Sunday, November 16, 2008

Trying to make a liar out of me

I've consistently held that the attack on Iraq was a War For The Jews, and not a War For Oil, and predicted that no American or British firm would receive any more than a nominal oil exploitation contract in Iraq. There is now a story floating about that Shell is going to receive a huge gas deal in the south of Iraq. Strangely, given the size of the deal, the original announcement caused no change in the share price of Shell, something which should have raised some flags. If you read the story carefully, there is no deal. The Ministry of Oil, no doubt well bribed, is attempting to work behind the backs of the Iraqi Parliament to sneak in the deal. The Iraqi Parliament, and the people of Iraq, won't be happy about it. Watch for the senior and corrupt members of the Ministry of Oil to receive visits from the finest tailors in Baghdad in order to have their necks measured for the inevitable necktie party. Some of the usual suspects - Raw Story and the Washington Times (!) - are doing the spinning, desperately attempting the maintain the delusion that the attack on Iraq was a War For Oil.