Wednesday, October 22, 2008

'Russian' billionaires club

A prominent member of the British Conservatives, George Osborne, allegedly tried to solicit an illegal political donation from one of the richest men in the world, Oleg Deripaska, described as a 'Russian billionaire'. I guess it is OK to slur the Russians and the Billionaires, but we're left with a description which may miss the point.

While the allegations have been denied, the most curious aspect of the story is the identity of the allegator, one Nat Rothschild, described as a 'chum' of the money-seeking Conservative, and a guy who made over a billion of his own from his connections to the 'Russian'. Whenever we see the Rothschilds, the most infamous of the 'Court Jews' (and the family which inspired the wild rumor that the Jews start wars in order to benefit from lending the money to fight them), it starts to look like a parody of anti-Semitism. If Rothschild is indeed a 'chum' of Osborne, what the hell is he up to?