Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Strategy of Mid-East tension

It is nothing short of preposterous to blame speculators for the rise in the price of oil. Speculators have no interest in the price of the commodity; they make money by betting on changes in the price (another sign that you are deep in Conspiracyland is when people who should know better write obvious nonsense). As soon as other speculators see that a commodity is in play, they bet against the trend caused by the (very) temporary bubble, and that betting forces the price back down. Any effect of speculation must be very short term. What we are seeing with oil prices is an almost constant rise.

The rise in oil prices is caused directly by a strategy of tension in the Middle East, a strategy that is utterly and completely inspired by Zionism. The underlying aggravation is the continued brutal American occupation of Iraq. That occupation is intended by Zionism to cause a permanent civil war in Iraq which will break the country into three, separate, non-threatening (to Israel) statlets. That plan is failing, but the main consequence of the attack on Iraq, strengthening the power of Iran, is causing immense unease amongst Sunni-controlled states, and Israel has pounced on this unease to create an anti-Iran alliance between itself and these states. Just about every bad consequence that could occur in the Middle East is now conceivable, from American-Israeli attacks, to civil wars, to Sunni-Shi'ite wars, all occurring on top of the world's largest sources of oil. Is it any wonder that his constantly increasing tension is driving up the price of oil?

Turning up the tension has been an ongoing process. Every few months there is a new baseless rumor about an American-Israeli attack on Iran, an attack which the oil markets know would result in an Iranian response which would lead to (at least) $300-a-barrel oil. It is this tension which is ratcheting up the price, not oil shortages or speculation. The Old American Establishment isn't behind this, as it will be massively damaged by the kind of world recession that higher oil prices are leading us to. It is pure Zionism. Zionists are the only group that benefits from general Mid-East tension. Failure to call it like it is is, out of fears of facing the slur, is leading to a massive economic disaster which will have huge negative effects on people, particularly poor people, all over the world.