Sunday, October 05, 2008

Following up on some old posts

Following up on some old posts:
  1. My favorite Zionist-Islamist terrorist, Adam Gadahn, is back.
  2. The mysterious murder of Eugene Mallove, cold fusion expert, has taken a peculiar turn, and now even lacks patsies.
  3. Richard Fuld, on Barron's 'World's Best CEOs' list just last year, wonders why Lehman Brothers was singled out for death, while everyone else made out like bandits snatching those billions fresh off the US Treasury printing presses. Since the whole thing appears to be little more than a Goldman Sachs enrichment program, Lehman Brothers may have been 'disappeared' simply to remove a competitor.
  4. The tale of Ashraf Marwan, the guy who took a header from his Mayfair flat, has come back to life. His shoes and his memoirs are still missing.
  5. No big surprise that Palin is connected to the same group of crazy Christians who have infected much of Congress, including Hillary.

I'm way overdue to comment on the Canadian election, which is full of conspiracy angles, including the most over-the-top efforts by the you-know-who-controlled media I have ever seen to spin the election for the Conservatives, efforts so obvious they have started to backfire.