Sunday, July 06, 2008

Something besides the t-shirt?

Americans are starting to suffer from a severe case of buyers' remorse over the multi-trillion dollar cost of the Wars For The Jews. The understanding was that the psychos in the Republican Party would ensure that the average American got cheap oil out of the deal, the nudge-nudge-wink-wink immoral assumption behind at least the attack on Iraq. Now that the United States is circling the drain, can't even begin to pay the cost of the current Wars For The Jews (not to mention the ones that World Jewry has planned!), and is facing ever rising gas prices with seemingly no more levers to pull to do anything about it, we're seeing the beginnings of a full court press from the disgusting American media to try to convince Americans that there was an oil motive after all, mountains of evidence to the contrary notwithstanding.

The latest salvo is to play up a relatively inconsequential story about how the State Department assisted some American and British multinationals into obtaining some relatively small technical consultancy contracts in Iraq. Of course, the multinationals didn't actually sign the deals, as the piece-of-the-action revenue sharing agreements that are supposed to prove the subservience of the Iraqi government are being denied by that very same government (remember that oil legislation that also was supposed to prove that the attack was all about the oil?: also not enacted, with no prospect of a Western-multinational-friendly deal in the foreseeable future). Even better, buried in the same story is the lede, the fact that the big development contracts, the real gold in the Iraqi oil fields, is being tendered to many multinational oil companies, including the national oil companies of many countries who aren't either the U. S. or Britain. If anything, this story conclusively proves that the attack on Iraq wasn't about the oil. In fact, looking at the state of world oil markets today, and at the state of the Iraqi oil fields, the very idea that the attack on Iraq was about the oil is in rolling-on-the-floor-laughing territory, a fact which doesn't stop the usual suspects from pushing the same old Chomskean line (is it a coincidence that Chomsky's neo-Marxist analysis of the politics of the American elites, an analysis that discourages consideration of factors like religion or group supremacism, started at just about the same time that the settler movement started to build the Israeli Empire?).

The other method being used to fool Americans into thinking that the Republicans actually got something out of all those trillions is that the Afghanistan gas pipeline deal is supposed to prove that the attacks were about energy. Of course, Afghanistan was, partly, about the gas. It was the training wheel of the Wars For The Jews, and the American Establishment was sold on it based on the promise of a gas pipeline, one that I note has no reasonable prospect of being built until the Americans make peace with what the American media likes to call the Taliban (I also note that American multinationals have no chance of doing business in Iraq without massive protective assistance from the American military, paid for, or course, by American taxpayers, and it will never be possible for an American company to make money in Iraq without protection from the Iraqi people, a fact anticipated by American oil companies explaining why they were never in favor of the attack). A very unlikely Afghanistan gas pipeline in no way proves that the attack on Iraq was about oil. It was a pure War For The Jews, and no amount of spin can change that.