Thursday, October 02, 2008

Hints at future research

The success of Organized American Zionism - success which appears to be rapidly unraveling, by the way, to the extent that I may have to eventually support the underdog and call myself a Zionist (of course, then it will be fashionable to be an anti-Semite, as the slurrers always follow power)! - is compelling us to reinvent American progressive history, long benighted by the influence of Noam. It is curious that much of the impetus of critiques of American imperialism came out of American interference in the politics of Central America. The standard Noamian 'progressive' line was that the U. S. was using its power to advance the interests of the 'American Establishment'. This causes a moment's consternation, as it is difficult to imagine what interest the 'American establishment' would have in Central America. The answer is fruit, particularly the American fruit companies Standard Brands (now Dole) and United Fruit (now Chiquita Brands). We'll have to leave aside for now the big question of why the American Empire would spend so much money and psychic energy, not to mention so much of its reputation, looking out for two fruit companies, an issue which resembles the question of why the American Empire would have recently destroyed itself advancing the interests of the Israeli Settler Movement.

Consider United Brands. During the two worst times of involvement in Central America, it was run by two men, the first of which, Samuel Zemurray, used a wild mercenary army in the 1911 to replace the government of Honduras, against the express warnings of the U. S. Secretary of State (this was long before Zemurray had effectively taken control of United Fruit when it bought out his fruit company in 1929), and a similar technique in the 1950s in Guatemala (this time with the help of the CIA). Look what Zemurray was up to in 1948:
"Samuel Zemurray lets one of the company's ships to participate in the settlement of Jews in Palestine after the war. The ship was re-baptized with the name of Exodus and carried the first wave of Jewish immigrants to the Middle East"

Zemurray was also a pioneer in the combination of Zionism and American 'progressive' politics, having helped to start the faux-progressive Nation magazine. That 'progressive'-Zionist coalition continues to haunt us.

The man in charge of United Brands/Chiquita during American imperialist involvement in Central America during the 70s and 80s (and up to this day) was Carl H. Lindner, Jr., a rather religious Baptist, but with a big Zionist slant (from an article from 2004):
"Jewish leaders from across America traveled to Cincinnati Sunday to honor Reds owner Carl Lindner for his contributions to one of the signature programs to help the Israeli government.

Lindner, a Baptist, is the biggest non-Jewish buyer of State of Israel bonds, which Israel has used to raise $25 billion for everything from agriculture to shipping to communications.

Supporters raised more than $71.5 million at the event, including pledges of $10 million from Western & Southern Financial Group and more than $5 million from Lindner and his wife, Edyth.

'Mr. Lindner, I hope that some day you will be able to visit Israel, a country we all love, and see for yourself the many miracles you've helped make possible,' said Bobbie Goldstein, national chair of the Israel Bonds campaign.

'I do not share your religion,' Lindner responded. 'But I share your faith.'"

and (more room for thought):

"Lindner has said an early loan from Sir Isaac Wolfson, founder of the mail-order giant Great Universal Stores, inspired him to support Jewish causes."

There is a curious parallel between Chiquita support for right-wing paramilitary units in Colombia, and similar Israeli government support and training for the same paramilitaries (see here and the first comment; there were identical Israeli efforts to support the murderers during the 'Dirty War' in Argentina; for the wider drug-smuggling picture, see here).

If Organized American Zionism keeps pressing the issue (viz., its recently accelerated propaganda efforts for an American attack on Iran), we will have to systematically reexamine all of recent American history from a Zionist angle, removing the intentionally misleading spin put on it by 'progressive' critics of the American Empire.