Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Leonid Rozhetskin

Russian-American oligarch Leonid Rozhetskin (his Wikipedia entry appears to have been written by Rozhetskin himself) has gone missing, but his plane has been spotted all over the world (Vienna, Geneva, Norway, Newfoundland and Luton). The two pilots are Canadians, and one of them talked to The Mail on Sunday from Norway:
"The Mail on Sunday tracked down Stephen Proctor to a hotel in Stavanger where he said: 'I am afraid I cannot speak to you. You will have to contact Mr Rozhetskin's lawyer in London, Laurence Cartier.'

However when we contacted his office a receptionist said: 'Mr Cartier is out of the country.'

Later yesterday the jet took off again from Stavanger.

Two men with coats draped over their heads boarded just minutes before take-off.

The plane later landed at Luton airport.

Latvian police confirmed they have interviewed the pilots but refused to reveal details."
A small amount of Rozhetskin's blood was found at the scene of his supposed abduction/murder. Rozhetskin's mother claims he's dead:
"My son isn't missing. My son is dead and the reason he is dead is that he spoke out about corruption in the Russian government."
In what may be a coincidence, a witness against Rozhetskin also disappeared for a while. Rozhetskin has recently become a movie producer in partnership with Michael Eisner's son (one theory is that this is a publicity stunt for his new movie). He is often described as 'flamboyant', which leads to other possibilities.

There are some high-stakes games being played out around Russia, primarily between the criminal oligarchs who stole Russian national assets after the fall of the Soviet Union, and the current Russian government. Another example is the recent arrest by the Russians of mafiya leader Semyon Mogilevich.

I note that Suleiman Kerimov (from Dagestan), the Russian-insider oligarch who was in a terrible car crash in Nice, has made a miraculous recovery (with the help of the most expensive French and Belgian medical care), and has recently donated $100 million towards building a mosque in Moscow.