Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Neck apotheosis

The most striking thing about Palin is that she could represent the highest political position that any redneck has reached in (modern?) American political history. White trash constitutes the lowest caste in the American caste system, lower than even blacks or Hispanics. In fact, necks are so low on the totem pole - perhaps not as low on the totem pole as natives! - that they don't even expect to have any political power, which puts them at an even lower point of political consciousness than the lowest castes in places like Japan or India. The Republicans look to them for votes and cannon fodder, but not political leaders. In fact, most high-level Republicans had probably never seen a real neck before, and looked upon this gift from the Christian Zionists with a mixture of bemusement, curiosity, and horror. They'd seen black people before, and Hispanics are necessary to mow the lawns at the Palm Beach or Scottsdale residences, but where would bi-coastal big-city dwellers who vacation at European ski resorts and the Caribbean ever see a neck? It is amusing in a year where Americans are congratulating themselves on a black Presidential nominee that an even larger group of politically invisible people finally enters American politics. Necks are such an invisible caste that nobody even recognizes them as a caste.