Friday, December 19, 2008

Bernie Madoff, winner of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize

Have you noticed how overtly anti-Semitic many of the comments on the insolvency of the Madoff investment funds, even those from 'respectable' sources, have been? It's as if everybody has been waiting for their chance to let loose with what they weren't allowed to say about the Jews as recently as a few months ago. Of course, this politeness was to be understood as a commitment to anti-racism, when really it was, as always, deference to power. The US depression has suddenly revealed that the Jewish billionaire emperors aren't wearing any clothes, so suddenly their serfs start saying what they have been thinking all along, but never dared whisper.

There are two aspects of Jewish supremacism - a concept that is suddenly fashionable - involved in the Madoff case, one relatively benign, and one quite evil. The relatively benign one is the propensity of ethnic groups to stick together. Con men from all ethnic groups have always used this: 'the outsiders have got it in for us, but I have this great deal for you, my blood brother'. Madoff was this nice, friendly 'Haimische' Jewish man. The con, in essence, was to create this illusion that he didn't really want your business, a con which only increased the desire of the rubes to throw their money at him, and increased the concept of group solidarity once he deigned to take your money. The Jewishness made it all quite clubby and sociable, while making his victims comfortable with him.

Note how absolutely wrong John Mearsheimer gets it (quoted at Mondoweiss; my emphasis in red):
"There is an angle to this affair that should be dear to your heart, but which nobody is talking about: assimilation. The fact that Jews are: 1) so thoroughly assimilated into American culture, 2) so successful, and 3) and faced with philo-Semitism, not anti-Semitism, has caused a significant weakening of tribal solidarity, which caused Madoff not to care much about shafting his fellow Jews and caused those shafted to let down their guard."

This is, quite frankly, silly. There have always been con-men within minority ethnic groups. Assimilation or no assimilation, they have always used the illusion of tribal solidarity to work their cons. We'll see later the real reason why those shafted let down their guards.

There is also a side issue which helped the Madoff con. Wall Street insiders have known that Madoff was a crook for decades. So how did all these sophisticated investors fall for it? Part of the con - and it is usual for cons to be structured to provide what appears to be money for nothing - was for Madoff to provide an end run around their normal advisers - the guys who would have told them to stay away. You could invest with Madoff by handing him an envelope at a charity banquet without having to pay the percentage that these advisers would charge. Madoff made a big show of his charity work, so you could slip a few million his way, save the normal vigorish charged by your Wall Street guy, and feel that you were actually helping the community! This again reflects the essential clubbiness of being a rich American Jew, looking out for your own, an opportunity given to you solely by virtue of your belonging to the Jewish 'club' (a con reinforced by Madoff's seeming reluctance to take money from anybody but the 'right people'), while screwing the outsiders.

The evil aspect of Jewish supremacism is where we hit the Schadenfreude. Madoff's investors are sophisticated people. How did they believe that it was possible to make double digit returns for decades? It was because he was a Jew. Jews are superior to gentiles - who really are just animals - and the superior being could produce superior returns. The investors allowed their supremacist fantasies to interfere with their lives in the real world, which is usually how supremacists get into trouble.

Madoff donated a lot of money to Zionist causes, which is to say a lot of money to assist in the ethnic cleansing of the Middle East. Have you noticed how everything is falling apart for the Jewish Billionaires? Their money came from outright crookedness, or at the very least from the exploitation of human weakness (there was a lot of gambling money involved), and this sinful money went to fund the ultimate sin of genocide, all based on Jewish tribal supremacism. Madoff's insolvency has destroyed much of the Zionist charitable infrastructure. Bernie Madoff is a most deserving candidate for a Nobel Peace Prize. I'm serious. By destroying American Zionist 'charities', he has done more to advance the cause of Middle East peace than any other man.


Anonymous said...

Shakespeare the greatest human charater genius concluded: "Fiend a kind of Devil. Certainly, the Jew is the very Devil incarnation".
Who is foolish to argue against the Bard??