Friday, September 05, 2008

Deep Palin

You know you are deep in conspiracy land when the people who are supposed to know things pronounce themselves dazed and confused. The two Palin questions:
  1. where the hell did she come from?; and
  2. how could McCain have made such an awful choice?

are starting to be answered, leading us to some amazing conclusions.

Remember that it was Israel that started the renaissance of the Right in the late 70s. At the same time, the Israeli government was actively courting the new 'religion' called Christian Zionism, an unlikely alliance as the Christian Zionists were profound anti-Semites. The big plan was that the moribund Right would revitalize itself with the spice of Christian religious outrage, and the Christian Zionists would be turned into temporary supporters of Israel as Israeli strength was needed to lead to the 'rapture', an old idea brought to the forefront by a lousy and obscure novelist named Tim LaHaye. The 'war on terror' was added to the mix later to give the Americans a reason to continue to support Israel after the fall of the Soviet Union (the recent revitalization of the Cold War is another front in the same quest).

Palin was secretly chosen by a cabal of Christian Zionists called the Council for National Policy. Its members include . . . Tim LeHaye (I wonder who paid him to write his books?). McCain, who didn't even know Palin before she was picked, had nothing to do with it. Rove told him he couldn't pick his old pals Joe Lieberman or Tom Ridge as they were too 'liberal', and the only way to ensure the Christians would accept the pick was to let them make it. The Christian Zionists, who were only supposed to be an 'add-on' to allow the Republicans to play identity politics, have now taken over the whole party. The old party establishment has been completely excluded, and Wall Street is sending its money to Obama. The Republicans are very close to turning into the bunch of unelectable cranks that everyone accused the Democrats of turning into.

The downside is that the Democrats, already an extreme right-wing party, will become even more dominated by big business (that's the message they sent making Biden, a man who loves big corporations, the VP nominee). The Democrat platform: fascism plus abortion rights. The irony is that the Christian Zionist genie has escaped the Zionist bottle, thus denying the Zionists their most profound dream of Lieberman as VP, and a rabid Zionist President of the United States when McCain croaks.