Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Wednesday, December 3, 2008:
  1. Bibi's 'War on terror' did absolutely nothing to protect the residents of Mumbai. Isn't it time for the rest of the world to wake up and stop playing along with this Zionist trick to kill people and steal their land?
  2. One of the Jews killed in the Mumbai Chabad house was an anti-Zionist. Could they all have been anti-Zionists? Why would an anti-Zionist go to a hotbed of Zionism? Were they killed not because they were Jews but because at least some of them were anti-Zionists?
  3. And then there is the allegation that the militants were staying in or near the house, and that it was known that the people staying there or nearby had a lot of ammunition, but nothing was done about it ('We had been expecting something like this.'). The militants had an intimate knowledge of all the buildings they attacked, including the Chabad house, which is why the Indian commandos had such a difficult time getting them out.
  4. There are hints that Pakistan wasn't involved (I still intend to write about the American/Zionist war against Pakistan). A Hindu nationalist - why were local authorities so slow to react against the militants, and why were people trained to be ready for terrorism so ineffective against 10 individuals? - false flag operation makes sense, possibly with Israeli help (there are rumors of an Israeli helicopter flying around).
  5. The Canadian Conservatives have begun their counter-attack, but they are basically fucked, and the honest ones are admitting privately that Harper is entirely to blame (of course, they are all to blame for allowing an obviously unstable individual to run a one-man government). The Conservatives have now lost the momentum which they have fought and scraped so long to obtain. If the other parties play their hand carefully, and don't overstep their bounds, they can do a lot of good for the next twenty months or so. The proof that the coalition was the right thing to do will appear in passing legislation which makes conservative polices look stupid.
  6. I'm philosophically opposed to the concept of coalitions - too close to the usual European anti-democratic model - and if the three parties had done this without Harper's provocation I would be against it. Nevertheless, he started it and left them with no choice. The big danger is that the usual democracy-haters on the 'left' will use this as an argument for proportional representation. My guess/hope is that the coalition will fall apart so badly at the end that it will be a permanent monument to the stupidity of proportional representation.