Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Touch detectives

The Boulder County district attorney announced that the Ramsey family was cleared as a result of a 'touch DNA' test on JonBenet's clothes, which revealed the DNA of another, unidentified male. The press is consistently reporting this emphasizing the idea that the new evidence from new investigatory techniques 'clears' the family. I don't get it. All the touch DNA test proves is that another male may have re-dressed her. We already knew that another male was in the picture, due to the presence of a drop of blood containing male DNA found in her clothes. I don't understand how any such DNA test, even a new one, can possibly 'clear' the family. All it can do is provide additional evidence that somebody else was involved. Since the family controlled the crime scene for a considerable time before authorities were summoned, the family could easily have allowed the mystery male to leave, if indeed the DNA was left as a result of the attack and not at another time. There are too many open possibilities for anybody to be 'cleared'. The Boulder County announcement, and the press coverage, is suspiciously certain when there are so many open possibilities.

Mr. Ramsey wants to be a politician, and this helps him a lot.