Thursday, December 25, 2008

Charles Winters?

Gawker posits that the bizarre Bush pardon of Charles Winters is a sop to World Jewry, in lieu of traitor Pollard.

More Gawker: "Jews Are Conscienceless Thieves, Says Anti-Defamation League Boss". Some of the comments are priceless:
"I love how the idea of 'conscience' comes up when it's about Jew-on-Jew crime. When we fuck over Palestinians, however, it's fair play. Sorry, someone had to go there."

"If the first question when a Jew appears before God is: 'Were you honest in your business dealings?' - doesn't that, in effect, perpetuate said stereotype? Just sayin'."

and (my favorite):
"Pyramid schemes are inherently Jewish - who do you think built the first pyramids?"