Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Towards a deeper understanding

From The Daily Star (Lebanon):
"Two men arrested for running an Israeli spy ring in the Bekaa Valley are relatives of a suicide hijacker who piloted a plane in the September 11, 2001, attacks, a security source told The Daily Star on Sunday. The Lebanese Army announced on Saturday that it had arrested two people suspected of involvement with a spy network that gathered information for Israel's intelligence services.

The army said that the men had been arrested on Friday, but the source said that they were actually captured two weeks ago and the discovery of the arrests by the media prompted the army to announce their capture.

The army said the men had admitted 'gathering information on political party offices and monitoring the movements of party figures for the enemy.'

The statement added that the men had been found with 'communications devices and other sophisticated equipment,' which they used to gather information and transmit it to Mossad agents.

Speaking on the condition of anonymity, the source said the men are relatives of Ziad Jarrah, the Lebanese who helped commandeer United Airlines Flight 93 before it crashed into a Pennsylvania field on September 11, 2001, killing everyone on board. Jarrah's family is from the town of Al-Marej in the Bekaa Valley, where the arrests took place.

The Jarrah family have repeatedly denied that Ziad was part of the September 11 plot, claiming he was instead a innocent passenger on the plane, but an official investigation concluded that he was a senior member of the hijacking team who had undergone flight training in order to carry out the attacks.

Residents of Al-Marej told As-Safir newspaper that the men were arrested when security forces raided a home in the town and seized equipment from a car. The newspaper said investigators had found documents which prove that the men had been in contact with Israeli intelligence agents. Investigators said that the men had passed information about the location of Lebanese and Syrian army outposts to the Israelis.

One of the two men arrested, identified only by his initials 'A.D.J.,' is believed to have been the head of the spy ring. Security sources told The Daily Star that the man was a member of the Palestinian militant group Fatah al-Intifadah, which is known to be active along the Syrian border."

Fatah al-Intifadah, an offshoot of Fatah al-Islam, the Palestinian resistance organization active in Lebanon, was the group that was under attack by the Lebanese army under the orders of Israeli agent Elliot Abrams. Collaboration is a curious thing. If Israel tells its loyal servant Abrams to call off the dogs - the Lebanese army - and stop attacking the Palestinian refugee camps, what will you do for us in return, particularly if we can convince you that your short-term interests and our short-term interests happen to coincide? Ten years ago, what kind of deal could the Mossad propose to Ziad Jarrah to allow them to appropriate his identity for the purposes of a secret operation?