Tuesday, May 27, 2008

The pardon of Marc Rich, and the tragedy of Hillary Clinton

Hillary arrived in the Senate in late 2000, helped out by a huge campaign chest and the fact that Giuliani backed out of the race with personal morality issues and a convenient prostrate problem. Her position in the Senate, where she established herself as a member of the More Wars For The Jews Party, was obviously intended to lead to her bid for the Presidency. Bill's last act as President, before they dragged him kicking and screaming from the White House, was to pardon Jewish Billionaire Marc Rich, a decision later portrayed as a mistake based on having too much to do at the end of his Presidency to realize the enormity of Rich's crimes (which tellingly in part involved financial dealings with Iran). Bill intends to return to the White House when Hillary becomes President. Was it all part of a deal, that the Jewish Billionaires would obtain the Presidency for Billary on condition that:
  1. Bill pardon one of their own; and
  2. Hillary vote in the Senate, and campaign as a Presidential nominee, as an unmistakable member of the More Wars For The Jews Party?

In return the Jewish Billionaires would:
  1. keep Giuliani out of the Senate race;
  2. fund the Senate race, and the race to be Presidential nominee;
  3. provide the logistics for the race to be nominee;
  4. turn the media coverage of Hillary in their controlled media properties completely around, and portray her as an effective Senator (although she wasn't) and a sympathetic nominee.

If this was the deal, it has been largely a tragedy for Hillary Clinton. She didn't need their money. She has been gravely damaged by her Jewish braintrust and their consistently stupid political decisions. While the highly favorable media coverage helped, she could have fought through the alternative, as her supporters would have accepted it as part of the vast right-wing conspiracy against her.

The fatal downside is the requirement of the Jewish Billionaires that she be a committed member of the More Wars For The Jews Party. Had she voted against the attack on Iraq, against the foul Kyl-Lieberman amendment (in retrospect, that was the vote that killed her chances), and against cluster bombs ( a big favorite amongst Jewish Billionaires for dropping on Muslim children), and campaigned as a No More Wars For The Jews Party member, she would have cleaned up on the nomination almost immediately, and people would be saying 'Obama who?' Her tragedy is that she didn't need the Jewish Billionaires, but their political requirements left an opening for a relatively obscure black man to accomplish what should have been impossible.