Thursday, October 23, 2008

Bamford - Israel- American secrets

There are two articles out recently, both inspired by the work of the great James Bamford, on the curious fact that corporations tightly connected to the Israeli Mossad have been hired by the Americans to work on various activities related to communications within the United States, including data mining, and tapping phones, faxes, and internet traffic (some people also remember that Israeli companies were running security at various places connected with September 11). Impolite anti-Semites are wondering out loud whether there is even the slightest possibility that some of this data is making its way back to Israel. You think? We know the Israelis conduct extensive spying on the United States and Americans, which includes industrial espionage and, no doubt, helping the extasy dealers - practically the Israeli national industry - from avoiding capture (that's why the 'art students' tended to hang around DEA offices). The anti-American ultra-pro-Zionist behavior of many Americans, particularly politicians and journalists, also evidences Israeli blackmail. The most naive idiot in the world couldn't avoid concluding that it is an extremely dumb idea to entrust all your secrets to a country with a track record of misusing them.

Remember the 'anonymizing' service that turned out to be run by the CIA? The best part was that people continued to use it even after the CIA connection was revealed! After all, if you can't trust the CIA with information you wish to keep secret, who can you trust? This type of thing is what intelligence organizations do. They set up ostensibly private corporations to do the dirty work they can't do themselves. You shouldn't blame the Israelis. Information is so easy to obtain from the trusting Americans that it is just too tempting.