Thursday, December 31, 2009

Controlled demolition is hard

Controlled demolition is hard. Imagine all the explosives and wires and detonators that must be visible in the unexploded part of the building.

The political front for the MEK terrorist group - the wacky cult labeled a terrorist group by the United States (though the right-wing nuts, needless to say, want to change that) while being financially sponsored by the United States, and the group which supplied the agents provocateurs behind the recent ultra-violent protests in Iran - is called the National Council of Resistance of Iran.

The settlers lose a bank.

The Head Jew tasked Ben Stein with slurring Ron Paul on the assumption Paul would mention Israel. Paul didn't mention Israel, the hung-over (?) Stein slurred anyway, and hilarity ensued.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday, December 28, 2009

The left is always unappealingly desperate to find friends in odd places (I'm reminded that Naomi Klein thinks that the Iraqi religious leaders are anti-globalist followers of Naomi Klein). A particularly hilarious example from Lenin's Tomb contained this howler:
"The characterisation of the Iranian movement in those terms was false in several ways. For a start, notwithstanding the 'confessions' issuing from various protesters tortured by the basiji, there is no evidence of any US involvement in the 'Green' movement."

I just had to laugh (and we're just talking about the publicly admitted support, not the black ops).

Stephen Lendman on some particular examples of Jewish thievery. These issues will all be dealt with when the shitty little country is under democratic majority rule.

Some dual loyalists in Europe are attacking Hamas in a Belgian court, relying expressly on Goldstone. The Israelis are cheering the new Euro-AIPAC - note how they don't shy away from celebrating dual loyalty - but I can see how this initiative will backfire.

Air Gates.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Oscar for Berlusconi

The Italians posting videos to YouTube (here and here and here and the one embedded here) make an excellent case that the attack on Berlusconi was faked;
  1. the cameraman meticulously following Berlusconi's every move mysteriously turns away vaguely into the crowd just before the attack;
  2. you can see the swing of the attacker at Berlusconi, which misses him;
  3. Berlusconi immediately puts a black piece of plastic he had been holding in his hand (?) over his face (but in the moment before he does so you can see his face is unmarked);
  4. there is no blood above the plastic at first, but when Berlusconi emerges from his car there is a new smear of blood under his eye;
  5. his bodyguards spend some time obscuring our view while they apply the makeup in the car (and one may have a can of some spray-on substance);
  6. the makeup appears as caked and dried blood, not what you would see as the result of a very recent attack.

The trickery worked - Berlusconi's personal popularity in Italy soared after the attack.

Thursday, December 24, 2009

The Rest Of The World

The Rest Of The World starts to take charge after the failure - and eventual extinction - of the dinosaurs:
"Bolivian President Evo Morales announced today that a world conference of social movements is to take place in Bolivia, as a response to the failure of the 15th Summit on Climate Change, recently held in Copenhagen.

"The problems of climate change are directly linked to the irrational development of industry," said the president . . . ."
It's shit or get off the pot time, and since the United States suffers from terminal constipation . . . .

There is room for some optimism that real efforts at arresting climate change can be combined with an anti-capitalist movement that can wrest control of the world away from the selfish and stupid Americans.

Five countries

Jeffrey Sachs (my emphasis in red):
"For me, the image that remains of Copenhagen is of Mr. Obama appearing at a press conference to announce an agreement that only five countries had seen, then rushing off to the airport to fly home and avoid a snowstorm back home. He has taken on a grave responsibility in history. If his action proves unworthy, if the voluntary commitments of the United States and others prove insufficient and if future negotiations are derailed, it will have been Mr. Obama who single-handedly traded in international law for big-power politics on climate change.

Perhaps the UN will rally itself to get better organized. Perhaps Mr. Obama's gambit will work, the U.S. Senate will pass legislation and other countries will do their part. Or perhaps we have just witnessed a serious step toward global ruin through our failure to co-operate on a complex and difficult challenge that requires patience, expertise, goodwill and respect for international law – all of which were in short supply in Copenhagen"

Just to get in front of the obvious comments - I know it is Sachs, but you still have to ask yourself: is what he is saying true? It is. Obama showed up late, and imposed a five country 'agreement' on the rest of the world which made a mockery of the conference.

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Israel is in the middle of a rather obvious campaign to arrest and jail non-violent Palestinian protesters (the 'Palestinian Gandhi' that the Jews are always looking for sits in an Israeli jail). The plan is to force the Palestinians back to violent protest, providing some material for the hasbara crowd, who are currently shooting blanks.

Jimmy Carter has to perform a ritual self-abnegation before the Jews to allow his grandson to run for office in Georgia (non-denial denial). Of course, as we all know, the Jews have no power and would never use any power they had in a collective action to protect the right of their state to commit war crimes and crimes against humanity.

The core principles of the teabagger 'Climategate' conspiracy:
  1. someone will make money; and
  2. the Jews will take over the world (seems a bit superfluous).

More 'bagger logic (it may be a spoof).

And more Copenhagen anti-China spin (some of the comments are much smarter).

Tarantino on the 'bloodcurdling' violence of the Jews.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

"Israel to seek another 1b euros Holocaust in reparations from Germany". Since the Jews owe far, far more than that to the Palestinians, the Germans should be paying their reparations directly to the Palestinians, rather than sending more money to Israel, where it will be diverted from the ostensible victims and used by the shitty little county to commit more war crimes. Of course, the Germans could also simply refuse to continue this emotional blackmail scam.

Another 'dual loyalist' spy. This was no 'loose cannon': he was placed in the American government for a specific purpose (although all the spin is supposed to fool us over his motives - Jews only have one motive). Note the very complicated 'legend' created for him in Israel over a span of many years, all to make his infiltration successful.

Speaking of dual loyalty - and the man who inspires my talk about blood-dripping fangs - Elliott Abrams is still hard at work (and Robert Parry is still one of the very few reliable American writers).

Rosie DiManno keeps up her reputation as Canada's worst columnist. I think her employment by the Star contravenes the principles of Joseph Atkinson that are supposed to govern the running of the newspaper. The real reason for the Conservative's bizarre support of the worst outrages of Judeofascism is the increasing influence of the Christian Zionists. It is interesting that the collapse of Canwest means that the Jews have lost a lot of leverage over Canadian politics, making it more difficult for the Jews to extort more money for their massive holocaust museum/excuse for killing Palestinians and stealing their land.

Wtf? This is like having Ernst Zündel lead a fundraiser for the JDL! Hospital officials should be fired.

From Pakistan:
"A parliamentary committee investigating US security agency Blackwater's presence in Pakistan has raised an alarm over the recent spate of extra-judicial killings and abductions of innocent citizens by foreign agencies "under the garb of the war on terror".

The concerns were expressed by members of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Human Rights, which was chaired by Riaz Fatiyana.

The sub-committee's convener, Javed Hashmi, informed that a group named Special American was operating in Pakistan, and that it had tried to buy a hotel in Peshawar.

The committee unanimously decided to propose to Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani to take steps to stop the activities of foreign agencies in the country.

The committee also sought a detailed report within three months.

The committee also sought a list of missing persons particularly those who disappeared from Balochistan. "

If the leaders won't act, it is time for direct action on climate change. I'm hoping that the grandchildren of the teabaggers and Bloggers For Exxon die of malaria.

Larry Summers, financial genius.

The abject Israeli apology to the Swedes and other 'anti-Semites' is no doubt being prepared. Are the Israeli organ thieves still at work? They deny it, but then again they vehemently denied - along with a massive slurring campaign - what they are now admitting.

"Lebanese Prime Minister Saad al-Hariri visits Damascus to pay his condolences to Syrian President Bashar al-Assad upon the death of the latter’s brother, after nearly five years since the assassination of the former’s father, widely blamed on the latter, to whose own father he has now, suddenly, developed an uncanny physical resemblance."

Sunday, December 20, 2009

Sunday, December 20, 2009

The Canadian government has gone completely bat-shit Zionist insane, effectively accusing all major Canadian Christian churches of being anti-Semitic, by ending 35 years of funding for their charity KAIROS for the reason - stated by the infamous Jason Kenney - that it took a leadership role in BDS movement against Israel. Related: "Will Harper criminalize criticism of Israel?"

Also from Dobbin: "The Ugly Canadian".

Bangladesh's disappearing island.

President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's speech at Copenhagen (unfortunately I can't find a non-CIA source for this speech). Hugo Chávez' speech at Copenhagen. The Chinese tried to lead the rest of the world at Copenhagen, at least until Obama swept in and imposed a non-agreement on everybody (with the American press putting the entire blame for the failure of a real agreement on China!). China needs to work on its propaganda skills.

Not the sharpest knife in the drawer: "CIA Requests Its Own Documents From Author":
"The documents requested from Albarelli centered on two subjects. The first top-secret CIA document details a meeting between an official of the Sandoz Chemical Company and an undercover CIA operator. The document reveals a close relationship between the firm and the agency, and provides stunning details about a mysterious 1951 outbreak of “insanity” in a small French town, Pont St. Esprit. In a covert experiment, the village was surreptitiously administered the powerful hallucinogen LSD in an attempt to see if there was a viable method of waging war without killing people or destroying property. A related document appears to reveal that famed LSD inventor, Albert Hoffmann, maintained a close relationship with the CIA.

The second document requested reveals intelligence links between one of the criminals who murdered Frank Olson and the assassination of JFK, including a possible working relationship with suspected assassin Lee Harvey Oswald. About seven years ago, after an Internet article by Albarelli, an agency official requested that Albarelli send the CIA a copy of a top-secret report from the CIA’s Robert Lashbrook to Dr. Sidney Gottlieb, director of its Chemical Division. The document concerned a Pentagon and CIA cover-up of the 1953 death of a patient at the New York Psychiatric Institute. That patient, Harold Blauer, was killed by an injection of drugs administered under a covert CIA contract."

Saturday, December 19, 2009

Saturday, December 19, 2009

I took a Bill Gates Day to try to get Microsoft to perform as advertised and install Windows 7. No luck, but perhaps closer. Then I had to take a couple more Bill Gates Days to return to semi-normal. The good thing about Microsoft is that it single-handedly makes a mockery of all official pronouncements of economists on the nature of capitalism.

Predictions made in 2000 about life in 2010. Mine will be more successful: in 2020, the state of Israel will be under the full political control of Palestinians.

Argentina proves that if you tell the IMF to fuck off, all will be well. This article even tells creditors how to massage their books to cover the missing money that won't be repaid (I could care less about their books).

The assholes at JS-Kit are finally finishing the screwing over of clients of Haloscan (although they must be given credit for publishing the scathing comments!). I hope the money grab means they are on the way out.

Matt Taibbi notes how Obama replaced all his semi-'progressive' election campaign advisers with Wall Streeters all connected to Bob Rubin when it came time to run the economy (my emphasis in red):
"The significance of all of these appointments isn't that the Wall Street types are now in a position to provide direct favors to their former employers. It's that, with one or two exceptions, they collectively offer a microcosm of what the Democratic Party has come to stand for in the 21st century. Virtually all of the Rubinites brought in to manage the economy under Obama share the same fundamental political philosophy carefully articulated for years by the Hamilton Project: Expand the safety net to protect the poor, but let Wall Street do whatever it wants. "Bob Rubin, these guys, they're classic limousine liberals," says David Sirota, a former Democratic strategist. "These are basically people who have made shitloads of money in the speculative economy, but they want to call themselves good Democrats because they're willing to give a little more to the poor. That's the model for this Democratic Party: Let the rich do their thing, but give a fraction more to everyone else."

Even the members of Obama's economic team who have spent most of their lives in public office have managed to make small fortunes on Wall Street. The president's economic czar, Larry Summers, was paid more than $5.2 million in 2008 alone as a managing director of the hedge fund D.E. Shaw, and pocketed an additional $2.7 million in speaking fees from a smorgasbord of future bailout recipients, including Goldman Sachs and Citigroup. At Treasury, Geithner's aide Gene Sperling earned a staggering $887,727 from Goldman Sachs last year for performing the punch-line-worthy service of "advice on charitable giving." Sperling's fellow Treasury appointee, Mark Patterson, received $637,492 as a full-time lobbyist for Goldman Sachs, and another top Geithner aide, Lee Sachs, made more than $3 million working for a New York hedge fund called Mariner Investment Group. The list goes on and on. Even Obama's chief of staff, Rahm Emanuel, who has been out of government for only 30 months of his adult life, managed to collect $18 million during his private-sector stint with a Wall Street firm called Wasserstein-Perella.

The point is that an economic team made up exclusively of callous millionaire-assholes has absolutely zero interest in reforming the gamed system that made them rich in the first place. "You can't expect these people to do anything other than protect Wall Street," says Rep. Cliff Stearns, a Republican from Florida. That thinking was clear from Obama's first address to Congress, when he stressed the importance of getting Americans to borrow like crazy again. "Credit is the lifeblood of the economy," he declared, pledging "the full force of the federal government to ensure that the major banks that Americans depend on have enough confidence and enough money." A president elected on a platform of change was announcing, in so many words, that he planned to change nothing fundamental when it came to the economy. Rather than doing what FDR had done during the Great Depression and institute stringent new rules to curb financial abuses, Obama planned to institutionalize the policy, firmly established during the Bush years, of keeping a few megafirms rich at the expense of everyone else."

It is funny that the new Democrats now have a political theory identical to the old - say, Nixon-era - Republicans (the Republicans are now wallowing with the religious crazies, and don't have a sane policy on anything). American politics has shifted wildly right. The calculation that a few bones thrown in the general direction of the poor will prevent any kind of mass uprising damaging to the rich appears to be true. The only thing resembling a mass uprising in American politics is the teabaggers, who are used to push politics further to the right. There really is no hope for the United States.

Every person who dies as a result of the Exxon success in Copenhagen is the moral responsibility of the Bloggers For Exxon, and I won't let them forget it.

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

"This Is How You Fuel a Community of Climate Deniers". Exxon funding.

One of the things I've noticed is that the deniers are insanely preoccupied with Al Gore. This connects directly to swiftboating.

The arguments of idiots.

The reaction of the Canadian Conservatives to the Yes Men prank proves it hit home.

Yet another Canadian 'security certificate' struck down. If we can't jail CSIS for wanton abuse of the Canadian Constitution, can't we fold them up for utter incompetence and money wasting?

Is Erik Prince 'Graymailing' the US Government?

American government destabilization efforts in Venezuela.

If you can believe it, the Israeli threat against the British government for not interfering in the British legal system - the Israelis don't recognize a legal system as having any constitutional separation from the interests of the government - is to exclude Britain from the hilarious 'peace process', a threat that must be an example of that famous Jewish humor we keep hearing about.

"Virtually everywhere in the world people tend to be more educated than their parents. This is no longer true in the United States. A report by the American Association of State Colleges and Universities indicates that the U.S. is one of only two nations on Earth in which people aged 25 to 34 have lower educational attainment than their parents."

Democratic Party apologists are preparing the propaganda base for a useless health care bill, reasoning that a lousy bill can be built on. No, it can't. Without a 'public option', there will be no pressure to improve the situation, and it will be many more decades before the United States has a first world health care system (by which point the U. S. will be firmly second world anyway). For most people, all they will see is a new requirement to give money to insurance companies. With the Republicans on the ropes, the Democrats are committing political suicide. It is amazing what insurance company graft - and tribal devotion to Israel - can accomplish.


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

One of the alterna-theories to the fact that the American attack on the innocent civilians of Afghanistan is a War For The Jews actually directed at Pakistan is that the attack is intended to allow American corporate development of a gas pipeline through Afghanistan. Ha!!!

Speaking of which, it looks like he is good for at least an additional two Purple Hearts. I hope the Jews are grateful.

Speaking of which, American analysts are tying themselves into knots trying to understand the psychology/sociopathy of Joe Lieberman. It is simple: he is a Jew. World Jewry feels that Obama is Bad For The Jews, and a decent health care bill would ensure that Obama is reelected. Thus, the Head Jew sent Joe to sabotage the process.

Direct action.

Internationally wanted war criminals.

The famous Jew 'Porn Sex Video', presumably named after the family trade.

The most recent spin is that Goldman Sachs bankers aren't carrying.

A Skull & Bones Party?

Holiday news from Germany (a very Southern U. S. sounding story):
"The fight took place in the western city of Aachen when a 74-year-old man and a 35-year-old woman both laid claim to a shopping trolley on Saturday.

As the pensioner wrestled the cart from the hands of his rival, her 24-year-old brother stepped forward and floored him with a punch.

Together with their 53-year-old mother, the brother and sister then took the trolley into the supermarket. But the OAP came round and followed them to the cheese counter.

He clubbed the younger man with a salami as his mother tried to fend him off with a sharp 4lbs piece of Parmesan.

The pensioner then pushed the woman down on to a glass countertop on which she cracked her head.

Police arrived to break up the melee. Two of those involved were treated in hospital for minor injuries.

The trolley was undamaged.

A police spokesman said a sudden rush of shoppers on the last-but-one Saturday before Christmas had depleted the supermarket's trolley reserves and "raised tensions" between the would-be customers."

Monday, December 14, 2009

Debutante party for China

It has occurred to me that the conference in Copenhagen is the debutante party for China, where that country officially takes over world leadership from the increasingly hopeless United States. Just as the British Empire ended sometime in the 40s, but wasn't officially over until the Suez Crisis, so the United States has been finished for some time now (too many anti-fact/anti-science Right-Wing Authoritarians, and too many Wars For The Jews - speaking of which, ha!), and the world anxiously awaits the official passing of the torch.

"Why are climate change deniers like Stephens more interested in possible but unlikely scenarios like nuclear attacks by rogue states rather than the real and ongoing threat to national security and global stability posed by climate change?"

and also note, as you'll hear the exact opposite from various 'truthers', Climategateologists, swift boaters, Sarah Palins and their fucking ilk:
"(After all, if "indifference to evidence" is one indication of "the totalitarian impulse" described by Stephens, how embarrassing it must be for him to assert, as he did in his column Tuesday, "The earth has registered no discernable warming in the past 10 years" when, on that very same day, the World Meteorological Organization reported that "The decade from 2000 to 2009 was warmer than the decade from 1990 to 1999, which in turn was warmer than from 1980 to 1989," and further that "The year 2009 is likely to rank in the top 10 warmest on record since the beginning of instrumental climate records in 1850…")"

Hilarity always ensues when a government official contacts Cryptome, in this case ominously offering to 'help' a whistleblower.

"I’m sorry but we blew up your laptop (welcome to Israel)". This is just vandalism. When will put the mad dog down?

Homemade Submarines.

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Saturday, December 12, 2009

Obama needs some propaganda help to reinforce the lie that the US is fighting 'al Qaeda' in Afghanistan. Who else but a Jew to assist in selling another War For The Jews?

Bliar, unusually candid about the lying process (my emphasis in red):
"Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair says he would have taken the decision to remove Saddam Hussein even without evidence of weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

In an excerpt from a BBC interview to be aired Sunday, Blair said: "I would still have thought it right to remove him. I mean obviously you would have had to use and deploy different arguments, about the nature of the threat."

It is a misuse of the subjunctive to say he 'world have' removed Saddam without evidence of weapons of mass destruction when in fact he did remove Saddam without evidence of weapons of mass destruction.

Banksy's Christmas story picture. Sometimes you have to wonder if the whole Zionist project isn't just revenge against Christianity.

New York City politicians and officials feel that the fine religious sensibilities of some religious nuts have more value than the lives of the people living in New York City.

"Climate science under attack". See also here.

Friday, December 11, 2009

Friday, December 11, 2009

From the popbitch email:
"Many of the protesters arrested at the G20 riots
this year have had their bail dates set for mid-
December, the same time as Copenhagen. Coincidence?"

Of course, the 'Climategate' 'Truthers' don't have that problem, as they have come directly from one of their teabagging parties.


On Juan 'Langley' Cole:
"Juan Cole is an expert on the Middle East. He knows Arabic and Farsi and probably a handful of other languages. He knows more about the Arabic and Islamic world than most Arabs and Muslims can hope to learn in a lifetime. But he supports the empire. I have attended one of his lectures in which he said he was not against the war on Iraq in principle but he only disagreed with the way the Bush administration (at the time) was carrying it out. Here he wishes Israel a happy 60th birthday:
I'll continue to read his blog and plan to read his new book because he knows his stuff. But politically, a pair of Iraqi shoes have done more for the cause than all of Juan Cole's writings combined"


Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thursday, December 10, 2009:
  1. A lot of the confusion about Exxon's intentions derives from a statement made by its CEO in January to the effect that Exxon favored a carbon tax over a cap-and-trade system (subsequently repeated by Exxon in Australia). Of course, at the same time, Exxon was pouring millions into 'think tanks' completely opposed to either system, so you should treat the statements of Exxon as part of its greenwashing campaign. Carbon taxes, where tried, have been ineffective in reducing demand, and most experts propose both carbon taxes - which should be revenue neutral, with the additional government income returned to taxpayers with tax cuts elsewhere - and a cap-and-trade system.
  2. Ah, those Zionazis and the Master Race. She's lucky they didn't ban ugly.
  3. Record companies like to mislabel music sharing as 'theft'. This is what real theft looks like.
  4. A lawyer in California who represented a bankrupt predatory lender appears to have been murdered, possibly a 'targeted killing'. The start of the uprising?
  5. He had just won his school award for bird keeping (then he bit the bird's head off).
  6. Angel-haunted.
  7. A Toronto woman has been charged with the Canadian Criminal Code offense of 'fraudulently pretending to exercise witchcraft, sorcery, enchantment or conjuration'. I assume that if you are a real and not a fraudulent witch you have a complete defense.

Wednesday, December 09, 2009

Tuesday, December 9, 2009

Everybody's making fun of Dubai - and not the idiot bankers who lent the money - but I don't get it. The Saudi princes take the oil money and head for France, where they spend it all on gambling and whoring (if any is left over, they spend it on useless American weapons). The leaders of Dubai decided to create a tourist destination which would outlast the oil money. At the end of the day (and oil), the Saudis will be left with a few casino chips and some colorful venereal diseases, while Dubai will still have all the buildings and infrastructure bought with the money.

Sarah Palin, pied piper of the 'Climategate' 'Truthers'. You must be so proud.

Big Oil makes annual profits larger than any group of corporations has ever made in human history. Cutting supply without allowing them to reap the windfall profits will put an end to that. Billions of profits, gone. A few million dollars - less than pocket change - artfully spread here and there is enough to completely fool the Conspiracy-Industrial Complex. Any greenwashing expert could tell you how to do it.

Obama had to wait to go to China so he could find out how many troops the Chinese would fund to go to Afghanistan. All the time he waited he had Dennis Ross on his back, screaming in his ear for more troops for the Wars For The Jews. The only way out for the Chinese will be to convert those increasingly worthless dollars - thanks to those very Wars For The Jews - into semi-worthless hard assets, and then send the guards to ensure the local masses don't try to steal anything. The first picture says it all.

The cathouse on C Street is still up to its old tricks.

American taxpayers fund a charity which pays money to Israeli troops who are imprisoned for disobeying orders to evacuate illegal settlements - assuming they can find any such imprisoned soldiers! - and even pays a bounty to Israeli soldiers for shooting Palestinians.

The always hilarious Dersh on Knox. Americans are outraged, but all juries know that innocent people don't give a variety of untrue alibis, and especially don't give an untrue alibi which results in an innocent man being arrested. Add a little DNA and a bratty defendant, and a conviction is entirely reasonable.

Amazing Japanese crash.

Tuesday, December 08, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Tuesday, December 8, 2009:
  1. The members of the Council on Foreign Relations think Israel is a shitty little country (Barry Chamish will say 'I told you so').
  2. Weird attempt to blame 'Climategate' on the Russian government (without any evidence whatsoever, and even weirder when you consider that the emails were probably stolen by a paid-off insider and not hacked at all), while admitting that anybody can buy the services of Russian hackers. Note that one of the shibboleths of the 'Climategate' 'Truthers' is that the mainstream media won't touch the story, which is odd since it is all over the mainstream media and this article, from the 'lefty' Independent, seems to accept the oily and obviously false 'Climategate' premise that the emails prove some kind of scientific malfeasance.
  3. For people who always claim they haven't done anything wrong, the Jews sure spend an enormous amount of time unsuccessfully trying to prove that the Wars For The Jews aren't wars for the Jews.
  4. "Colton Harris-Moore, the barefoot boy bandit, outfoxes sheriffs" by escaping in stolen planes! He taught himself to fly from video games! "[H]is weakness is pizzas, which he asks to be delivered at the edge of the woods."

Monday, December 07, 2009

Monday, December 6, 2009

Monday, December 6, 2009:
  1. "Attention Christmas Shoppers: Top Ten Brands to Boycott"
  2. For the Jew who has everything (although you know they'd prefer the white phosphorous snow globe that makes the sound of screaming Palestinian children when you shake it).
  3. "Anyhow the lesson here is clearly that scientists need to be much nicer in how they respond to thugs. Right before they drown, our grandkids will thank us for being ever so sensible in this crucial regard." You really have to be illiterate, retarded, or paid off by Exxon to see even the slightest evidence in any of the emails of the slightest wrongdoing. What we see in the stolen emails is a group of people reacting to the vicious onslaught of the denier douches.
  4. "An Open Letter to Congress From US Scientists on Climate Change and Recently Stolen Emails" refers to 18 leading U.S. scientific organizations, including the American Association for the Advancement of Science, the American Geophysical Union, and the American Meteorological Society, which state the "consensus scientific view".
  5. "Ocean Acidification Will Cost Us Dearly"
  6. The deniers would prefer to believe in a world-wide scientific conspiracy of hundreds of scientists in dozens of labs over decades - all with no apparent motive to lie - rather than give up their idea that the Queen leads a conspiracy of Illuminati, Freemasons and, of course, Jews who are using climate change as part of their deadly plan to sap our precious bodily fluids.
  7. The CIA, Blackwater, and bin Laden.

Sunday, December 06, 2009

Bottom line

Bottom line:
  1. Big oil is going to lose billions of dollars a year in profit if meaningful climate change initiatives go through.
  2. All the big name thinks tanks, etc, that challenge the scientific consensus are funded by Big Oil.
  3. The scientific consensus remain a consensus: for all intents and purposes, minus a few publicity hounds and those paid off by Big Oil, all the experts in the field, based on consistent data for the last thirty years, accept the fact that human activity causes climate change and the world is headed for an utter catastrophe if we don't do something about it.

If you have trouble with any of these statements, go find another blog. If you are not with us - and by 'us' I mean the legion of moral and decent people - you are against us, and to hell with you.

Saturday, December 05, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009

Saturday, December 5, 2009:
  1. This link (from stevieb), along with the comments to it, does a good job at explaining the funding behind the oil industry propaganda campaign. Actually the whole site is good. Note also the third paragraph here. Also note that this attack on internal emails is part of a larger campaign. A few years ago, some of the oil companies decided for PR purposes to start pretending to be environmentalists, hoping that the stupidest and moist gullible would be fooled. Judging from many of the comments to this site, their plan seems to have worked! There is not the slightest doubt that there is a huge conspiracy going on here, run by Big Oil and those it pays to serve as its mouthpieces and spies.
  2. 'Dual loyalty' is an American government job requirement.
  3. I'll bet the Jewish world-wide delight over the Swiss minaret decision will start to sink a bit when the full ramifications become clear, there and in other countries. After all, it wouldn't be fair to single out Muslims (in fact, the discrimination against one religion might sink the ban, making a more carefully drafted attack on both Muslims and Jews more likely to succeed). By the way, the Swiss now have one of the most curious constitutional provisions in the world ("The construction of minarets is prohibited.").
  4. The Big Book Of Lies is a bad history textbook.
  5. 9/11 is not a joke.
  6. Folding money.

Friday, December 04, 2009

Climate catastrope and the sociopaths

From the climate catastrophe part of "Climate Catastrophe and Israel's Denial of Palestinians' Access to Water: Two Aspects of Contemporary Barbarism" by Javier Sethness (the Jewish part is worth reading too; I've removed the footnotes):
"The likely future of access to water in such a world is dark, indeed. George Monbiot of The Guardian writes that an increase in average global temperatures of 1.5° C—that is, a mere 0.7-0.8° C beyond the level relative to pre-industrial temperatures that has already been achieved due to historical emissions—exposes some 400 million humans to what he refers to rather dryly as water stress, while an average global temperature increase of 2.1° C is estimated to place between 2.3 and 3 billion people at risk of outright water shortages. Monbiot’s compatriot Mark Lynas finds a 2° C rise in average global temperatures to nearly eradicate the mountain glaciers on which the millions who currently reside in Peru, Ecuador, and Bolivia depend upon for their water, and he claims a 3° C such rise to imply a drastic reduction in the Himalayan glaciers that today provide life for more than half of humanity.

Without serious action aimed at mitigating the consequences of climate change in the near term, these average temperatures increases—to say nothing of even more apocalyptic ones—will likely come to pass. A poll conducted in April found nine out of ten climatologists to believe that humanity would fail to limit global warming to 2° C, while the UK Met Office recently concluded that a 4° C average-temperature increase—a temperature increase that Met scientists claim would threaten the water supply of half the world’s population—could well occur by the year 2060. Just two weeks ago, in fact, scientists with the Global Carbon Project found the prospect of a 6° C average-temperature increase by the end of the century—an eventuality that would problematize the existence of the vast majority of currently existing humanity—to be entirely within the realm of possibility.

With regard to climate change then, present reality seems far worse than even the most pessimistic observers could have imagined some time ago. Both the present concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere as well as their current rates of emission are far higher than they should be if much of humanity is to have a chance of flourishing in the foreseeable future. The world’s leaders, especially the most powerful among them, have decidedly failed to address this emergency with the sense of urgency it requires. The climate legislation proposed by the lawmaking body of the society most responsible for climate change—the United States—calls for reductions in carbon emissions on a scale entirely inadequate for preventing catastrophic climate change, and Barack Obama has recently expressed that no binding treaty should be expected from the decidedly critical Copenhagen climate summit that will take place next month. Parallels with other examples of imperial arrogance—the recent overwhelming rejection by U.S. legislators of the Goldstone report, for example, or the Obama administration’s caving on the question of Israeli settlements in the West Bank and East Jerusalem—could be made."

The people opposed to doing anything about this, including all the Bloggers For Exxon and anybody who talks up 'Climategate' into a conspiracy, are nothing more than 'I'm all right Jack' sociopaths hiding behind a veneer of pseudo-scepticism in order to justify their selfishness. We see this pseudo-scepticism everywhere now, particularly in the United States - where American power has been thought to insulate Americans from the effects of the facts, including scientific facts - and it forms the basis of the creationist arguments that evolution is only a 'theory' and the refusnik vaccination nutters who can dabble with the alternative medicine quacks because they get a free immunological ride from the fact that moral and decent people have all been vaccinated. The climate sociopaths fear that it will be a few more cents more expensive to fill up the Hummer so they can drive the Hummer to the mountain so they can drive the ATV up the mountain so they can wreck the mountain driving motorcycles back down. Of course, psychopath corporations like Exxon don't like the science as the plans are to increase energy costs - therefore reducing demand - while not passing the excess profits to the producers, thus making their businesses less profitable (why is this so hard to understand? - selling less stuff at the same percentage profit levels equals less profit).

The phony scepticism has created a conspiracy theory that climate change is just a scam created for traders to make money. Of course, they will make money. The economic solutions have been devised by economists working within a capitalist system. If you have a problem with the economics of the solution you should be leading the revolution, not dooming most of the world with your selfishness.

Thursday, December 03, 2009

'Climategate' backfire

'Climategate' was such an obvious and outrageous propaganda scam by Big Business - with the willing assistance of the Bloggers For Exxon and the rest of the usual rag tag extreme right-wing liars - against the interests of everybody else that it has already started to backfire, in Australia. Perhaps the rest of us aren't as stupid and gullible and paid off as the Bloggers For Exxon.

Wednesday, December 3, 2009

Wednesday, December 3, 2009:
  1. More on the morality of not paying banksters: the predators counted on the honesty of the poor in creating their new financial products.
  2. Via Irish4Palestine, a list in Political Theatrics of the people slaughtered by the Jews in what the Jews call Operation Cast Lead. There can never be a complete list, as the Jews did things like send people into buildings for shelter and then shell the buildings.
  3. Paul Craig Roberts:
    "The 'defense' budget is an entitlement for the military/security complex about which President Eisenhower warned us 50 years ago. A person has to be crazy to believe that the United States, 'the world’s only superpower,' protected by oceans on its East and West and by puppet states on its North and South, needs a 'defense' budget larger than the military spending of the rest of the world combined."
  4. If all the old people were ice floed (probably a good idea anyway; btw, the Inuit don't do it), Americans would have legal gay marriage in all but the most hillbilly places (speaking of the geighs, I can see where this confusion could create a lot of problems).
  5. I thirst!

Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Pol Pot's apology

There is a lot of talk about the self-renunciation of Charles Johnson. He doesn't get off that easy (he's going straight to hell just for this, and there are numerous other examples). Johnson is one of those middle-aged, middle-class Americans who were instantly transformed into virulent Muslim/Arab haters by September 11, a transformation that speaks to their gullibility - buying the Official Story at face value - and innate racism/stupidity - blaming a billion people, and threatening violence against them, all for the work of 19 and a guy in a cave who used to be an American employee, and perhaps still is. One day Johnson woke up and realized that he was part of a group of morons. A semi-apology doesn't make him any less gullible, racist, or stupid.

The fact he doesn't get excused for being a monster doesn't mean that his list of morons isn't a good one. It is important to note that the anti-science crowd is the same as the racist, homophobic, misogynist, fascist, conservative, Republican crowd. The Bloggers For Exxon can look to one side and see Rush Limbaugh, and look to the other side and see Glenn Beck. If you lie down with dogs you get fleas. Don't forget - you can't sit this one out. Not to decide seals the fate of everybody. Either you side with the experts, or you side with Big Business interests and this rag-tag host of douchebags who hold all the usual 'conservative' opinions.

Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

Tuesday, December 1, 2009:
  1. The Pentagon is getting ready for clear sailing:
    "the U.S. Navy is...planning for potential combat situations that may arise once global warming has melted the Arctic Ocean's summer ice within two decades. A 35-page memo from the Department of the Navy spells out a five-year plan expressing the need to develop new technology and strategies in the event things become contentious in the open waters of the Arctic Circle by 2030."
    Just keep listening to those Bloggers For Exxon.
  2. The sectarian segregation of Baghdad.
  3. The guy who incompetently tried to set up Syria to take the fall for the Israeli assassination of Hariri is still around.
  4. Stephen Walt responds to Thomas Friedman's remarkable expression of the white man's burden (or should I say, Jewish man's burden), which contained the following amazing paragraph:
    "Yes, after two decades in which US foreign policy has been largely dedicated to rescuing Muslims or trying to help free them from tyranny — in Bosnia, Darfur, Kuwait, Somalia, Lebanon, Kurdistan, post-earthquake Pakistan, post-tsunami Indonesia, Iraq and Afghanistan — a narrative that says America is dedicated to keeping Muslims down is thriving."
    This satire is the last thing that Friedman should have written, if only he had a clue.
  5. Why do people persist in treating corporations as entities to which moral obligations can be owed? Baffling. We need a new system where it is immoral not to take from corporations.
  6. Israel spying on the UN (put the mad dog down!).
  7. Peter W. Galbraith follows Yinon to a $100 million personal payday.
  8. Covers of Lady Gaga's "Poker Face":
    1. Christopher Walken (a poor effort by his standards, made a little better when mixed with the original video).
    2. Alex Borstein doing Marlee Matlin (from the 'jump the shark' ultra-self-indulgent episode of 'Family Guy').
    3. And the best, Eric Cartman (see also his touching ballad, "Minorities in my Waterpark", from the episode 'Pee', which contains a great parody of animal testing).

Monday, November 30, 2009

Will she have to convert?

Chelsea joins the Tribe (American high politics is exactly like the marriages of medieval royalty). Will she have to convert? The fiance's parents were both in Congress, with the father a particular piece of work, having failed in an insanity defense at his fraud trial. Apparently, the first try at this arranged marriage - I assume the Tribe bought Chelsea when they bought Hillary, a two for one deal (a lot of haggling involved; maybe they also got the right to build settlements) - didn't take.

September 11 - September 17

By analyzing the Official Story on September 11 from the Pentagon and the FAA (released on September 11 and in the few subsequent days), and as revised in a White House meeting (on September 17), John Farmer, a senior Counsel for the 9/11 Commission, has determined, based on newly available transcripts from the FAA and NORAD, that the White House rewrote the Official Story to make it seem that Cheney was actually involved in the events. Both Wolfowitz and Cheney outright lied about the possibility of shooting down Flight 93.

Cheney in fact has a number of stories about his involvement, ranging from none to a lot, depending on the audience and the circumstances, and since he has never been examined under oath, cross-examined, or even asked a slightly tough question by a 'journalist', he is able to keep all his stories in play. The White House was, in this case, utterly out of the loop, and wrote itself into the story to appeal to the right-wingers who were looking for a manly response to danger from Cheney.

Farmer's analysis completely wrecks Peter Dale Scott's writings on September 11 which depend on Cheney's stories. Scott editing a book with David Ray Griffin - like Einstein editing a book with Homer Simpson - reflects the deplorable state of conspiracy theory in the United States today (you get the conspiracy theory you deserve).

Farmer's analysis is probably conclusive as far as the White House's role in creating lies about September 11 on September 17. Unfortunately, Farmer takes the Pentagon's September 11 story as being completely true. The Pentagon's September 11 story would have been created well before September 11 as part of the conspiracy planning. It takes considerable skill to derail the automatic defense systems of NORAD in a way which can be made to appear to be the result of total bungling and not design (the FAA's immediate sanitizing of the record by destroying the air traffic control tapes is an example of the preplanned details of creating and supporting a lie). There is no reason to take the FAA and NORAD transcripts at face value (although they would have reflected what the conspiracy planners wanted Americans to believe). They were just part of the creation of the larger lie, a lie which had to be altered to make the White House look relevant.

Sunday, November 29, 2009

The demon-haunted blogosphere

From Brian in the comments, a rare bit of sanity on the big oil/big business propaganda campaign which the Bloggers For Exxon like to call 'Climategate'. It is not clear to me that this was a computer hack - the documents seem to have been gathered by somebody on the inside (and the computer hack story created to protect the thief). I imagine some oily fellow from the Big Business Interests found a disgruntled employee and offered a multiple of his or her annual salary for a collection of internal documents, knowing that any such documents can be spun into debunking propaganda.

Let's make no mistake, this is an organized Big Business campaign. It is no coincidence that the 'hack' was revealed just before Copenhagen. It is no coincidence that the same crew behind all the other extreme right-wing propaganda campaigns is at it again. Copenhagen never had much chance, but Exxon and its fellow travellers wanted to make sure nothing at all would come out of it.

We're moving rather rapidly into a Dark Age, and the blogosphere has a lot to do with it. Somewhere along the line it was decided that the conspiracies, which traditionally involved politics and economics and race and religion, extended to scientific conclusions themselves. The idea that science rests on 'theories' has created the crazed idea, based on no more than a pun, that science and anti-science are of equal intellectual validity. Thus, for example, the destruction of science education through such means as treating creationism as the equal of science (and of course the destruction of science education is accelerating the coming of the Dark Age).

There are other factors involved. Americans have made a number of horrible choices involving Wars For The Jews and their economy, and see their Empire sinking fast. Initiatives to restrict human activity that is causing climate change, connected with the source of the Empire's power, energy, are perceived as attacks on the existing power structure and thus attacks on American power. Similarly, the same efforts create the uncomfortable feeling among the rich and powerful that the existing social order, with them on top, will be altered. Thus, they turn the media over to attacks on science in an effort to put a stop to change.

Perhaps the most important factor is the selfishness which is the spirit of the age, a selfishness associated with the entitled baby boomer generation. This selfishness is coupled with anti-science and the free rider problem to create a monster. We see it with the anti-vaccination nutters. Due to the fact that epidemics have largely been eliminated in the first world, in large part through mass vaccination campaigns, they have the luxury of taking the free ride and refusing to inoculate their children while wallowing in anti-scientific nonsense. If a real epidemic shows up, watch them fight through the line to be first for the inoculations! They are just selfish and stupid and self-obsessed.

Americans, selfish and stupid and self-obsessed to the extreme, and living in a temperate environment, don't feel threatened by climate change, and of course feel no empathy for other people or for future generations. They thus will look for any excuse to prevent progressive change - we see the exact same phenomena in the silly American health care debate - and in a country with debased science education pseudo-scientific attacks on the scientific consensus are not a surprise. Of course, the joke is on the Americans. Other countries are already improving their economic efficiency by learning how to manufacture with less energy. These countries will be the new first world. Many Americans have bought into cheap real estate developments along coastal plains, and many more have decided to live in deserts made habitable only by air conditioning and exhausting the water supplies, supplies which are going to disappear even more quickly with human-caused climate change. The first change that the selfish and foolish boomers will notice is a rapid increase in property insurance rates, as insurance companies will start to charge for the losses caused by climate change. These insurance price increases will work their way through the entire economy, raising the prices of everything. There is no free ride from head-in-the-sand stupidity.

I am personally bothered by the intellectual deterioration in conspiracy theory. The Bloggers For Exxon are making fools of themselves, being dragged around by the nose by one of the most obvious Big Business propaganda campaigns I have ever seen. Climate change problems are coming fast, and everybody will soon be able to see what fools these bloggers are (perhaps I'm being charitable as I imagine a lot of them are being paid off to spread the lies). If you can believe it, many of them claim to be opposing the scientific consensus for the reason that some rich people might be able to make money off the solutions! We wouldn't want to ruin our socialist paradise!

The Dark Age is coming, and its coming due to anti-science, stupidity and selfishness. The blogosphere, touted by the geeks as being the salvation of mankind, has become a tool for Evil, and is making things worse.

Saturday, November 28, 2009


The 'truthers' can't stop mentioning that the 'nanothermite' article was 'peer reviewed' and published in a reputable physics journal. Allow me a long excerpt from a translation of a Danish newspaper article (from the debunking site Screw Loose Change; my emphasis in red):
"It created a great attention, surprise and suspicion when the Open Chemical Physics Journal in April published a scientific article on remains of nanothermite which were found in great amounts in the dust from the WTC.

One those most surprised is apparently the editor in chief of the journal. Professor Marie-Paule Pileni first heard about he article when wrote to her to ask for her professional assessment of the article’s content. The e-mail got her to immediately close the door to the journal.

“I resign as the editor in chief”, was the abrupt answer in an email to

A telephone call reveals that editor in chief Marie-Paule Pileni had never been informed that the article was going to be published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal, which is published by the journal giant Bentham Science Publishers.

They have printed the article without my permission, so when you wrote to me, I did not know that the article had appeared. I cannot accept this, and therefore I have written to Bentham that I resign from all activities with them”, explains Marie Paule Pileni, who is professor with a specialty in nanomaterials at the renowned Universite Pierre et Marie Curie in France.

She feels not only stabbed in the back, but is puzzled that the article on dust analysis following the terror attack on the U.S. on 11 September 2001 could at all have found its way to the Open Chemical Physics Journal.

“I cannot accept that this topic is published in my journal. The article has nothing to do with physical chemistry or chemical physics, and I could well believe that there is a political viewpoint behind its publication. If anyone had asked me, I would say that the article should never have been published in this journal. Period.” Concludes the former editor in chief.

The editor-in-chief’s dramatic departure gives critics additional reason to doubt the article’s conclusions, but Marie-Paule Pileni points out that because the topic lies outside her field of expertise, she cannot judge whether the article in itself is good or bad.

Nevertheless, the publication gets her to give the Open Chemical Physics Journal failing grades.

I was in fact in doubt about them before, because I had on several occasions asked about information about the journal without having heard from them. It does not appear on the list of international journals, and that is a bad sign. Now I can see that it is because it is a bad journal”, says Marie-Paule Pileni and continues:

There are no references to the Open Chemical Physics Journal in other articles. I have two colleagues who contributed to publishing an article which was not cited anyplace either. If no one reads it, it is a bad journal, and there is not use for it”, is the harsh verdict.

The professor informs us that a few years ago she was invited to be editor in chief of a journal which would open new possibilities for new researchers and because she supports the idea of open access journals where the articles are accessible to everyone, she said, “Yes” thank you.

“It is important to allow people to try and gain success, but one should not be allowed to do everything, and all this is certainly a bunch of nonsense. I try to be a serious researcher, and I will not have my name connected with this kind of thing,” concludes Marie-Paule Pileni.

The editor-in-chief’s decision is viewed as regrettable by the Danish chemist Niels Harrit, who is one of the authors to the controversial article on nanothermite in the dust from the WTC.

“It surprises me, of course, and it is regrettable, if it discredits our work. But her departure doesn’t change our conclusions, for it is a purely personnel related thing she his angry about. I still believe that we have carried out chemical physics, and if there is something wrong with our study, she is welcome to criticize us for it,” says Niels Harrit, Associate Professor at the Institute of Chemistry at the University of Copenhagen.

It is Niels Harrit’s coauthor Steven Jones who was in charge of contact to Bentham, and therefore the Danish researcher is presently not aware which responsible assistant editor the group has been communicating with.

However, he does know the names of the two researchers –so-called referees—who have reviewed he article, but he will not give their names because they ‘are in principle anonymous’.

Niels Harrit’s superior at the University of Copenhagen, Nils O. Andersen has himself participated in the pool of researchers who could be selected as editor, on an article which should be published in The Open Chemical Physics Journal. He has recently chosen to resign from the journals Editorial Advisory Board.

He informs that the decision has nothing to do with Niels Harrit’s article, and that he otherwise did not achieve having any experiences with the journals, so that he cannot shed further light on how the journal operates.

“Open access is an exciting development, and as a principle the idea should be tried out for there is no reason for the commercial publishers to earn money from our work. But professionally, the journal lay at the margin of my expertise, and as I had said No to be editor of two articles, I decided that I would not use my time on anything else.”, explains Nils O. Andersen, dean of the faculty of Natural Sciences and editor of the European Physical Journal D.

It has not yet been possible to get any comment from Bentham Science Publishers."
If you are looking for a real conspiracy, you might want to consider a conspiracy between Steven Jones and the publisher of this 'scientific journal', Bentham Science Publishers (Bentham, which appears to be based in the UAE, used post office boxes and one of its directors refused to disclose who owns it).

On Bentham Science Publishers (my emphasis in red; I note that they have since fixed their list of advisory board members to make it look less corrupt):

I enjoyed hearing about your efforts to contact Bentham Publishers. I, too, have been curious about them. I looked at to check on whether Bentham has ISI-listed journals and how they are priced. lists 14 Bentham journals, 12 are classified as "bad values" in terms of price per article and price per citation, and 2 as "medium values". It appears to me that they are an established publisher that has fallen into "bad hands".

Not only does Bentham spam for authors. They are also spamming for editors.

I have received unsolicited messages from Bentham inviting me to be an editor of the Open Journal of Education as well as the Open Journal of Economics. They also sent me an email inviting me to contribute an article to the Open Journal of Sleep.

I was particularly pleased with the following:

Based on your record of contributions in the field of Education, I would like to invite you to submit to me your CV with current list of publications so that we may consider you as a possible *Editorial Board Member* for the journal.
Since I my record in the field of Education is nil, I feel particularly well-qualified. I have never written a thing in an Education journal. I don't know whether or not to be honored to be invited to contribute to the Open Journal of Sleep.

If you look at the web page of the "Open Journal Advisory Board" you will find something remarkable. There is a list of about 40 economists who are "members of the advisory board," all but one of whose last names start with the letters A-C and only one of whom I have ever heard of. I suppose these are the top of the list of people who responded to the spam letters. What an embarrassing list to have one's name on.

The spam letters say

Bentham Science Publishers have gained a longstanding international reputation for their excellent standards and top quality science publications. Many journals published by Bentham Science Publishers have received high impact factors in their respective fields. For the current list of publications, please visit <> . Seven Nobel Laureates have endorsed a number of Bentham Science's journals; please read their quotes at <>

The quotes from Nobelists endorse a couple of journals in medicine and chemistry published by Bentham.

There is a particularly delightful touch at the bottom of the Open Economics Journal web page: "Indexed by Google, Google Scholar." Just who would be gullible enough not to notice that this means "indexed by nobody other than search engines"? Well, I can show you a list of 40 economists whose names start with the letters A-C.

Cheers, Ted"
Note that a lot of the controversy over Bentham started in the scientific community before the 'nanothermite' article was published.

Here's your 'peer review': $800.

It appears that the world-renowned physicist Niels Harrit, who couldn't think of anything to explain the results of his scientific analysis other than the presence of nanothermite, was just discovering the paint on all the steel girders used in the building.

This is a terrible embarrassment for Bentham, the 'truthers', and the poor university that has the misfortune to employ Niels Harrit.

I repeat: $800. The price of 'truth'.

Thursday, November 26, 2009

Looking for a real conspiracy?

Are you tired of all the fake conspiracies on the internet? Are you weary of being manipulated by the powerful who create phony scenarios to slake your conspiracy jones in order to achieve their evil ends? Here's a possible real conspiracy to consider.

The 'truthers' aren't a very distinguished bunch. Their 'experts' are self-promoting third-raters trying to make a name for themselves while getting revenge at the 'establishment' which refuses to recognize their importance. Imagine how exited they must of have been when an undisputed world-class expert started to promote their ideas: Mr. Dwain Deets, retired Director of NASA Aerospace Projects, now a proponent of controlled demolition. Wow!

Mr Deets isn't an expert on architecture. He isn't an expert on structural engineering. He isn't an expert on controlled demolition (the world expert on controlled demolition can only shake his head at the stupidity of the 'truthers'). But he is an expert. A world-class expert. On drones.

Drones. You know, the new wave of Pentagon thinking, cheaper killing machines without the political baggage of possibly losing the lives of American soldiers. They now train more drone pilots than real pilots. The people of Pakistan and Afghanistan can tell you all about drones. Unfortunately, drones are much better at the mass slaughter of wedding parties than taking out 'terrorists', but the Pentagon doesn't care. What the generals - and the entire military-industrial complex - care about is that drones will be a multi-billion dollar defense spending boondoggle. Mr. Deets is one of the most important people in the world in getting this boondoggle started.

Scott Creighton connects Deets at the NASA Dryden Flight Research Center to the development of drones through having NASA become involved in fight research, and to the remote piloting of airplanes (see Deets' paper from 1974!). Controlled demolition forces a focus on the buildings, and not on the nature of the planes (and also, of course, distracts from the absence of normal NORAD defenses). He also wonders whether a remote-piloted Global Hawk could have been used on the Pentagon. Finally, he notes:
"On Sept. 10th 2001, Donald Rumsfeld announced $2.3 trillion dollars was “missing” from the Pentagon budget. On Sept. 11th 2001, the Pentagon suffered a direct hit… as it just so happened, that hit took place right in the offices of the accounting departments that were pouring through the records trying to find out where that money went."

Then Creighton lists the victims in the Pentagon who were military spending analysts.

In retirement, Deets touts controlled demolition. Now, I've never seen the necessity of the thesis that the September 11 planes were remote piloted, as they could have replaced the hijackers identified by the FBI with true believers who were willing to kill themselves (it would only be necessary to replace the pilots, with the others believing they were on a hijacking for ransom mission). But the Deets turn of events presents a whole new possibility (how meta - using the details of the phony conspiracy theorists to reconsider the original conspiracy based on how we are being misled, and why). You can see the multiple advantages to the military industrial complex of using remote-piloted planes on September 11:
  1. It ends the silly talk about the missing trillions in the pockets of military contractors.
  2. It kills analysts working on the problem, and sends a message to others.
  3. It provides the rationale for the multi-trillion dollar spending on the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan.
  4. It advertises the usefulness of the brand new product, drones.

Of course, it would be a terrible shame if people were to catch on to this, so controlled demolition was created to distract the easily fooled.

I conclude with an excerpt from an article on a real expert, the structural engineer for the World Trade Center, Leslie E. Robertson, a man who takes the blame that the problem was in the engineering of the buildings, not some magical thermite:
"Still, it doesn't make sense to design skyscrapers to withstand the crash of an airliner - the buildings would resemble nuclear silos, and, as the chairman of the Nuclear Regulatory Commission suggested recently, even those structures might not withstand a fully fuelled airplane. Engineers can't be asked to make every building safe from every possible event, yet that is just what people expect, and the engineers try to meet these impossible expectations. Sitting in Robertson's conference room, I said that his structures had saved a lot of people. He said, "A lot of things worked well - people got out. I suppose I'm proud of that." But he was looking toward that unavoidable view from the window. "It's a tremendous responsibility, being an engineer," he said, his voice breaking. "It's a very imperfect process. It's not so beautiful as science." He struggled to keep his composure. "I have a lot of tough nights. I'm still not sleeping. I go to sleep for a little bit, but I wake up thinking - I have so many thoughts."

He put his hands over his eyes, as though that would block out the thoughts. After a minute or so, he went on, "There are all kinds of terrible things that take place on this planet, that nature brings on us. But this event had . . . Not only was it man against man but it was live on television, and we watched it, and you could reach out and touch it" - he stretched out his hand toward the windows where the towers had once stood -"but there was nothing you could do.""

Wednesday, November 25, 2009


The Bloggers for Exxon are cashing their petro-checks over something they like to call 'Climategate'. Nothing has changed. All reputable experts still hold the same theories ("The evidence for human-made climate change is overwhelming."), backed up by research over decades, and Exxon and its lackeys still beg to differ. It is early days, but I've seen few sane responses to the oily bluster. What still puzzles me is why some people don't want to notice the obvious corporate interests working against the truth (this isn't conspiracy: the conferences of 'scientists' challenging climate change theories are all funded by big oil). We really are moving into a dark age where real science is seen as just another part of the Conspiracy. You are going to continue to be disappointed if you think I am going into that dark age with you.

More quackery?

Be very careful of the story of the man 'locked in his body' for 23 years. It looks like propaganda for the 'right to life' crowd. Read Randi and the comments.


From the BBC (see also here and here and here, speculating on the target - ?; my emphasis in red):
"A trainee spy for Israel's secret service agency Mossad was arrested by Tel Aviv police while taking part in a training operation, media reports say.

The young trainee was spotted by a female passer-by as he planted a fake bomb under a vehicle in the city.

He was only able to persuade police he was a spy after being taken in by an officer for questioning on Monday.

The authorities have refused to comment on the story although Israeli media outlets have expressed their surprise.

Mossad does not tell local uniformed police about its training exercises.

The country's commercial Channel 10 said it hoped the agency's operatives were "more effective abroad", AFP news agency reported."

Again, why has this mad dog not been put down?

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Info wars

The Israeli airport intelligence operations connect directly to September 11, but not in the way that the 'truthers' would have you believe. The Jews are all about control of information (to a fault: it explains why they can't grasp the fact that they can't hide the blood dripping from their fangs with the veneer of a PR campaign and lies in the Jew-controlled media). As I've been saying here consistently and repeatedly since the beginning, it is clear that Israeli intelligence operations were all over the September 11 'terrorists' and the September 11 operation. In fact, along with dozens of other countries, they gave direct warnings to the American government that an attack was imminent. Warnings that were completely ignored by the American government (exactly what you would suspect, as the Pentagon was actively involved in planning the lifting of the normal air defenses to let the 'surprise' attack take place).

The last thing the American government wanted to hear were warnings about an attack it was working hard to facilitate. In fact, what we may have here is yet another Israeli blackmail opportunity. If the Israelis warned the American government about an attack and American officials ignored the warnings, the Israelis could obtain a lot of leverage by threatening to reveal the details of what the American government knew, and when it knew it.

Monday, November 23, 2009

Mad dogs in the airports

Israel, and Jew-controlled companies working largely for Jewish supremacist racist interests, have systematically worked their way into airport security operations all around the world, and are using their access for motives against the national motives of the countries in which the airports are sited (this type of thing was probably first noticed in the wake of September 11, where the airports involved in the attacks all had significant Jew-controlled security). I'm not singling Israel out - no other country comes even close to having this kind of operation (run by the 'dual loyalists' in each country whose only loyalty is to Jewish supremacism). Note that the Jewish operations break most modern human rights laws.

The reason? Israel perceives, correctly, that its motives run counter to the motives of all the good and decent people in the world, and therefore needs to get a leg up on everybody else by conducting extraordinary spying operations. It really comes down to the Jews on one side, and the whole world on the other. Yet another reason why Israel, out of all the countries in the world, is uniquely evil, and needs to be put down like a mad dog.

Sunday, November 22, 2009


The article by Virginia Tilley on the biggest possible mistake that could be made by the Palestinians draws the right conclusion but is fatally flawed in its analysis (mostly due to excessive political correctness).

First, the only reason Palestinian 'statehood' is being considered is the Jewish promise of shekels to the collaborators. The only reason the Palestinian politicians have not declared statehood over the archipelago is that they know the Palestinian people would hang each and every one of them for collaboration, and that hanging is much more lenient than they deserve. There are no good motives for this.

Secondly, the analysis, via 'Langley' is seriously messed up:
"In fact, the briefest consideration should instantly reveal that a unilateral declaration of statehood will confirm the Palestinians' presently impossible situation as permanent. As Mofaz predicted, a unilateral declaration will allow "final status" talks to continue. What he did not spell out is that those talks will become truly pointless because Palestinian leverage will be reduced to nothing. As Middle East historian Juan Cole recently pointed out, the last card the Palestinians can play - their real claim on the world's conscience, the only real threat they can raise to Israel's status quo of occupation and settlement - is their statelessness. The PA-Ramallah leadership has thrown away all the other cards. It has stifled popular dissent, suppressed armed resistance, handed over authority over vital matters like water to "joint committees" where Israel holds veto power, savagely attacked Hamas which insisted on threatening Israel's prerogatives, and generally done everything it can to sweeten the occupier's mood, preserve international patronage (money and protection), and solicit promised benefits (talks?) that never come. It's increasingly obvious to everyone watching from outside this scenario - and many inside it - that this was always a farce. For one thing, the Western powers do not work like the Arab regimes: when you do everything the West requires of you, you will wait in vain for favors, for the Western power then loses any benefit from dealing more with you and simply walks away."

Of course, Palestinian statehood is an extremely minor issue. The reason a bogus assertion of 'statehood' is a faulty move is that it will permanently set the Palestinian maximum - missing out on all the settlements, anything else the Jews will declare they are stealing, and the whole of Israel proper (which will otherwise inevitably fall into the lap of the Palestinians due to the stupidity caused by Jewish supremacism) - while doing nothing to fix the Israeli maximum. Palestinian bantustan 'statehood' will not force Israel to set its borders. It is the threat of forcing Israel to set its borders, and not 'statehood', which is the main card the Palestinians can play.

The Jews are terrified they will have to set their borders. Why? Anti-Assimilation Land. The Palestinians must never lose sight of the fact that they are a relatively minor blockage on the path to a planned Jewish empire from the Nile to the Euphrates (although it is the height of political incorrectness to say so, this is the plan of World Jewry). Fixed Israeli borders ruins the plan. The lite and faux lite plan is to force the Palestinians into an unviable bantustan archipelago state, and then pick away at the inhabitants of each 'island', colonizing each part as the Palestinians are forced out (the Jews don't have to be in any hurry to do this - the 'demographic problem' suddenly disappears with a Palestinian 'state' - and can simply leave the little islands to rot away for decades). As long as the borders of Israel are not set, Anti-Assimilation Land can continue to work its vile way across the Middle East. Anti-Assimilation Land is the real Achilles heel of World Jewry, and the reason why the Jews are doomed to be defeated.

Tilley is quite right in pointing out the eerie similarities between South African policy and the policies of the Jews, and quite right to caution that the Israeli protestations of displeasure at the idea of Palestinian 'statehood' are phony and a trap. In fact, the oddly relaxed attitude of Netanyahu to the seeming certainty that Israel is walking right into a one-state finale probably derives from the Jewish control over the collaborators, and Netanyahu's assumption that the collaborators will pull the Jewish chestnuts out of the fire. If the collaborators even think about setting this plan in motion, the Palestinian people will have to start buying rope, in bulk.