Tuesday, October 28, 2008

The financial crisis, Alan Greenspan, and Supremacism

I understand that the current banking crisis is causing an upswing in anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, something which promises to get worse (or better!) as the effects of the depression start to hit home. It's kinda hilarious to hear Abe Foxman et al complain about this, as the cameras swing over roomfuls of banksters who both caused the problem and will be receiving trillions of dollars to 'fix' it (talk about moral hazard!), ninety percent of who are Jewish (and I write this as somebody who doesn't believe this is a Jewish conspiracy!). Alan Greenspan seems to have been inspired so much by Ayn Rand that he saw each bankster entrepreneur as a John Galt held back by the stiflings of government regulation. Could the deep problem really be Jewish supremacism, filtered through the two secular Jews, Rand and Greenspan, into a new religion of capitalism, with the replacement 'chosen people', the supreme beings who must never be repressed, the richest entrepreneurs? There is something deeply irrational in Greenspan's faith in the ability of the capitalist system to regulate itself. Did he just take the supremacism he grew up with and change its focus?