Thursday, July 31, 2008

I'd hate to be one of those guys

Don't you hate those bloggers who post about their lack of postings? I'd hate to be one of those guys. Relatively uninspired as I am these days (the universe is unfolding fairly predictably), I think I'll try a slightly different style of posting for August.

Friday, July 25, 2008

The ADL: not a complete waste

The ADL occasionally proves its worth by publishing compendiums of political cartoons which it purports to find anti-Semitic. This collection - which isn't the best I've seen - reflects the world's perception that Zionism has an stranglehold on American politics (another ADL 'best of' is here). Of course, the ADL publishes these collections in order to feign outrage - which, is after all, what it does - but it really secretly flattered that the world knows what Americans aren't allowed to say: that the Supreme Beings run American politics to further the goals of Jewish group supremacy. Supremacists can't help giving themselves away by boating about their obvious advantages (a characteristic shared by both Zionists and many lite Zionists).

Thursday, July 24, 2008

Hiding Leviev

The Village of Bil'in in the West Bank in Occupied Palestine is suing two Canadian corporations in Quebec Superior Court for committing war crimes connected with the construction of illegal settlements. The interesting aspect is that the Canadian companies, Green Mount International Inc. and Green Park International Inc., are allegedly fronts, through an elaborate series of holding companies, nominees and trustees, for none other than our old friend Lev Leviev, the guy who sells blood diamonds and uses the proceeds to fund the building of illegal settlements:
"A Palestinian-rights group, Adalah-NY, now alleges the companies are controlled by Shaya Boymelgreen, a controversial real-estate developer in New York City.

As evidence, they cite Israeli media reports from 2005 and 2006 that identify Boymelgreen as Green Park's principal stakeholder."

"Boymelgreen's name does not appear in Bilin's $2-million lawsuit. Both Green Park and Green Mount list a Montreal woman as their sole director, president and secretary.

But Bilin's Canadian lawyer says he believes the woman - Annette Laroche - is only a figurehead.

'We believe (her) to be simply the secretary at the law firm that incorporated the company with really no knowledge or involvement,' said Mark Arnold.

'I have no evidence that she has done anything wrong. Nevertheless she is liable for the conduct of that company.'

Both companies have Byzantine ownership structures with ties that extend to the African diamond trade.

Quebec government records say Green Park and Green Mount are each controlled by Lexinter Management, which lists a commercial photo studio in Montreal as its address.

Lexinter in turn lists its majority shareholder as F.T.S. Worldwide Corp., a Panama-based company involved in the past with the diamond trade in the Democratic Republic of Congo.

F.T.S. Worldwide was formerly the majority shareholder of Emaxon Inc., which was granted an exclusive deal to market Congolese diamonds in 2003.

Emaxon's sole director, president and secretary is Karen McIntyre, who served the same functions for Green Mount until she was replaced by Laroche in 2007.

Efforts to reach McIntyre and Laroche were unsuccessful.

Repeated calls to Ronald Levy, the lawyer representing Laroche and the two companies in her name, were not returned.

The Montreal offices of Levy's law firm, De Grandpre Chait, also serve as Emaxon's head office, at least for government tax records.

Adalah-NY argues Boymelgreen used Green Park and Green Mount to sub-contract the construction of the settlements near Bilin to Danya Cebus, a subsidiary of Africa Israel Investments.

The conglomerate is headed by Israeli diamond magnate Lev Leviev, who partnered with Boymelgreen in a series of New York real-estate ventures between 2002-2007.

UNICEF, the UN children's fund, cut its ties with Leviev last month after it found 'at least a reasonable grounds for suspecting" that Danya Cebus was involved in settlement building, which is considered illegal by the UN.'

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Assassination politics

Assassination politics:
  1. Tony Blair attempts to visit Gaza, but is informed by Israeli officials of a credible assassination threat against him. It is difficult to conceive of any non-collaborating Palestinian not wanting to have another prominent international witness to the suffering imposed on the Palestinians by the Israelis (the most recent trashing of the infrastructure of normal human life, including schools and orphanages, by the IDF in the West Bank has been compared to Kristallnacht, with the Israeli oppression following the Nazi arc permitted by the same kind of world indifference/ignorance; of course, Gaza is receiving even worse treatment, and the same indifference). The Israelis have learned their lesson from the time they let Condi Rice see the checkpoints. They thought they were being humanitarian to the untermenschen; she saw the Old-South-style segregation and racial oppression. Why do you think the Israelis keep shooting journalists?
  2. McCain accidentally on purpose let slip that Obama was going to be in the Middle East, and when, a big U. S. security protocol no-no, and hardly a mistake. Should McCain get lucky and a Mossad bomb should happen to go off under Obama, the Republicans can blame it on al Qaeda, or Iran, or both (!), and they are back in business, with a new war on terror to fight and the guy who is going to win over McCain dead.
  3. Do you think that Sarko's big splash of reintroducing Syrian President Assad into the international diplomatic fold - including the highly symbolic move of inviting him to the Bastille Day parade - from which he has been completely excluded by USrael, is revenge for the fact that the Israelis tried to blow his head clean off at the the end of Sarko's visit to Israel? A French President being pals with Assad is particularly striking given Chirac's role in playing up the Hariri assassination and blaming it on Assad.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

How to lie with forensics

I've posted on the many problems with the 'science' used to convict people. The process of criminal prosecution is best regarded as a form of theater used to dole out penalties on the appearance of objectivity, befuddling fact finders enough to remove reasonable doubt. Most of the 'science' is crap that wouldn't pass muster in any real field of research.

Now, a crime analyst in Arizona named Kathryn Troyer, doing searches against DNA databases, searches that researchers are usually not allowed to do (and which Troyer was eventually told not to do once officials found out how dangerous her research was!), has found that the nine-loci tests commonly used to convict people do not lead to unique identifications. You know how prosecutors are always spouting off about how there is only a one in so many billion chance that another person could have the same DNA? Bullshit. From the LA Times story:
"In the 1990s, FBI scientists estimated the rarity of each genetic marker by extrapolating from sample populations of a few hundred people from various ethnic or racial groups. The estimates for each marker are multiplied across all 13 loci to come up with a rarity estimate for the entire profile.

These estimates make assumptions about how populations mate and whether genetic markers are independent of each other. They also don't account for relatives.

Bruce Weir, a statistician at the University of Washington who has studied the issue, said these assumptions should be tested empirically in the national database system.

'Instead of saying we predict there will be a match, let's open it up and look,' Weir said.

Some experts predict that given the rapid growth of CODIS, such a search would produce one or more examples of unrelated people who are identical at all 13 loci.

Such a discovery was once unimaginable."

The FBI's research which forms the basis of all the confident proclamations of prosecutors has never actually been tested against the existing databases, and what evidence there is seems to prove that the astronomical certainty commonly used to describe DNA proof is simply untrue.

Bonus: the FBI is using every dirty trick to prevent exculpatory searches, including in one case bluffing to cut the state of Maryland off from the national CODIS database if it allowed searches in its own state databases that could be used to impugn DNA evidence! The threat was used to allow prosecutors to craft an affidavit to have the court block the search. The FBI even claimed that the search itself could corrupt the entire state database! The judge didn't buy it, the search went forward, the FBI didn't cut Maryland off, the database wasn't corrupted, and the search disclosed:
"In a database of fewer than 30,000 profiles, 32 pairs matched at nine or more loci. Three of those pairs were 'perfect' matches, identical at 13 out of 13 loci."

The FBI tried much the same trick in Illinois, where it also failed, and where the search tuned up lots of matches which were officially impossible. They should empty the jail cells of people convicted solely on the basis of DNA and fill them up with FBI officials, who have been allowed to get away with scientific obfuscation, bluffing, and outright lying, without any punishment at all.

Sunday, July 20, 2008

Funny coincidence

Immediately after the United States announced the new sane - i. e., anti-Zionist - approach to Iran, consisting of actually negotiating with the Iranians and planning to set up a form of diplomatic relations, the price of oil dropped precipitously (the markets appear to have received a day's prior notice of the sanity, as the price started to shift just before the formal announcement). Was there a huge sudden increase in the supply of oil? Did the mysterious speculators who are ludicrously supposed to have cornered the world energy market stop their evil speculating? Nope, and nope. It was the temporary cessation of 'Iran talk' (with their usual circular reasoning, economists said the price drop had to do with 'demand'). When the Jew-controlled media misleadingly stated that the talks 'failed', the price started to creep up again. If you are tired of high gas prices, you had better tell World Jewry to lay off the 'Iran talk'.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

It's going to make us sick

Six months after he leaves the White House, George 'Legacy' Bush will be lauded by the official historians as one of the greatest American Presidents ever, having:
  1. Sorted out the conflict with North Korea;
  2. Achieved an understanding with Iran, ending thirty years of conflict;
  3. Forced a (phony) peace agreement on the Israelis and Palestinians;
  4. Ended the tyranny of Saddam in Iraq, established democracy there, and set the groundwork for the withdrawal of American troops.

It's going to be revolting. The Anerican economy? - er, they may not want to mention that.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Legacy George and the Supremacists

It is always amusing to consider the prisoner swaps between the Israelis and the Arabs. As the Jews consider that a Jewish toenail is more valuable that the lives of all the gentiles in the universe, the terms of the swaps are usually bizarre, and I imagine the negotiations even more bizarre. The Arab negotiator says: "I've got a Jewish eyelash here and I'd like 10 live prisoners for it." The Israeli negotiator responds: "That's an outrageous insult: we won't give you less than a hundred!"

It is always worth remembering that the greatest strength of the one-issue guys is their supremacism, but it is also their greatest weakness. Note how Tom Friedman struggles to understand world hatred of Americans, falling back on the Dershowitz-style argument that you can't hate the United States as long as there is one regime in the world that is arguably worse. The death of over one million gentiles in Iraq is literally invisible to him, of absolutely no moral consequence. These supremacist blinders are eventually going to cost World Jewry, and its agents like Friedman, the possibility of their Zionist Empire.

As I keep repeating, Iran is a natural ally of the Jews, part of the 'doctrine of the periphery', non-Arab, non-Sunni, and, most importantly, not sitting on any of the land of Greater Israel. The only reason Iran has become an issue for the Israelis is the inability of the supremacists to comprehend that Arabs could actually beat the Supreme Beings, as Hamas did in kicking the Israelis out of Gaza, and as Hezbollah so convincingly did in 2006 in repelling the illegal and immoral attack on the people of Lebanon. Since Arabs can't fairly beat Jews, they must have cheated, and the cheating is regarded by the supremacists as Iranian support. Thus, the phony concern about an Iranian nuclear program: World Jewry knows from experience that the way to an American heart is lying tales about weapons of mass destruction (note the parallels between John Bolton's killer Iranian 'tramp steamer' and the lies told to the American Senate about Saddam's killer drones which apparently convinced it to sign off on the disastrous attack on Iraq!). The Zionist plan is that an American attack on Iran will weaken the Iranian allies that are preventing the planned Jewish theft of land and water.

As I keep repeating, the Old American Establishment has learned its lessons from Iraq, and isn't going to take the bait this time. Bush's father's friends have apparently convinced him that history is not going to smile on his Presidency unless he builds a 'legacy' in the next six months. Thus settling up with North Korea on terms which North Korea has always insisted upon (the neocons must be seething). Thus pushing for at least a phony agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians before January. Thus the current softening - diplomatic approaches and even a permanent diplomatic presence in Iran, at least if World Jewry doesn't manage to use its treason agents (known, misleadingly, as 'dual loyalists') in the American government and media to scupper it - of the approach towards Iran. The much-hyped Israeli visits to Washington to instruct the Americans on what to do to Iran represent a weakness of the supremacists, not a strength. If World Jewry was still running the United States, it would be unnecessary to send representatives from Israel, as the usual traitors could do the job.

Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Touch detectives

The Boulder County district attorney announced that the Ramsey family was cleared as a result of a 'touch DNA' test on JonBenet's clothes, which revealed the DNA of another, unidentified male. The press is consistently reporting this emphasizing the idea that the new evidence from new investigatory techniques 'clears' the family. I don't get it. All the touch DNA test proves is that another male may have re-dressed her. We already knew that another male was in the picture, due to the presence of a drop of blood containing male DNA found in her clothes. I don't understand how any such DNA test, even a new one, can possibly 'clear' the family. All it can do is provide additional evidence that somebody else was involved. Since the family controlled the crime scene for a considerable time before authorities were summoned, the family could easily have allowed the mystery male to leave, if indeed the DNA was left as a result of the attack and not at another time. There are too many open possibilities for anybody to be 'cleared'. The Boulder County announcement, and the press coverage, is suspiciously certain when there are so many open possibilities.

Mr. Ramsey wants to be a politician, and this helps him a lot.

Tuesday, July 08, 2008

FISA Immunity and September 11

Why is the American political establishment so keen on allowing Bush to grant immunity to telecommunications company wrongdoers who broke the law in helping Bush to fight Bibi's 'war on terror' by running roughshod over the rights of Americans? Even Obama, whose instincts seem top notch, refuses to take what appears to be the obvious politically appropriate position, infuriating many of his core supporters. Could it be because the the American political establishment is afraid that telecom executives, put on trial, will sing a sorry tune in their defense concerning American government foreknowledge of September 11? From the NYT (my emphasis in red):
"The phone company Qwest Communications refused a proposal from the National Security Agency that the company’s lawyers considered illegal in February 2001, nearly seven months before the terrorist attacks on Sept. 11, the former head of the company contends in newly unsealed court filings.

The executive, Joseph P. Nacchio, also asserts in the filings that the agency retaliated by depriving Qwest of lucrative outsourcing contracts.

The filings were made as Mr. Nacchio fought charges of insider trading. He was ultimately convicted in April of 19 counts of insider trading and has been sentenced to six years in prison. He remains free while appealing the conviction.

Mr. Nacchio said last year that he had refused an N.S.A. request for customers’ call records in late 2001, after the Sept. 11 attacks, as the agency initiated domestic surveillance and data mining programs to monitor Al Qaeda communications.

But the documents unsealed Wednesday in federal court in Denver, first reported in The Rocky Mountain News on Thursday, claim for the first time that pressure on the company to participate in activities it saw as improper came as early as February, nearly seven months before the terrorist attacks.

The significance of the claim is hard to assess, because the court documents are heavily redacted and N.S.A. officials will not comment on the agency’s secret surveillance programs. Other government officials have said that the agency’s eavesdropping without warrants began only after Sept. 11, 2001, under an order from President Bush.

But the court filings in Mr. Nacchio’s case illustrate what is well known inside the telecommunications industry but little appreciated by the public: that the N.S.A. has for some time worked closely with phone companies, whose networks carry the telephone and Internet traffic the agency seeks out for intercept."

Mr. Nacchio appears to be putting pressure on prosecutors in his insider trading case by threatening to reveal what the NSA was up to prior to September 11. The juicy details are all redacted. We've been led to believe by American authorities like Condi Rice that the sum total of American intelligence was based on scraps of 'chatter' out of the Middle East, with no specific details (". . . I don't think anybody could have predicted . . "). Just what 'improper' activities were resisted by Quest, activities which it saw as similar to the requests to monitor 'al Qaeda' after September 11? Just who was the NSA interested in listening to in the United States at a time months before they - and the American government - were even supposed to be aware there was a plot to attack the United States?

Sunday, July 06, 2008

Something besides the t-shirt?

Americans are starting to suffer from a severe case of buyers' remorse over the multi-trillion dollar cost of the Wars For The Jews. The understanding was that the psychos in the Republican Party would ensure that the average American got cheap oil out of the deal, the nudge-nudge-wink-wink immoral assumption behind at least the attack on Iraq. Now that the United States is circling the drain, can't even begin to pay the cost of the current Wars For The Jews (not to mention the ones that World Jewry has planned!), and is facing ever rising gas prices with seemingly no more levers to pull to do anything about it, we're seeing the beginnings of a full court press from the disgusting American media to try to convince Americans that there was an oil motive after all, mountains of evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

The latest salvo is to play up a relatively inconsequential story about how the State Department assisted some American and British multinationals into obtaining some relatively small technical consultancy contracts in Iraq. Of course, the multinationals didn't actually sign the deals, as the piece-of-the-action revenue sharing agreements that are supposed to prove the subservience of the Iraqi government are being denied by that very same government (remember that oil legislation that also was supposed to prove that the attack was all about the oil?: also not enacted, with no prospect of a Western-multinational-friendly deal in the foreseeable future). Even better, buried in the same story is the lede, the fact that the big development contracts, the real gold in the Iraqi oil fields, is being tendered to many multinational oil companies, including the national oil companies of many countries who aren't either the U. S. or Britain. If anything, this story conclusively proves that the attack on Iraq wasn't about the oil. In fact, looking at the state of world oil markets today, and at the state of the Iraqi oil fields, the very idea that the attack on Iraq was about the oil is in rolling-on-the-floor-laughing territory, a fact which doesn't stop the usual suspects from pushing the same old Chomskean line (is it a coincidence that Chomsky's neo-Marxist analysis of the politics of the American elites, an analysis that discourages consideration of factors like religion or group supremacism, started at just about the same time that the settler movement started to build the Israeli Empire?).

The other method being used to fool Americans into thinking that the Republicans actually got something out of all those trillions is that the Afghanistan gas pipeline deal is supposed to prove that the attacks were about energy. Of course, Afghanistan was, partly, about the gas. It was the training wheel of the Wars For The Jews, and the American Establishment was sold on it based on the promise of a gas pipeline, one that I note has no reasonable prospect of being built until the Americans make peace with what the American media likes to call the Taliban (I also note that American multinationals have no chance of doing business in Iraq without massive protective assistance from the American military, paid for, or course, by American taxpayers, and it will never be possible for an American company to make money in Iraq without protection from the Iraqi people, a fact anticipated by American oil companies explaining why they were never in favor of the attack). A very unlikely Afghanistan gas pipeline in no way proves that the attack on Iraq was about oil. It was a pure War For The Jews, and no amount of spin can change that.

Friday, July 04, 2008

The arrow only points one way

Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' is a lot more complex than it looks. That's why a Palestinian driving a Caterpillar bulldozer over Jews is a 'terrorist', but when an Israeli Jew drives a Caterpillar bulldozer over an American protester or a Palestinian grandmother, it's the dead person who is the 'terrorist'. There is no way a Martian visiting earth is going to be able to understand this without a considerable amount of explanation, and the fear among American authorities was that the average American could be easily confused by a mixed message. Steven Hatfill wasn't prosecuted/persecuted by American authorities because they thought he was guilty, or even because they are buffoons. They went after him because they knew he was innocent, in lieu of going after the real culprit, a member of the 'Camel Club' whose prosecution would have been confusing to the average American. In the 'war on terror', there are some people who can only be victims.

Wednesday, July 02, 2008

The paradox of the Republican Party

Jim Lobe discusses the paradox of the Republicans, who may be headed for a disaster of historic proportions in November, but seem hell bent on continuing with their senseless 'Iran talk'. The price of gasoline has an enormous emotional effect on Americans, not to mention a very real effect in terms of economic hardship considering the American over-reliance on automobiles (with the importance of gasoline being more profound in those areas most likely to vote Republican), and a political party that seems unable or unwilling to do anything to contain rampant increases in the price of gasoline is likely to pay a steep political price. A political party whose actions seem intent on raising the price of gasoline is suicidal.

The Official Story now seems to be that the 'Iran talk' isn't real, but is just the method being used by the Bush Administration to pressure the Iranian government into moderating its actions. If so, this is one of the worst examples of diplomacy in modern history. Bush and the Israelis have made the Iranian nuclear program into a matter of national pride in Iran, and increased support for the hardliners. Even worse, the increase in the price of oil caused in large part by the 'Iran talk' - not forgetting the other large factor, the continuing irritation of the American occupation of Iraq - has staved off economic problems in Iran which were threatening the political future of people like Ahmadinejad. 'Iran talk' has not only increased the price of gasoline, it has gone a long way to promoting the Iranian nuclear program. All this with no obvious American strategic interest in whether the Iranians make electricity out of uranium or not!

Can the Republicans be that stupid? Are we finally seeing the fatal error in their connections with the Christian Zionists, whose desire for an end-of-the-world war appears to be leading directly to the effective destruction of the very successful conservative dominance of American politics for the past thirty years? Two terms of Obama, with the liberal judges he can nominate, and many years of Democrat majorities in both the House and Senate will make Ronald Reagan a very distant memory.