Saturday, October 11, 2008

Haider's car

Haider's car is in pretty good shape considering all it has been through. You'd expect no less of that type of big European-made luxury automobile, the safest automobiles ever made (a lot of reports said his car was a Mercedes S-Class, others a Volkswagen Phaeton, but through the damage it looks more like the VW, and after all, would Haider drive anything other than a VW?). It looks like the rescuers took the doors off in their attempt to treat him and remove him from the car. You can see the deployed front airbag (and presumably the side airbag also deployed), and, if you look closely, the deployed roof airbag. There is a bit of a ding above the driver, but the basic framework of the car, intended to protect passengers, is intact. The front tire is oddly askew (cause of, or result of, the accident?).

Note that Haider was involved in an earlier crash, his survival attributed to the fact that he always bucked his seatbelt (look for 'buckled' on this thread). His injuries are supposed to be to the chest (what about the airbag?) and to the head (airbag, again, and how did he hit his head if he had his seat belt on?). "Medics said the impact of the crash was so great that he suffered 'extreme' injuries, with his left arm almost severed from his body." I would have thought the severed-arm thing might have made it into accounts of his injuries, which always describe head and chest! Is an almost severed arm consistent with the state of the car? The car maker should should sue for defamation.

Traveling alone also seems a little odd to me. Wouldn't a guy like Haider have some pretty serious death threats, and require some kind of bodyguard? Who knew he would be traveling alone, if in fact he was?