Saturday, December 27, 2008

Falk and food

Israel kicked UN representative Richard Falk out, and even roughed him up a little, which seemed aggressive even for Israel. Turns out they didn't want Falk, described as 'an American Jew', wandering around Gaza, seeing things he shouldn't and perhaps getting himself killed.

A couple days before the bombings started, Israel opened the border to allow humanitarian relief supplies through. It was an uncharacteristically humane, even human, move for the country of the Supreme Beings. Turns out the food and relief supplies were bait. The Israeli politicians and generals (and voters) wanted Hamas mobilized to distribute the relief, and the Palestinians out on the streets to receive it, all in order to increase the slaughter. They probably also wanted to contrast the joy of thinking you are temporarily not going to starve to death with the horror of realizing there is nothing you can do to stop the fall on your children of American bombs dropped by supremacist Jews.

It really is impossible to insult the shitty little country, as anything we say can't possibly match the reality of such evil. The blood drips from their fangs.