Sunday, July 20, 2008

Funny coincidence

Immediately after the United States announced the new sane - i. e., anti-Zionist - approach to Iran, consisting of actually negotiating with the Iranians and planning to set up a form of diplomatic relations, the price of oil dropped precipitously (the markets appear to have received a day's prior notice of the sanity, as the price started to shift just before the formal announcement). Was there a huge sudden increase in the supply of oil? Did the mysterious speculators who are ludicrously supposed to have cornered the world energy market stop their evil speculating? Nope, and nope. It was the temporary cessation of 'Iran talk' (with their usual circular reasoning, economists said the price drop had to do with 'demand'). When the Jew-controlled media misleadingly stated that the talks 'failed', the price started to creep up again. If you are tired of high gas prices, you had better tell World Jewry to lay off the 'Iran talk'.