Monday, December 22, 2008

An excellent exercise for architecture students

From "Decolonizing Architecture - Scenarios for the Transformation of Israeli Settlements", which considers the three possibilities of destruction, re-use and subversion, and which would be an excellent exercise for architecture students - perhaps the entire West Bank could be divided between schools so it would all be considered, ready for its return to its rightful inhabitants (I've removed a link from the excerpt which was in the original):
"Destruction is often regarded as a mean to achieve 'liberation' from an architecture that acts as an instrument of domination and control. Making tabula rasa is never as simple as it seems, destruction generates desolation and environmental damage that may last for decades. As the project reminds us, when Israel evacuated the Gaza settlements in 2005, 3,000 homes were destroyed. One of the outcomes of the destruction was a million and a half tons of toxic rubble that poisoned the ground and water aquifers."
On the Occupied Territories and architecture, try here and here. The architects and engineers behind the building of the settlements should eventually be tried as war criminals.