Monday, December 29, 2008


The fact that all Western politicians responded to the Gaza slaughter using almost the same words (reading from an Israeli script), failed to mention such niceties as collective punishment of civilians or proportionality, and all pointed out that Israel has a right to defend itself against the rocket attacks without mentioning that the rocket attacks had ceased until Israel intentionally breached the truce - well, we're long past the time for anybody to make any plausible claim that these politicians aren't under total Jewish control.

Speaking of total Jewish control, this Demagogic Underground thread is hilarious. Some poor guy wonders out loud why discussion of anything is allowed except for discussion of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, which is relegated to a special 'dungeon' where specially trained moderators can ensure that certain truths never see the light of day. It took less than half an hour for a moderator to awaken from his Manischewitz stupor long enough to send this discussion to the same dungeon. Complaining about censorship gets you censored. Of course, the official explanation is that 'each side is to blame', in exactly the same way that mostly harmless homemade rockets are equivalent to mass slaughter of hundreds of people using the finest (American) military technology.