Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The deepest Palin of all

They waited a while, hoping it might work, but we're now seeing a tsunami of old-school Republicans endorsing Obama. The tragic truth - that their old Republican Party has been taken over in a secret bloodless coup by the Christian Zionists - has finally hit home (the comment thread on my original posting is one of the wildest - not to mention longest - ever, consisting of a discussion of the "the famous BRZEZINSKI SOROS FACTION" - ! - for which I am apparently covering, and back pain health advice). Don't feel sorry for them: they made their deal with the devil in order to obtain the votes they couldn't get as their policies were so far from the class interests of 95% of the voters. Poor old McCain - who didn't even know Palin when they selected her for him - is left with the sinking realization that she is not even campaigning for him, she is campaigning as a future talk-show host, Senator (she'll re-take the seat that the crooked and convicted Ted Stevens is about to lose), and, eventually, Christian Zionist President of the United States (or so they wish). Isn't it curious that the culmination of the destruction of Barry Goldwater's Republican Party occurs on the watch of John McCain, who was practically Goldwater's adopted son?

A very big Republican loss would be very good for the United States, not because the Democrats will be much better (they won't), but because it will entail a complete reevaluation by the old-school Republicans of the fundamental nature of their party, and the forced removal of the Christian fruitcakes from mainstream American politics.