Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Just a list

Just a list (as you can see, I'm no revisionist):
  1. Madoff Holocaust ("Swindler's List", to be produced and directed by Steven Spielberg):
    "But it’s one thing to vote against a $25 billion plan that would save tens of thousands of blue collar jobs. That’s an easy No vote for a lot of Republicans. It’s a whole different kettle of fish to vote against a $50 billion bailout for elderly Jews who were once rich, but now aren’t. Remember, many of them are Holocaust survivors."

  2. AEI Holocaust.
  3. Meat Packing Holocaust (my emphasis in red):
    "In his ruling, Scoles cited a number of factors that made Rubashkin a flight risk, including the fact that Jews are granted automatic citizenship in Israel and that two former Agriprocessors supervisors already are believed to have fled there. He also noted that a travel bag filled with cash, silver coins, Rubashkin’s birth certificate and his childrens’ passports were found in his home."
  4. Gaydamak Holocaust. Gaydamak, who once planned to run the place, has fled Israel. Just how crooked do you have to be to have to flee Israel?
  5. Shady land deal Holocaust (or here). Left unstated, of course, is that the entire State of Israel is composed of land assembled, er, stolen, in much the same way, and is held in what is essentially a country-wide racist restrictive covenant. Every time you think you've fathomed the depths of evil that is Israel, the racial supremacists manage to sink lower.
  6. Marc Dreier Holocaust. What he is alleged to have done in Toronto has got to be made into a movie (produced and directed by Stephen Spielberg - he's gotta make that Madoff money back somehow):
    ". . . the confident man who arrived on the third floor of Toronto's Xerox Tower on Tuesday, walking into the offices of the teachers' pension fund, where apples are offered to visitors.

    There, Mr. Dreier met with Michael Padfield, a senior legal counsel for the pension plan. The two introduced themselves, exchanged business cards and then had their meeting, according to sources.

    Before leaving, Mr. Dreier asked if there was a private place where he could make some phone calls and he was escorted to a room in the pension fund offices.

    All of that seems a normal part of the busy world of a well-connected lawyer whose firm has represented such clients as billionaire developer Sheldon Solow and book editor Judith Regan, who sued over her firing over a proposed tell-all book by O.J. Simpson.

    On his way out, however, Mr. Dreier allegedly met an official from Fortress Investment Group who was also visiting the pension offices on business.

    It could have been a powerhouse meeting: Fortress is a New York-based hedge fund manager specializing in distressed debt with approximately US$34.3-billion of assets; the teachers' fund is the third-largest pension plan in Canada, with $108-billion of assets under management as of December 2007.

    Rarely a shy man, Mr. Dreier introduced himself to the Fortress official. For whatever his reason, however, he allegedly claimed to be Mr. Padfield.

    He even gave the Fortress visitor the business card of Mr. Padfield that he had only recently been given, police allege.

    Never breaking his charade, the pair allegedly went into a room at the teachers' pension offices and hammered out a large financial deal between the pension plan and the hedge fund, sources said. Mr. Dreier then left.

    The Fortress employee soon grew suspicious of the man's behaviour and alerted pension staff, said Lilly Donohue, a spokeswoman for Fortress.

    For starters, he met the real Mr. Padfield."

  7. And, of course, Holocaust Attorney Holocaust.

I'm not suggesting there is any kind of a pattern.