Saturday, December 20, 2008

Progressive bigotry

Progressive bigots are going apeshit over Obama'a choice of Rick Warren to speak at the inauguration. Yeah, I know, Warren doesn't like the geighs. He's a religious leader. You simply aren't going to find a mainstream religious leader, Christian, Jewish, or Muslim, who is a gay friendly. The people who had those desert hallucinations thousands of years ago had certain strong ideas, and their followers today have the same ideas. If you say homophobes can't appear at the inauguration, you're saying mainstream American religion can't be represented at the inauguration.

Warren is basically a good guy, sane on the Middle East ('Hollywood', a code-word for the you-know-who's, is using the gay angle to attack Warren, no doubt because they are terrified of these atypical views from a Christian evangelist; note who the writer of the first link above is married to), a strong advocate of anti-poverty initiatives and campaigns to treat aids in Africa, and an environmentalist (also very atypical for a Christian evangelist). He's exactly the kind of guy that true progressives should be trying to embrace. If you turn Warren away, you are saying there is no possibility for any meeting of the minds between progressives and those religious leaders who represent at least 40% of the American population. You are also leaving these people to be devoured by the type of evil men like Falwell and Robertson and Dobson.