Thursday, July 17, 2008

Legacy George and the Supremacists

It is always amusing to consider the prisoner swaps between the Israelis and the Arabs. As the Jews consider that a Jewish toenail is more valuable that the lives of all the gentiles in the universe, the terms of the swaps are usually bizarre, and I imagine the negotiations even more bizarre. The Arab negotiator says: "I've got a Jewish eyelash here and I'd like 10 live prisoners for it." The Israeli negotiator responds: "That's an outrageous insult: we won't give you less than a hundred!"

It is always worth remembering that the greatest strength of the one-issue guys is their supremacism, but it is also their greatest weakness. Note how Tom Friedman struggles to understand world hatred of Americans, falling back on the Dershowitz-style argument that you can't hate the United States as long as there is one regime in the world that is arguably worse. The death of over one million gentiles in Iraq is literally invisible to him, of absolutely no moral consequence. These supremacist blinders are eventually going to cost World Jewry, and its agents like Friedman, the possibility of their Zionist Empire.

As I keep repeating, Iran is a natural ally of the Jews, part of the 'doctrine of the periphery', non-Arab, non-Sunni, and, most importantly, not sitting on any of the land of Greater Israel. The only reason Iran has become an issue for the Israelis is the inability of the supremacists to comprehend that Arabs could actually beat the Supreme Beings, as Hamas did in kicking the Israelis out of Gaza, and as Hezbollah so convincingly did in 2006 in repelling the illegal and immoral attack on the people of Lebanon. Since Arabs can't fairly beat Jews, they must have cheated, and the cheating is regarded by the supremacists as Iranian support. Thus, the phony concern about an Iranian nuclear program: World Jewry knows from experience that the way to an American heart is lying tales about weapons of mass destruction (note the parallels between John Bolton's killer Iranian 'tramp steamer' and the lies told to the American Senate about Saddam's killer drones which apparently convinced it to sign off on the disastrous attack on Iraq!). The Zionist plan is that an American attack on Iran will weaken the Iranian allies that are preventing the planned Jewish theft of land and water.

As I keep repeating, the Old American Establishment has learned its lessons from Iraq, and isn't going to take the bait this time. Bush's father's friends have apparently convinced him that history is not going to smile on his Presidency unless he builds a 'legacy' in the next six months. Thus settling up with North Korea on terms which North Korea has always insisted upon (the neocons must be seething). Thus pushing for at least a phony agreement between the Israelis and the Palestinians before January. Thus the current softening - diplomatic approaches and even a permanent diplomatic presence in Iran, at least if World Jewry doesn't manage to use its treason agents (known, misleadingly, as 'dual loyalists') in the American government and media to scupper it - of the approach towards Iran. The much-hyped Israeli visits to Washington to instruct the Americans on what to do to Iran represent a weakness of the supremacists, not a strength. If World Jewry was still running the United States, it would be unnecessary to send representatives from Israel, as the usual traitors could do the job.