Friday, July 04, 2008

The arrow only points one way

Bibi Netanyahu's 'war on terror' is a lot more complex than it looks. That's why a Palestinian driving a Caterpillar bulldozer over Jews is a 'terrorist', but when an Israeli Jew drives a Caterpillar bulldozer over an American protester or a Palestinian grandmother, it's the dead person who is the 'terrorist'. There is no way a Martian visiting earth is going to be able to understand this without a considerable amount of explanation, and the fear among American authorities was that the average American could be easily confused by a mixed message. Steven Hatfill wasn't prosecuted/persecuted by American authorities because they thought he was guilty, or even because they are buffoons. They went after him because they knew he was innocent, in lieu of going after the real culprit, a member of the 'Camel Club' whose prosecution would have been confusing to the average American. In the 'war on terror', there are some people who can only be victims.