Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Merry Christmas, or whatever

The comments to this blog are much better than some people are prepared to notice, perhaps not willing (or able) to work around the harsh potshots to think through the thoughtful posts. In fact, there is much discussion in the comments that I don't see anywhere else on the internet. There needs to be someplace where people can discuss conspiracies in a more philosophical way, rather than - or in addition to - the nuts and bolts of trajectories of bullets and the speed of falling buildings.

Rowan (who I'll assume is the real Rowan) directs us to this article by Gary North, who makes the distinction between premillennialism, postmillennialism, and amillennialism. An unnamed commentator writes:
"Warren is a post-millennialist vs the pre-millennialism of Dobson, Hagee, Billy Graham. There is a significant difference between these two mythologies. Pre-millennialism is the Scofield/Zionist created ideology behind Christian Zionism. This is the first political assault on pre-millennialism that I am aware of."

There is a h-u-g-e difference between Warren, who thinks the path to the return of Christ is for Christians to do good deeds to create Heaven on Earth, and the Christian Zionists, who think that the path to the return of Christ is to create the conditions for Hell on Earth, including an apocalypse in the Middle East. That's why, amongst other evils, the Christian Zionists are pro-war and anti-environment. The worse things get, the happier they are, as they will be that much closer to their selfish and crazed goal of having their own small group fly up into outer space (or wherever). Can it be that what passes for mainstream religion in much of the United States can be that starkly evil? Yes.

I'm suggesting that Warren may be important because he is a very prominent and charismatic guy who is also identified as a Christian Evangelical (and wouldn't be seen as radical by his followers) . . . but a guy who takes exactly the opposite view of religion than is taken by the Christian Zionists. Christians aren't here to wreck the place; they are here to make things better. I would assume that making things better would eventually include more tolerance of people who are different than you, and while Warren is not fully there yet, he's the kind of guy, in stark contrast to almost all other prominent American religious leaders, who can get there. It is important for people, including those who don't agree with his sexual politics, not to miss the bigger picture and cut him off, making impossible any reconciliation between Christian Evangelicals and everybody else. Writing Christian Evangelicals off as hopeless means that the real crazies will have won.

I'll expect a very good invocation from Warren.