is speculation that the Manhattan grand jury may be seeking to learn the identity of an American administration official who told the agent which documents Kadish should obtain."

The grand jury is trying to identify 'Mega', the high level Israeli spy who was (is?) also a high level American official, and who would have directed the local handler to the documents that were interesting to the Israeli military. 'Mega' has sometimes been identified as numerous people, including Paul Wolfowitz, although the role is more likely to have been played by a series of officials, spanning both American political parties. If this grand jury investigation makes any progress, it will blow the Israeli-American relationship to smithereens.

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Pennsylvania exit polls

Some people will believe anything other than the obvious (my emphasis in red):
"It’s clear that a sizable chunk of those questioned after they voted lied to the pollsters. The exit polls showed a 5 point margin for Hillary. In the end the margin was approximately twice that."
So lemme get this straight: people who voted for Hillary were so embarrassed by that fact that they lied to exit pollsters and claimed they voted for Obama? Does that make any sense? Or does it make more sense that Pennsylvania, a state which makes heavy use of unverifiable computer touch-screen voting, was the victim of vote fraud? The difference between five percent and ten percent is the difference between Hillary having to drop out and Hillary staying in to help McCain win in November, a goal shared by both the Republicans (who own the computer voting machine companies) and Hillary (so she can run again in 2012).

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

War on Charity

Another article on the War on Charity, part of Bibi Netanyahu's 'War on Terror'. The logic of government prosecutions, such as it is:
  1. American charity sends money to Palestine to keep Palestinian children from starving (due to the complete mockery by Israel of its obligations as an occupying power);
  2. The government of Palestine is Hamas;
  3. Hamas thus 'controls' the charities that operate in Palestine;
  4. Hamas is a terrorist group;
  5. Therefore, the American charity is supporting terrorism.
It's a shockingly bad argument, and the courts don't buy it either, which is why the American government prosecutors lose. The fact that losing doesn't stop them from the continued harassment just proves the bad faith behind the prosecutions. The point of the exercise is to brutalize Palestinians. I really don't know how the prosecutors sleep at night.

Monday, April 21, 2008

Houdini style

The assassination (or here) of Riad Hamad reminds me of the assassination of Philip Merrill. These stories are amusing in a macabre kind of way, with impossible suicide scenarios immediately described by clownish police officials as suicides. It is not enough just to kill yourself; the victim has to earn style points by putting himself into physically impossible positions before somehow arranging for the self-destruction. The classic case is still the death of Roberto Calvi, where the police, years after the fact, finally managed to figure out that it was impossible for Calvi to have killed himself in the position in which his body was found.

It is the ultimate anti-Semitic act - the pure distilled essence of real anti-Semitism - to feed a starving Palestinian child, as allowing that child to live and grow up just fuels the 'demographic problem' facing World Jewry in the Middle East. Hamad had described a campaign of government harassment against his charitable work. The trial - or travesty of a trial - of the American government against the food-providing charity the Holy Land Foundation, where the Holy Land Foundation was deemed to be a funder of 'terrorism', ended in a mistrial late last year. In the case of the suicided Riad Hamad, it appears that some group has decided that it is necessary to take the law into its own hands if this 'terrorism' of feeding the starving is to end.

The first concerted American government attack against Islamic charities in the United States, including the Holy Land Foundation, following an article written by Daniel Pipes and Steven Emerson calling for a crack-down on the 'terrorism' funded by such charities, occurred in the week preceding September 10, 2001 (Sami Al-Arian, mentioned specifically in the article, is still being persecuted by the American government). A suspicious person might see the timing as part of a plan.

Sunday, April 20, 2008

Know your real enemies, and act

Predictable pathetic attempt from the Ottawa Citizen (owned by what type of Billionaire?) to explain why the Toronto 18 case is completely falling apart. Always remember that the entire point of all these cases is to convince people living in Western democracies that they share with Israel an imminent danger from 'Islamofascists'. Thus we should all sign on to Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' - I keep stressing whose war this is as we can never forget that it was invented in an Israeli think tank in the late 80s - and allow Israel to kill Arabs and steal their land and water. Hundreds of years of the development of the protection of human rights, including the presumption of innocence and the need to have a smidgen of evidence before we ruin lives, is all to be thrown out the door so the highest representatives of the Tribe can have their fun.

To sum up the Toronto 18 case, there were 17 young Muslim men, who liked to play paintball in the woods, one older guy (the Osama bin Laden figure), and two agents provocateurs. The charges have now been dropped against the older guy, leaving the paintballers and the government agents. One of the government agents, a controversial fellow (always remembering 'innocent until proven guilty'!), claims to have been paid a considerable amount of money for his efforts, and the other, an agricultural engineer, appears to have come up with the fertilizer which constitutes the entire basis of the terrorism case. It is well past the time to let all these victims of injustice go, and start disciplining - preferably by firing - the police and prosecutors involved in this travesty. Those officials who leaked information to the public in order to try the case by innuendo should be tracked down and prosecuted.

It is about time that Canadians, and others, discover who their real enemies are. One of the many reasons I am so hard on Zionism is that it constitutes a serious threat to everybody in the world, whether through wars or the destruction of civil rights. To give just another example: the single main threat to free speech in the West concerns efforts by Zionists to stop discussion of the many wrongs committed by Israel. People who continue to rely on political correctness to dodge the real issues here are morally responsible for the real harm that is being done to real people.

Stupidity reminder

An excellent collection of some of the quotes from American 'experts' which were intended to sell the attack on Iraq to the American people, collected by Victor Navasky, and presented by Remember these morons, and others like Max Boot and Mark Steyn, when they try to lie Americans into the next war.

Saturday, April 19, 2008

What the settlers do for fun

What the settlers do for fun. As usual, a combination of an extensive campaign of censorship by the Jew-controlled media and our inability to accept that human beings can actually be this evil makes it difficult if not impossible for the stark realities to sink in. We can never forget that these monsters are thought to be the exemplars of Judaism by many if not most American Jews.

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008

Thursday, April 17, 2008:
  1. The Toronto 18 case continues to disintegrate, including the 'extraordinary move' of staying the charges against the 'ringleader'. The Canadian branch of the security-industrial complex - aka, 'Bibi's ass-kissers' - is already striving to find ways to spin this, including wailing about how difficult it is to prosecute terror cases in a liberal democracy with all these crazy ideas like 'procedural justice' and 'human rights' and the need for 'evidence'. Let me predict how this will play out. The defendants will be whittled down to two or three, who will be forced to sign a plea agreement to a much lesser charge (probably a weapons charge), the terms of which will be the sentencing to 'time served'. This will allow the jackbooted thugs - the police and prosecutors - to save face, and perhaps also save being subjected to an investigation of their own wrongdoing. The way will then be clear for the Israelification of Canada to continue.
  2. Speaking of which, the infamous Michael Ignatieff had to pay a visit to a Toronto synagogue to perform a ritual self-abdignation for the terrible sin of stating the obvious fact that the utterly illegal Israeli carpet bombing of the civilians of Qana was a 'war crime'. Note how the 'Jewish Community' is unique in its understanding that it can call a politician on the carpet for stating the obvious. Note how the politician comes running. Note how the 'Community' directly implicates itself in the war crime by demanding an apology for speaking of it. I'm not going to hear any more talk of how unfair it is to blame the diaspora for the actions of the shitty little country. Also note that Iggy fails to actually apologize! The Smartest Man in the World, subject to the Doctrine of Ignatieff Infallibility, can't possibly make a mistake. Just like his non-apology apology for calling for the attack on Iraq, he delivers a non-apology apology for calling a war crime a 'war crime'. The 'Community' accepts this, as the point was to call him on the carpet, and to demonstrate his fealty to the Jewish Billionaires, not to embarrass their main representative in the Liberal opposition, a man they hope will be Prime Minister one day.
  3. Maj. Paeta Hess-von Kruedener, the Canadian peace-keeper murdered by the Israelis in Lebanon, had spent the days before his execution emailing details to Canada of Israeli war crimes against civilians in Lebanon. Needless to say, the Canadian government is perfectly happy with the execution, preferring Zionist colonialism over protecting its own soldiers.
  4. Update on the court proceedings concerning the West Memphis Three.
  5. I'm starting to think Obama is crazy like a fox. He keeps saying true but outrageous things which provoke Hillary and the Republicans into an over-the-top frenzy, so over-the-top in fact that it just emphasizes the truth of what he said. Once the smoke clears, Obama's popularity goes up. There has been an ongoing Great Depression in the rust belt and the mid-West since the late eighties (which has lifted in some farming communities due to the biofuel craze). People are bitter about it, and particularly bitter about how lying Clinton-era stats show how the 90s were the Golden Age, when their own communities were dying. The Coasts, where people make money talking and manipulating intangibles, did well at the expense of the middle, where people used to make things. Having the mansion-owning Bi-Coastal elites feign outrage on behalf of the working classes makes people even more bitter.
  6. Some true Schadenfreude from Canada. The Old American Establishment finally gets it, which is one reason - of many - why the period in American history which will be known as the Era of the Wars For The Jews is coming to a close.
  7. Israel continues to use weapons suppled by the United States on the condition that they be used only for defensive purposes for more and more offensive purposes directed against civilians.

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Trillion dollar matzos

The New York Times, perhaps fearing calls for a boycott based on the perfidy of the American Jewish community in manipulating American politicians to kill people in the Middle East on the dime of the American taxpayer, is telling us how everybody just loves kosher food. Of course, they are conveniently conflating obvious Jewish 'delicacies' with the entire kosher-certified food supply. I know that calls for an end to the 'kosher tax' are damaged by the fact that they have tended to come from traditional anti-Semites, but isn't it peculiar that one tiny group can impose the entire cost of its irrational eating preferences on the whole population?

Prison Break priorities

I'm trying to think of the leader of another country - say, one that is the largest recipient of American aid, billions and billions of dollars a year worth, not to mention the trillions and trillions paid on Wars For The Jews - who could snub an ex-President of the United States in favor of meeting with the star of 'Prison Break'. Nope. I can't think of one. Can you imagine the reaction in the American media if the leader of another country - any other country, even one that did not receive trillions of dollars out of the pockets of Americans - insulted an American President?

To be fair, Olmert was probably looking for hints on how to keep the population of Gaza from breaking out again.

Palfrey guilty

Remember all the breathless anticipation of all the big names that were going to be revealed in Deborah Jean Palfrey's phone records? What the hell happened? Once she revealed that her secret weapon was firing blanks, official Washington had no more reason to fear her, she lost her spiffy well-connected lawyer, and now she has been found guilty. The carefully planned campaign of effectively blackmailing official Washington completely fell apart. It fell apart just after she hooked up with Larry Flynt. I hope he at least paid her a lot of money.

These are the days of bargain-priced oil

The price of oil, if denominated in gold, has remained stable since 2001. All countries that don't print American dollars - i.e., all countries that aren't the United States - are being royally screwed.

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Queen of the Jews

Anyone questioning the fact that Hillary Clinton is the candidate for the More Wars For The Jews Party should read this piece from Mother Jones (I've been boycotting Mother Jones since that awful hit piece on Rachel Corrie - unforgivable! - but I'm temporarily lifting the boycott in the interests of truth; my emphasis in red):
"Under the heading 'Standing with Israel against terrorism,' Clinton's official policy paper, released last September and currently touted on her campaign website, states, 'Hillary Clinton believes that Israel's right to exist in safety as a Jewish state, with defensible borders and an undivided Jerusalem as its capital, secure from violence and terrorism, must never be questioned.' With the phrase 'an undivided Jerusalem as its capital,' Clinton seems to take a hardline position on a deeply contested facet of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, and a position like this should have garnered at least passing interest from the mainstream media. So how come nobody's paying attention?"

I could maybe take a wild stab at why nobody in the Jew-controlled media is making a big deal out of this: they want to let it slip by. You would start to hear about how it was an integral part of her campaign only when, by some miracle of race-baiting, Hillary found herself President.

The Jerusalem stance is so extreme that it is far to the crazy side of even the Bush Administration! Not only is her official stance completely against international law, it is de facto calling for ethnic cleansing of the Arabs (who won't put up with this unless they are physically removed). Apologists will say you have to kiss Jewish Billionaire ass to get elected, but she could just as easily have left the magic code words out of her statement. There is a reason why her brain-trust is so completely dominated by hard-core Jewish Zionists.

Monday, April 14, 2008

Immoral attitudes die hard

From an article in the Toronto Star by Stuart Laidlaw on the new Alliance of Concerned Jewish Canadians, the moral alternative to the Canadian Jewish Congress:
"Diana Ralph grew up in a progressive Jewish family in postwar America. Her father's work as a lawyer at the Nuremberg war crime trials, when she was still an infant, cemented his support for the state of Israel.

But when his daughter, as a young woman, questioned Israeli policies after the Six Day War in 1967, she saw a side of her father she hadn't witnessed before.

'My dad, who was always very kind, very understanding, said, `If you ever say anything against the state of Israel again, I will disown you,'' Ralph remembers. 'Whoa.'"

"Ralph says the alliance is needed to open up debate in her community. 'When you try to ask about two subjects, there's no room for discussion. One is circumcision and the other is support for Israel.'"

Dick cutting and stealing land and water. What is a person supposed to do when faced with the extremes of immoral irrationality, particularly when it is based in the subconscious politics of one group? If you point it out, and point out that the irrationality is common amongst the group, and is the direct cause of the brutalization of another group, you are called a bigot. Best to keep your mouth shut, and let the victims of the irrationality suffer.

Sunday, April 13, 2008

Elegant in its ass-backwardness

Rick Salutin on Canadian Minister of Defence Peter MacKay, who appears to be auditioning to become an American cabinet member by demonstrating his ability to live in fantasy-land:
"And instead of Lester Pearson or Joe Clark, we have the challenged mind of Peter MacKay. This week, he told the CBC's Peter Mansbridge that the Soviets invaded Afghanistan, but we were invited in. This is practically elegant in its ass-backwardness. The Soviets were originally invited in, with the usual verbal convolutions. But 'we' simply invaded, overthrew a government and installed our own, which then 'invited' us in. The least he can do is get his story straight, in the sense of intelligently dishonest."

The rest of the column is about Canada's step down from being a partial voice of reason to being a pathetic conjoined twin on the side of the empty American head. It is amusing that this loss of influence under the current Conservative government is as a direct result of following the recommendations of right-wingers who complained about Canada losing pull in foreign affairs in the wake of its refusal to go along with the disastrous American attack on Iraq. Of course, what they really meant was that Canada wasn't leaping high enough when Washington said 'jump'. They are also fond of following orders and spending money on bullets rather than wasting it on social programs.

Of Canadian peace sites, this, this, this and this are good, but be careful of this phony one, which supports the murderous 'Responsibility to Protect' doctrine (i.e., war with the best of intentions).

Friday, April 11, 2008

Power shift

From "A Paradigm Shift: How Hizbollah Won the War" by M. Shahid Alam (my emphasis in red):
"The Hizbollah offers Israel a new kind of asymmetric warfare: it combines low-tech guerilla tactics with sophisticated missile and communications technology. Understandably, the Israelis find these Hizbollah achievements hard to digest. What the world witnessed in Lebanon in July 2006 were events that contain the potential for shifting the balance of power in the Middle East. Earlier, the Iraqi insurgents had demonstrated that they can make an occupation – even by the world’s greatest power – very costly. Now, the Hizbollah had shown that a disciplined guerilla force, with access to advanced missiles, can repel the most powerful invading army.

It appears that the weapons gap that had opened up in recent decades between Western powers and the weaker, technologically backward nations may be closing. How rapidly this happens will depend on the willingness of Russia, China, North Korea, Iran – with other countries getting ready to join them – to make these weapons available to these movements. Alternatively, if these countries hesitate, the arms smugglers will step in to provide this service. Once anti-tank, anti-ship and shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles can be bought on the world’s illicit arms markets as readily as AK-47s, this will begin to alter the fortunes of resistance movements battling great powers."

Israel is the greatest example of the old paradigm. It was created using old colonialist models, as an agent for Anglo-American imperialism, using old colonialist methods of domination. It can't adjust enough to meet the new realities. It will be interesting to see if expansionism is so integral a component of Zionism that it cannot be curtailed quickly enough to stop Israel from committing suicide. As I've been saying, if retaliatory rocket attacks make Israel an unacceptable place to live for highly mobile knowledge workers, Israel is finished.

Thursday, April 10, 2008


Robert Fisk breaks the taboo in the mainstream media on mentioning the definitive factor explaining why Israel hasn't conducted another utterly illegal attack on the innocent civilian population of a completely non-threatening neighboring country as part of the murderous rampage the world knows as Israeli foreign affairs: rockets, and the inability of the Israeli military to do anything about them. It's ironic that the IDF is hardly defensive, and when faced with one defensive task, can't do it (I've already noted that the Israeli military planners are obviously dragging their feet on setting up what purports to be an anti-missile system). Fisk:
". . . the body of the latest Shia fighter to be buried here – from the local Hashem family – was flown back to Lebanon last month from Iran.

He was hailed as a martyr in the village Husseiniya mosque but the Hizbollah would say no more. For when a Lebanese is killed in live firing exercises in the Islamic Republic, his death brings almost as many questions as mourners. Yet it is an open secret south of the Litani river that thousands of young men have been leaving their villages for military training in Iran. Up to 300 men are taken to Beirut en route to Tehran each month and the operation has been running since November of 2006; in all, as many as 4,500 Hizbollah members have been sent for three-month sessions of live-fire ammunition and rocket exercises to create a nucleus of Iranian-trained guerrillas for the 'next' Israeli-Hizbollah war."

Israel isn't slaughtering its innocent neighbors for the simple reason that, for the first time, its innocent neighbors can fight back. This is so important a factor that you won't read about it anywhere.

More Fisk:
"Can the Hizbollah shoot Israeli jets out of the sky in the event of another conflict? It is a question much discussed within the 13,000-strong United Nations force in southern Lebanon – essentially a Nato-led army, which contains French, Spanish and Italian troops as well as Chinese, Indian and sundry other contingents – which would find itself sandwiched between the two antagonists."

"If its aircraft could no longer bomb at will over Lebanon without fear of being destroyed, would Israel stage another costly land invasion – highly unlikely after the bloodying its troops took in 2006 – or use its own ground-to-ground missiles on Lebanon? For if the latter option were chosen, it would bring a whole new dimension to Lebanon's repeated wars."

Of course, other than the fact that there would be no possible way for the disgusting Zionist apologists to excuse rocket attacks against urban Lebanese areas (along with the illegal use of cluster bombs against civilians,the big PR problem of the last illegal Israeli attack), the goal of an Israeli attack is, as always, land and water seizure, impossible to do with rockets. All the while, legitimate self-defense attacks by Hezbollah will be hitting civilian populations in Tel Aviv, and we all know that the 'normal' civilian population of Israel has little stomach for retaliatory self-defense.

As I've been saying for some time now, the reasons for optimism - which include security for Lebanon, Syria, and Iran - are based on the ability of the victims to fight back successfully, and not on mythical Jewish good will. Watching the missiles take down tall buildings in Tel Aviv will give the world something to cheer about.

Wednesday, April 09, 2008

The Two Kinds of International Law

World Jewry is accusing the Swiss of everything up to making lampshades out of human skin, all for the sin of making a perfectly legal agreement to buy some gas from Iran. Meanwhile, Israel has been going through hoops to secretly buy oil from Iran while simultaneously claiming that Iran plans a nuclear Holocaust against Israel, not to mention screaming for sanctions against Iran until the Americans fight the next War For The Jews and ironically nuke the Iranians for the crime of allegedly thinking about possibly starting a program to prepare to consider a proposal to potentially build something that could someday in the far distant future, perhaps, be used to nuke Israel, while Israel sits on the only - and completely illegal- stockpile of nuclear weapons in the Middle East. As we all know, there are two kinds of International Law, the one that applies to Israel, and the one that applies to everybody else.

Jimmy Carter is about to do something bad

World-famous anti-Semite Jimmy Carter is breaking the Zionist taboo against meeting with the elected leadership of the Palestinians and is traveling to Damascus to meet with Khaled Mishaal, head of the political bureau of Hamas, a man who just this week reaffirmed the commitment of the Palestinians, including Hamas, to respect Israel's 1967 borders, something I'll bet you didn't see in the controlled American media.

Skipping the middleman

From (found via the Angry Arab News Service), in an article critical of Sudan's leaders:
"On February 25, the Sudan Liberation Movement (SLM), a rebel group from Darfur led by Abdel Wahid Al Nur, announced it was opening an office in Tel Aviv. Al-Nur said given the fact that the Israeli government had been protecting youths from Darfur from genocide, it's those Darfur escapees, now grown up who led the drive to open an office in Tel Aviv.

The toing and froming that has resulted from this move says little about the merits or demerits of a rebel faction having an office in Israel, but it says a great deal about the religious prism through which Khartoum still sees the world.

First, Presidential Assistant Nafie Ali Nafie told the official that Al Nur's rebel faction was managed by a 'Jewish lobby' in the US, and that by opening an office in Tel Aviv, Al Nur meant to bypass the lobby and deal directly with Israel."

The bumbling and fumbling of the covert Zionist 'Stop Darfur' movement, which has had a little more success lately piggybacking on the CIA's Tibetan campaign against China, may have led the Settler Movement to decide to take over operation of the campaign and run it directly from the head office in Israel.

Pumping for Hil'

Mark Crispin Miller on the fraud-fest known as an American election:
"As far as the Democratic primaries are concerned, there’s been a marked discrepancy between the unadjusted exit poll results and the official vote-counts in most of the big-state races, which have seen Hillary consistently do better than the exit polls predicted by some 7 percentage points. And there also was the weird outcome in the New Hampshire primary, in which she won where they counted ballots by machine by a little over 4 points, while Obama won where they counted ballots manually by over 6 points. Although the pundits trotted out all sorts of theories to account for the discrepancy, none of them hold up under close scrutiny."
The Republicans have determined it will be easier to steal the election from Hillary, and have set their controlled voting machines accordingly.

Oh, and the head of the Jewish cabal that runs her campaign for the More Wars For The Jews Party, the guy that Hillary supposedly fired, at least according to the headlines? Not really.

'Jock' from Canada

I've been referring too much to the World's Worst Newspaper recently, but now they've gone and covered one of my favorite DOE Network stories. This is the era of cold case solving, and this cold case seems particularly easy (see also here and here and, reprinting many of the articles, here; this is just creepy). A French-Canadian named Jacques, probably with initials 'JPF', who had been a schoolteacher, and whose physician father disowned him when he did not become a doctor: how hard can it be?

Monday, April 07, 2008

Greenwashing American Zionism

A 'perfect storm' is on the horizon for American Jews. It is almost a commonplace, even in the disgusting mainstream media, that one of the main root causes of the American Recession/Depression (it will be a recession for the rich and a depression for the poor and middle classes) is the disruption to the debt markets caused by the necessity of financing the disastrous attack on Iraq using entirely borrowed money. When the other shoe - the fact that the attack served no legitimate American interest, and was entirely a War For The Jews - drops, things might get a bit touchy for a while. It wasn't just that the only beneficiary of the attack was the Settler Movement and its American operatives, it is also the fact that those operatives were the ones responsible for the lies that led the Americans to be tricked into war. The facts continue to ooze out, the latest outrage being that a major motive for the trickery was the recognition of Israel by Iraq. Try explaining to Americans how that is worth trillions of dollars of American money.

It is high time for some greenwashing to misleadingly polish up the image of American Jewry. The new, cuddlier AIPAC is apparently going to be called J Street. You'll hear a lot of talk about peace, but this looks like a lite Zionist version of AIPAC. The reasonable sounding Jews will replace the crazy neocons, but the goal, ethnic cleansing of the Palestinians, will remain the same. In fact, as Niqnaq points out, there seems to be dissent in the group even before it officially exists. This is almost certainly caused by the fact that some idealists want a real alternative, and are being squeezed out by the greenwashers. The fact that the first order of business is Israel's 'security', standard code for the entire Zionist colonialist project, is all you need to know (although the identities of the participants is also telling).

Contrast the new AIPAC with the similar effort going on in Canada, where the new group seems to be legitimately anti-Zionist.

I've been wondering whether two-faced American Jewish support for the outrages of Zionism requires some sort of symbolic punishment. It goes without saying that the Jewish Billionaires need to be punished through boycotts. What do we do with everybody else, when the response to the crimes in large part caused by the Jewish community is more bullshit intended to allow the crimes to continue? Here's an idea: why not a boycott of all foods with a Kosher mark? Observant Jews would have to bear the full cost of testing, and paying that cost, for the rest of time, would be a worthy reminder that decent people reject what the diaspora is doing to the Middle East. We're always told how we shouldn't blame the assimilated, and the assimilated would not be affected by this boycott.

Sunday, April 06, 2008

Lessons in power

The latest in the Jewish Billionaire campaign to make Canada legally safe for the systematic promotion of hatred against Muslims is quite revealing. The National Post describes a conference call with lawyers for the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Everybody is quite confident of the righteousness of the Commission actions, except when it comes to stepping into the line of fire from the powerful (my emphasis in red and blue):
". . . to judge from the two times they muted their line for private discussions about what they should or should not say, and from the conspiratorial whispering that could be heard in the background during the call, their confidence masked deep concern for the CHRC's public reputation.

That reputation has taken a beating in the past few weeks. Calls for the abolition or reform of the federal and provincial human rights commissions have grown as hate speech laws designed for racist propagandists have been used against mainstream journalists, notably the staff of Maclean's magazine, who are accused of Islamophobic hate messages by the Canadian Islamic Congress for, among other things, columns and a book review.

Mark Steyn, author of the most controversial Maclean's story, calls the commissions 'kangaroo courts.' Ezra Levant, who is defending himself against a hate speech charge for publishing the Danish Muhammad cartoons, has been leading a campaign of what he calls 'denormalizing' the commissions, making them seem an affront to Canadian values, rather than a buttress."

"Vulgar racists of the sort quoted by Mr. Fine are one thing, but main-stream conservative polemicists such as Mr. Steyn or publishers such as Mr. Levant seem to be of a different order, and it is on this point that the commission staff were most evasive."

It's all about power. The Commission has no trouble with destroying the lives of some young people publishing silly websites from their parents' basements, websites seen by dozens of people at most, but ran into trouble when the hate went mainstream, when the order from the Settler Movement in Israel went out and it became necessary to use the mainstream media to spread hatred against Muslims. What happens when the 'racist propagandists' are 'mainstream journalists'? That's when the discussion grows 'conspiratorial'. The Commission has been used as an instrument of the powerful for so long that it is institutionally unable to deal with the problems which arise when it offends the powerful.

There is a good argument to be made that almost all the usual targets of the Commission should be left alone, but a guy like Steyn - famous in a world that includes Bill Kristol and Richard Perle and Max Boot of being the single stupidest prognosticator of the success of the American attack on Iraq - is a real hatemonger, just the target of appropriate legal sanctions on hate speech. After all, Steyn's 'war on terror' approach - the idea that Europe's 'way of life' is being ruined by the brown army of Muslims moving in and taking over - fosters hatred of Muslims that is intended to lead to state actions against Muslims and Middle Eastern countries, the kind of violence which real anti-hate legislation should be working to stop. Based on an analysis of real power, 'mainstream' Steyn, not a handful of utterly powerless neo-Nazis, is the guy who should be sanctioned. It was only when the Commission got in the way of the campaign to promote Israeli colonialism by fostering world-wide hatred of Muslims that hate crime legislation suddenly became a political issue in Canada. The members of the Commission are learning some real lessons in power.

Friday, April 04, 2008

The rise of the new ScareJews

I've been musing on the practicalities of dealing with the problems posed by Israel. Traditional 'progressives'(i.e., slurrers) are hopeless, and lite Zionists are worse. I'm starting to think that the only people with whom some kind of meeting of the minds is possible are hard-core, non-Settler, Zionists. This is particularly so now that it has become apparent that the paleocons have lost all interest in fighting more Wars For The Jews, and the ScareJew is starting to force the most hard-nosed Zionists into accepting the fact that the joy of Israeli colonialism isn't worth the probable down-side (this is, of course, a view more prevalent in Israel itself than in the United States, where the safety of an ocean leads to an appetite for risks). Here is a letter written by Judea Pearl, father of Daniel (the journalist beheaded by a British intelligence agent in Pakistan):
"Re: Anti-Semites Used To Like Israel, George Jonas, March 29.

George Jonas attributes to me the formula: "anti-Zionism= anti-Semitism= racism."

My formula is in fact different, and reads: "anti-Zionism = racism, with the intermediate role of anti-Semitism purposely removed (See Anti-Zionism earns its racist character by denying Jews what it grants to other collectives (e.g., Spanish, Canadians, Palestinians), namely, the right to nationhood and self-determination. Charges of anti-Semitism are easily deflected by anti-Zionists by issuing sincere proclamations against all forms of religious discrimination, including those aimed against Jews. Yet anti-Zionists have no qualm committing the five million Jewish citizens of Israel to a genocidal experiment called the "one-state solution."

When asked whether the two sides in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict have equally legitimate claims to self-determination in the land, Zionists invariably answer in the affirmative, and anti-Zionists in total opposition.

In short, anti-Zionists may grant Jews religious and individual rights, but deny them their basic right to nationhood, as equals among the family of nations.

This does not mean, of course, that non-Zionists, as opposed to anti-Zionists, are racists. A Jew may well choose not to exercise his/her right for self determination by residing and obtaining citizenship outside Israel.

But to deny that right to those who do wish to exercise it amounts to discrimination on the basis of ethnic and national origin, hence racism."

The devil lies in the details, e.g., what does he mean by 'the land'. The article which Barbara Amiel's ex-husband was forced to endorse on the back of his paycheck is here. These issues are scaring the hell out of responsible Jews in the Anglosphere.

Thursday, April 03, 2008


What happens when a country, its government, and its army, is entirely taken over by religious fruitcakes? You should read the entire review by Henry Siegman of two books on the Israeli settlement program, but here are a few excerpts (my emphasis in red and green throughout; I referred to an earlier outstanding piece by Siegman here; I note that the 1967 war itself was intended to acquire territory, so it would be much fairer to describe the decision to keep the territories as being made before the war started, if not decades earlier):
"The decision to retain control of the territories was taken days after the end of the 1967 war, and was not a response to Palestinian terrorism, or even to Palestinian rejection of Israel’s legitimacy. Zertal and Eldar cite a report by Mossad officials, prepared at the request of the IDF’s intelligence division and presented to the IDF on 14 June 1967, which found that ‘the vast majority of West Bank leaders, including the most extreme among them, are prepared at this time to reach a permanent peace agreement’ on the basis of ‘an independent existence of Palestine’ without an army. The report was marked top secret, and buried.

Security was the reason offered by Israel to justify the founding of the settlements. But the overwhelming majority of them actually created new security problems, if only because vast military and intelligence resources had to be diverted to their defence. The settlements have also enraged the Palestinians, whose land has been stolen to make room for them – this, too, has done nothing to increase Israel’s security."

"Lords of the Land and The Accidental Empire reveal the massive scale of Israel’s theft of Palestinian lands and the involvement of every part of Israeli society in advancing the settlement enterprise in clear and deliberate violation not only of international law but of Israel’s own laws. Gorenberg reports that when asked by the foreign minister, Abba Eban, in 1967 about the legality of settlements, Theodor Meron, the foreign ministry’s legal counsel, responded: ‘Civilian settlement in the administered territories contravenes the explicit provisions of the Fourth Geneva Convention.’ The prohibition, he stressed, is ‘categorical and is not conditioned on the motives or purposes of the transfer, and is aimed at preventing colonisation of conquered territory by citizens of the conquering state’."
and (I have a darker view of 'Jewish values', looking more to the facts on the ground):
". . . the driving force behind the settlements is a small religious-nationalist group, whose members are widely considered the most savvy, well connected and effective political operators in Israel. Their ideology combines an intense form of religious messianism with an extreme nationalism that has far more in common with the religious and ethnocentric nationalism of the Serbian Orthodox militias of Mladic and Karadzic than with any Jewish values I am familiar with. That Sharon and some of his settler friends were virtually the only politicians in the West (other than Serbia’s Slavic supporters) who opposed military measures to prevent Serbian ethnic cleansing in Bosnia and Kosovo was not an accident.

The religious-nationalist leadership now seems to have lost much of its authority with the far more radical younger generation born and bred in the settlements. This new generation draws inspiration from the ‘hilltop youth’, young people who responded to Sharon in October 1998 when, as foreign minister in Benjamin Netanyahu’s government, he called on settlers to ‘grab’ hilltops in the parts of the West Bank from which he and Netanyahu had agreed to withdraw, as stipulated by the Oslo Accords. ‘Grab more hills, expand the territory,’ Sharon urged on Israel Radio. ‘Everything that’s grabbed will be in our hands. Everything we don’t grab will be in their hands.’

The ‘hilltop youth’ reject the authority of the Jewish state and its institutions. They run around in what they imagine to be biblical dress, assaulting Palestinians, stealing and destroying their homes, crops and orchards, occasionally beating them and every so often killing them. Occasionally the IDF intervenes, but their efficacy is undermined by their belief that their main job is to protect the settlers, not the population under occupation."

"Since 1967, the IDF has transformed itself into the army of the settlers, to which abused Palestinians cannot turn for protection. The settler leadership’s close ties with government power-brokers mean that they can make or break the careers of the IDF’s most senior officers. The most chilling part of Zertal and Eldar’s story is their description of how the settler leaders intimidate IDF commanders and make them fall into line. The most decorated soldier in the history of the IDF, Ehud Barak, Israel’s former prime minister and currently the minister of defence in Olmert’s government, had to eat his words after settler leaders walked out during a speech he made when he was the head of the IDF’s Central Command in May 1987 because he used the word ‘occupation’ to describe Israel’s presence in the West Bank. They returned to their seats only after he agreed to repeat his talk without using that word.

While the IDF, with the help of Shin Bet, is somehow able to locate almost every potential Palestinian terrorist in the West Bank and seems to be aware of their most intimate conversations, they don’t often appear able to locate Jewish settlers who have attacked innocent Palestinians, destroyed their homes and farms, or murdered them. Most settlers’ crimes remain unsolved, as do crimes committed by IDF soldiers. The military justice system rarely fails to find extenuating circumstances for IDF abuses. And the few Israelis who are found guilty receive ridiculously lenient sentences. Meanwhile, more than ten thousand Palestinians, including women and teenagers, languish in Israeli jails without having been indicted or tried for specific crimes.

The contrast with the courts’ treatment of settlers is striking. Pinchas Wallerstein, one of the most prominent settler leaders, fired at an Arab youth whom he saw burning a tyre on the road. The boy, whom he shot in the back, died. Wallerstein was sentenced to perform public service. The judge, Ezra Hadaiya, quoted the rabbinic admonition that ‘one should not judge one’s fellow until one is in his place.’ In 1982, a settler, Nissan Ishegoyev, fired his Uzi machine-gun into an alley from which Palestinian children were throwing stones, and killed a 13-year-old boy. His punishment was three months’ public service. Between 1988 and 1992, the violent deaths of 48 Palestinians were recorded in the Occupied Territories. In only 12 of these cases were indictments filed against the Israeli suspects; of these, only one resulted in a murder conviction; another ended in a conviction for manslaughter, and six resulted in convictions for causing death through negligence. The defendant who was convicted of murder, for which the maximum punishment is 20 years in prison, was sentenced to three years."

"What makes the situation particularly ominous is that more and more senior leaders of the IDF are joining the religious-nationalist settlers’ camp. Many of them are under the sway of settler rabbis, who, like their jihadi counterparts, provide religious rulings – fatwas, in effect – inciting their followers even to murder Israeli prime ministers if they cross the settlers’ red lines. The extent of this change in the IDF was described by Steven Erlanger in the New York Times last December. Colonel Aharon Haliva, the commander of Israel’s officer training school, told Erlanger that more than a third of the volunteers in combat units now come from the religious settler youth."

Reality would have set in a long time ago if the settler movement, backed up by the de facto support of the American Jewish community (as much as the lite Zionists may try to deny it), has also taken control of the American government.

Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Leonid Rozhetskin

Russian-American oligarch Leonid Rozhetskin (his Wikipedia entry appears to have been written by Rozhetskin himself) has gone missing, but his plane has been spotted all over the world (Vienna, Geneva, Norway, Newfoundland and Luton). The two pilots are Canadians, and one of them talked to The Mail on Sunday from Norway:
"The Mail on Sunday tracked down Stephen Proctor to a hotel in Stavanger where he said: 'I am afraid I cannot speak to you. You will have to contact Mr Rozhetskin's lawyer in London, Laurence Cartier.'

However when we contacted his office a receptionist said: 'Mr Cartier is out of the country.'

Later yesterday the jet took off again from Stavanger.

Two men with coats draped over their heads boarded just minutes before take-off.

The plane later landed at Luton airport.

Latvian police confirmed they have interviewed the pilots but refused to reveal details."
A small amount of Rozhetskin's blood was found at the scene of his supposed abduction/murder. Rozhetskin's mother claims he's dead:
"My son isn't missing. My son is dead and the reason he is dead is that he spoke out about corruption in the Russian government."
In what may be a coincidence, a witness against Rozhetskin also disappeared for a while. Rozhetskin has recently become a movie producer in partnership with Michael Eisner's son (one theory is that this is a publicity stunt for his new movie). He is often described as 'flamboyant', which leads to other possibilities.

There are some high-stakes games being played out around Russia, primarily between the criminal oligarchs who stole Russian national assets after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the current Russian government. Another example is the recent arrest by the Russians of mafiya leader Semyon Mogilevich.

I note that Suleiman Kerimov (from Dagestan), the Russian-insider oligarch who was in a terrible car crash in Nice, has made a miraculous recovery (with the help of the most expensive French and Belgian medical care), and has recently donated $100 million towards building a mosque in Moscow.