Thursday, November 27, 2008

November 27, 2008

I've been trying to be a better blogger and find myself beset with new distractions. The huge conspiracies are flying so thick and fast I'm suffering from a kind of Bloggers Block. Anyway:
  1. A somewhat optimistic view of the "Agreement on the Withdrawal of United States Forces from Iraq and the Organisation of Their Activities during Their Temporary Presence in Iraq". Optimistic because the Americans have no intention of actually complying with it. Can you believe that Iraqi parliamentarians have delayed considering it because they want a chance to read it first? American legislators should take note (both the Patriot Act and the recent financial bailout boondoggle were approved without anyone having had the chance to read the relevant legislation). The most notable thing about the agreement is the extent to which the Bush administration and the Wars For The Jews have laid low the United States. The terms of the agreement are simply embarrassing for a country which pretends to be an empire.
  2. Funny as hell: out of Africa. Could the dirty, dirty tricksters have been dirty tricked?
  3. You'll have been reading a lot of bullshit from the Bloggers For Exxon - the most disgusting people in the world, far worse than any neocon - about Arctic Sea Ice. The facts from the November 10, 2008 report (I didn't include the links in the text; my emphasis in red):
    "As discussed in our September 16, 2008, post, this year’s annual minimum represented the second-lowest point observed in the satellite record, surpassed only by the 2007 minimum. However, if we look at the total extent of ice lost between the March maximum and the September minimum, 2008 set a new record for total ice loss over an entire melt season. For more on the relatively high levels of ice that started the 2008 melt season and that led to this new record, see our April 7 post.

    During the 2008 melt season, Arctic sea ice declined by 10.58 million square kilometers (4.08 million square miles). This was slightly more than the previous record for loss over an entire melt season, set in 2007, which was 10.51 million square kilometers (4.06 million square miles).

    Arctic sea ice and climate are behaving in ways not seen before in the satellite record—both in the rate and extent of ice loss during the spring and summer, and in the record ice growth rates and increased Arctic air heating during the fall and winter."

    Note this story from The Register, and especially note the corrections at the bottom. Irresponsible Bloggers For Exxon will fail to note the corrections (the scientist who was cited simply made a mistake, which he, to his credit, acknowledges). Their MO is to play up every early snowstorm as conclusive evidence of disproof of Global Warming. People who do this can't be trusted on anything! I hope they enjoy their checks from Exxon.

  4. Note how traditional Noamian leftist Naomi Wolf is sounding exactly like the Militia Movement shortwave broadcasters like Mark from Michigan that I used to listen to back in the 90s.

More on the bigger conspiracies - Pakistan, Iceland, the final looting by the American elites - later.