Thursday, November 20, 2008

State of the Art

As long as you stick to the truth, you just have to wait around long enough to find yourself back in the mainstream:
  1. Avraham Burg on the Zionist misuse of the Holocaust.
  2. Khalid Amayreh on the comparison between Israelis and Nazis.
  3. Jeffrey Blankfort on the Jew-controlled American media.
  4. Hasbara Buster on the political control of language in the case of 'antisemite' (found via here).

Now, who is going to step forward and make the obvious point that the problem is caused by:
  1. A tiny number of very rich Jews who fund the settlers and the propaganda efforts in favor of the settler movement (blaming rich Jews for anything remains the ultimate taboo);
  2. A movement whose goals are de facto supported by a healthy majority of the diaspora Jewish population (those who 'stand for' Israel), despite the fact that most of this population would deny that they support the problems caused by the settler movement (it is this mindless support which lies behind my insistence that this is a Jewish, and not just a Zionist, problem)?