Saturday, January 31, 2009


After much thought, I've taken JS-Kit up on its offer to 'fix' my Blogger template (I'm a glutton for punishment). When this turns into another disaster, I'm contemplating switching to Disqus or Intense Debate (both integrate with FriendFeed, and Intense Debate looks particularly good). Nobody seems to offer spell checking in the comments box, and, from reading various support postings, all the comments companies are, to varying degrees, surprisingly clueless about doing their jobs. JS-Kit seems to be the only hope at recovering Haloscan comments.

I'm using Firefox again, but only when I can't use Opera (blog posting is one area where Opera won't really work). The deep problem with Firefox, and one that can't really be fixed, is that extensions tend to be incompatible. Firefox tries to monitor this, but can't possibly figure out whether every possible combination of extensions will work. Twice now I've frozen Firefox completely (and the 'solution' of deleting files from AppData doesn't work). You could run it without the extensions, but then you might as well run IE. I've tried all the various IE clones, but they are all as hopelessly slow as IE. Opera is still far ahead of everybody, and, since the Abe Vigoda plugin is no longer available for Firefox, the only choice for power surfers.

The human asymptote

A few things:
  1. Note that the root cause of the flare up at the Davos conference, besides the senile remarks of Peres, was the blatant and outrageous bias shown by the moderator of the panel, David Ignatius, a "Jewish-American journalist of Armenian descent". Jewish and Armenian censoring a Turk discussing the slaughter by the Jews in Palestine? This comment by Dan Kervick sums it up nicely:
    "I have moderated my share of panels too, and understand the challenges of managing the debate and time constraints at the same time. But Ignatius seemed supremely unconcerned about time constraints as he let Peres ramble on for 25 solid minutes, while Erdogan say quietly and patiently, writing notes for his response. To then cut Erdogan off was stunning, and will naturally be viewed as a contemptuous affront."

    The sheer unbridled arrogance of the Jews in their exercise of power will be their downfall.
  2. Add a wealth tax to catch the greed of the past and I'm in.
  3. The American government kept paying extreme nut job Laurie Mylroie for the benefit of her 'expertise' at least until 1997! The posting points out that even the neocons say she's crazy "out of annoyance that her work helps to discredit their own".
  4. Subcomandante MARCOS, as always, right on the mark (note how a true revolutionary sees through the bullshit of the 'anti-Semitism' preoccupation of 'progressives'):
    "Again, pardon our ignorance, maybe what we're saying is beside the point. And instead of condemning the ongoing crime, being the indigenous and warriors that we are, we should be discussing and taking a position in the discussion about if it's 'Zionism' or 'anti-Semitism,' or if Hamas' bombs started it.

    Maybe our thinking is very simple, and we're lacking the nuances and annotations that are always so necessary in analyses, but to the Zapatistas it looks like there's a professional army murdering a defenseless population.

    Who from below and to the left can remain silent?"

    "And perhaps a boy or girl from Gaza will survive, too. Perhaps they'll grow, and with them, their nerve, indignation, and rage. Perhaps they'll become soldiers or militiamen for one of the groups that struggle in Palestine. Perhaps they'll find themselves in combat with Israel. Perhaps they'll do it firing a gun. Perhaps sacrificing themselves with a belt of dynamite around their waists.

    And then, from up there above, they will write about the Palestinians' violent nature and they'll make declarations condemning that violence and they'll get back to discussing if it's Zionism or anti-Semitism.

    And no one will ask who planted that which is being harvested."
  5. Philip Weiss, the human asymptote, moving ever closer to the truth but, due to his background, unable ever to reach it, inches closer (from the same blog, the account of another journalist on the same path). The failed Bildungsroman Weiss is creating is interesting reading, and proves why the Jews will never be able to fix the problem they have created. "The destruction of belief in inherent Jewish goodness." It isn't goodness that is the issue. Any group that can 'stand for' a moral abomination like Israel can't be good. It's sanity. It is the sanity of the Jews that is in question, whether their racist eliminationist supremacism has rendered them incurably insane.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

The war crimes evidence keeps piling up

Via Action Report Online, an article in Haaretz (my emphasis in red):
"The idea to bombard the closing ceremony of the Gaza police course was internally criticized in the Israel Defense Forces months before the attack. A military source involved in the planning of the attack, in which dozens of Hamas policemen were killed, says that while military intelligence officers were sure the operation should be carried out and pressed for its approval, the IDF's international law division and the military advocate general were undecided."

  1. the Jewish attack could have had nothing to do with whatever Hamas was accused of doing, as it was being planned for months, down to the exact timing of the end of the Gaza police course, indeed months before Hamas had been keeping the ceasefire which the Jews eventually had to break so the Jews could attempt to claim the slaughter was because of the rockets; and
  2. the Jews knew that the planned attack on the Gaza police graduation was an attack on civilians (and there is obviously no possible argument about human shields or whatever other legalese great Jewish minds can scheme up).

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

You think it's bad now?

You can start to have an inkling of where the idea of the 'blood libel' came from (my emphasis in red):
"When the leader of Israel's religious-Zionist Meimad Party recently addressed a meeting of 800 high-school students in a Tel Aviv suburb, his words on the virtue of Israeli democracy for all its citizens were drowned out by student chants of 'Death to the Arabs.'"

"Israeli soccer matches were suspended during the assault on Gaza. When the games resumed last week, the fans had come up with a new chant: 'Why have the schools in Gaza been shut down?' sang the crowd. 'Because all the children were gunned down!' came the answer."

These are the young people, the future of Israel. Things are only going to become much worse. It is time to put an end to it, to stop the killing.

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

The psychos and the boycotts

One of the peculiarities of Jewish psycho racist extremist eliminationist supremacism is that World Jewry will not react rationally to boycotts or similar actions. Their mental illness renders them incapable of understanding the reactions of decent people to their violent craziness. Instead, they will label it as just another example of the ubiquitous 'anti-Semitism', i.e., an example of the moral failings of their accusers, and not of their own moral failings. The short-term effect of boycott-sanctions-divestment will be a paradoxical hardening of the positions of Israel and World Jewry, as they will see the increase in 'anti-Semitism' as an excuse to act even more insanely than before.

That is not to say that boycotts aren't morally necessary (the true status of Chomsky can be seen in his continued resistance to boycotts, as he prefers to wait for his socialist-anarchist paradise to save the world from the problems caused by . . . the Americans). They will have the effect of continuing the legitimacy crisis in Israel for those Jews who aren't insane, will increase the phenomenon of sane Jews leaving Israel, and deter sane Jews outside of Israel from moving there. They will also increase the expense to the Jew-controlled American government of paying for the continuing Jewish program of slaughtering. Most importantly, however, the whole boycott program will serve as the rallying point for world-wide resistance to the Jewish eliminationist program. One of the main problems decent people face is that the total Jew-control of politicians and the media - as definitively proven by the utterly shameful reaction of all Western politicians and media to the Gaza slaughter - seems to make it impossible for decent human beings to do anything in the face of such powerful and overwhelming blood-dripping-from-the-fangs Evil. Boycotts can start us on our way.

More important than boycotting Israel, however, will be our efforts to punish those who are under Jew-control, to make it clear to the sycophants and power-followers that there are powers greater than those of World Jewry. For example, punishing the shameful BBC executives who censored a charity appeal for Gaza - just how fucking evil can you be! - by firing them and making sure no one else will hire them - except, of course, the Jewish Billionaires! - will start to send the message that we the decent and sane will no longer put up with the evils of Jew-control. It is the boycott and punishment of the enablers of Jewish evil that will have the biggest long-term effect at stopping it and establishing one Palestinian state in the Middle East.

Monday, January 26, 2009

What is to be done?

The problem with Israel isn't just all the horrible things it has done and is doing, a list that people are now reviewing in the light of the recent slaughter. It isn't just the obvious psychopathic mental illness of the Israeli politicians coupled with a defective political system that makes change impossible. It isn't just that the political spectrum is veering rapidly to the extreme eliminationist right. It isn't just that the slaughter was supported - not just supported, but enjoyed - by the vast, vast majority of Israeli Jews and people who identify themselves as Jews around the world (moral people brought up as Jews are so disgusted by it that they no longer self-identify as Jews, hence the 'problem' of assimilationism; btw, we must stop letting them get away with the lie of distinguishing 'Jews' from 'Israeli Jews' from 'zionists' - they all have the same shared evil psychopathy). We're talking over 95 per cent support. It's outrageous that I claim blood drips from their fangs, not because it slurs them, but because it cannot do justice to the stark evil inherent in today's Judaism. Most of the few Jews who are concerned about the slaughter are 'lite', i. e., they are worried that world disgust at what the Jews are up to might delay the Project of building Greater Israel (note that another taboo, mentioning the Project, has been bravely broken, and the reaction of the fanged ones!).

No, the problem is that it is now crystal clear, to everybody who is not a Jew or a 'progressive' enabler (the 'progressive' enablers are simply covered - covered! - in the blood of Palestinian children), that the slaughter is part of a long, constantly reoccurring pattern of psychopathic violence, and that the psychos are escalating, in the three ways of escalation:
  1. the violence is becoming more and more brutal;
  2. the periods between violent outbursts are decreasing;
  3. the psychos are losing control of their ability to regulate their violent outbursts.

I can predict, without even the tiniest fear of being wrong, that sometime in the near future Israel will do something else horribly violent, probably worse than Gaza or the most recent attack on Lebanon, and will continue to do so until the Jewish state is wiped off the map.

In considering options, we are often asked to compare Israel to South Africa. This is a faulty comparison, in ways that are not flattering to the the Jews. The Boers were evil racist scumbags, but they were sane. When the time came that they could no longer reasonably expect to maintain their hold on power, they sat down and negotiated the best deal they could (and a great deal it was, giving up political power but keeping all their wealth and the control of the economy). Unlike the Jews, they were not emotionally invested in the fact that they were scumbags. They were not psychopaths No reasonable person looking at the escalation of Israeli psychopathic acts can describe Israel as sane. The Jews are a racist eliminationist supremacist group. They cannot help themselves.

Consider the terrible effect that the concept of anti-Semitism has had on the Jews. The South African whites couldn't look at the rest of the world and decide that the attacks on them were solely as a result that the world was entirely filled with 'anti-Boer-ites'. They had to accept that the rest of the world held its disgust at apartheid honestly. Not so the Jews. World Jewry has an automatic excuse for every comment on the actions of Israel: anti-Semitism. Over time, this has created a monster: Jews can literally do no wrong as any third party critic of their behavior must be motivated by this one ulterior motive, hatred of the Jews. Over time, this obsession with anti-Semitism has turned World Jewry into a psychopath, never responsible for its acts as any and all criticism is entirely evidence of the failings of the critics. It is ironic that 'progressive' enablers have played a large role in this - although, to be fair, racist supremacism is built into Judaism (I still need to write about this) - and will ultimately bear moral responsibility for the end of Israel (oh well, at least they'll still feel good about themselves).

My basic mistake in all along supporting a two state solution was thinking that the Israelis, and World Jewry, were sane, and would eventually do the rational thing. They are not sane, something which should be obvious from the pattern of irrational violent behavior (which goes back even before the establishment of the State of Israel), and the escalation. We distinguish criminals, who are responsible for their acts and are punished, from the criminally violent mentally ill, who are not responsible for their acts but still have to be removed from society for the protection of everybody. Removing Israel is not intended to punish the Jews. It is a recognition that World Jewry suffers from a terrible mental illness, and the world needs to be protected from the irrational violence of Israel. Perhaps in time, with treatment, the Jews can regain their sanity.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


My eyes are sore from internet reading, and I'm tired of all the tragedy, so it is time for some cartoonery:
  1. I'm really liking Wondermark by David Malki (some of his personal favorites), including these two.
  2. The Laugh-Out-Loud Cats is a cartoon drawn in the style of Krazy Kat (complete with a back-story, as it is supposed to be drawn by a contemporary of George Harriman), but based on the language and mannerisms of the lolcats. Is the internet self-referential, or what?
  3. Speaking of which, 4chan (now semi-famous due to the mainstreaming of 'rickrolling') meets the lolcats meets Metallica (no idea why, but this only seems to display properly using Opera as the browser ). This may be the end of human civilization, but you have to admire the work involved.
  4. "The Recently Deflowered Girl", by the genius, Edward Gorey.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Another Jewish gift to humanity

From an article by David Cronin (my emphasis in red):
"Israel's refusal to allow civilians any exit route from Gaza as its defence forces rained bombs down on schools and houses appears unprecedented in modern warfare, a United Nations investigator has said.

Richard Falk, the UN's special rapporteur on human rights in the occupied Palestinian territories, described the sealing off of the Gaza Strip in order to ensure that nobody could flee it as 'a distinct, new and sinister war crime.'

'For the first time in a military operation, the civilian population as a whole has been locked into a war zone,' he told a meeting of the European Parliament by telephone. 'No children, women, sick people or disabled people were allowed to leave. For the first time, the option of becoming a refugee has been withheld.'"

Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Oddly - bizarrely, even - timed noamian treatment of Old American Establishment influence on Hollywood movies. It is certainly true that the Establishment will use all its weapons, including propaganda, but what happens when all the propaganda outlets are controlled by traitors working for a foreign entity?

Why are they telling us this? Ha! - Immigrant Absorption Ministry!

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Speaking of anti-progressive 'progressives'

Speaking of anti-progressive 'progressives' chased out of the weeds by Gaza, the discussion on this posting led me here. As I keep saying, Zionism has destroyed American progressive politics. I wonder when progressive 'anti-Semitism' - the norm of progressive thinking in the first half of the 20th century until it was sidelined by the Holocaust - will return.

The smarter revisionists are finally starting to realize that revisionism is the best gift World Jewry has ever received (in a similar vein, I never believed the Mossad killed Haider, their best friend in all of Europe: no real threat to World Jewry, but a constant source of propaganda). Meanwhile, the responsibility-to-protect crowd (Samantha Power, Michael Ignatieff) - considered by people like me to be stooges for World Jewry - have gone missing (or worse, in the case of Ignatieff) on Gaza.


If a group with an eliminationist agenda - and Israel and World Jewry clearly have such an agenda - kills a large number of members of a group on the 'do do' list of the eliminationists, that is by definition 'genocide'. No debate.

Invocation Eve

It is curious how much 'progressives' read into Rick Warren's comments to Sean Hannity. Assassination? And why do they assume that he is referring to Iran when he is talking of evildoers against whom violence is justified? Does the context not leave open the possibility that he is talking about Israel? Note that Warren's first 'yes' in this transcript is very misleading (if you look at the clip, it is clear he is not agreeing to killing Ahmadinejad, but just pausing before he addresses the entire issue). Warren has already gone out of his way to praise Syria, a move which World Jewry considers tantamount to anti-Semitism. I would think it is absolutely clear that the Christian, but not Christian-Zionist, position has to be that the only 'evildoers' in the Middle East against whom violence might be justified are Jews living in Israel.

I note that the Geigh Lobby - more 'one issue guys', and not at all progressive - is attacking Warren's efforts to stop AIDS in Africa by using the kind of slimy guilt-by-association tricks they would be the first to whine about if used by a Limbaugh type.

Saturday, January 17, 2009


This is an excellent summary of the mechanics of how the Lobby works. One of the chief weapons of World Jewry against those who try to uncover their scheming is the very implausibility of how groups representing 2 or 3 percent of the American population can be leading the entire country to its obvious and complete ruination. Their sheer psychopathic ruthlessness helps, as does the fact that they are 'one issue guys'.

I'm wondering about the importance of Jewish votes and Jewish money. There aren't many Jewish votes, except in a very few areas, and the amount of dollars we're talking about is sometimes as low as a few thousand. How does World Jewry have so much influence? Obviously, we have to factor in the importance of utter Jew-control of the entire media, but we still don't have enough of an explanation for what amounts to the suicide of one of the world's great empires on the pyre of Jewish nationalism.

It has to be blackmail. We must be witnessing the largest blackmail operation in the history of politics.

Friday, January 16, 2009

Unsafe, or just supremacist?

Instructive quote from Philip Weiss:
"The core condition of Zionism is the understanding that Jews are unsafe in western societies."

My RSS reader shows that this was originally a little harsher:
"The essence of Zionism is the belief that Jews are unsafe in western societies."

Weiss goes on to point out that Jeffrey Goldberg fled the United States to Israel because of all the anti-Semitism he was experiencing, a fact which pretty much proves what we've always thought, that Jeffrey Goldberg is insane!

Anyway, Weiss' error about Zionism is instructive about the nature of lite Zionism. Zionism is simply another late 19th century ethnic nationalism, based, as always, on the supremacy of some master race. It has nothing whatsoever to do with safety. The urban intellectuals who formulated Zionism came up with it decades before the holocaust against the Jews, and at a time when anti-Semitism was on the obvious wane - not that it wouldn't continue to flare up, particularly in rural areas - and a new class of Jewish financial and intellectual leaders was starting to come into prominence. Zionism didn't come out of a feeling of weakness, just the opposite: it came out of a feeling of rapidly growing power. It is not a surprise that Zionism is reaching its obvious tragic conclusion in another era of Jewish power.

Why is there such an animus in Jews against the Palestinians? Why are the checkpoint soldiers so cruel? Why does Israel stoop to committing every single war crime imaginable? Why do a few mostly harmless rockets produce such unimaginable rage? It isn't fear. It is the fact that the continued existence of the Palestinians, their failure to capitulate, is an insult to the Master Race, a failure to acknowledge the superiority of the Jews.

The Weiss schtick is that Zionism was a defensive intellectual framework, formerly necessary, but no longer so due to the power of Jews in American society. But Zionism was never really defensive, and has always been in essence offensive, creating a base for the Master Race. The Master Race wasn't threatened by Gentiles, it was offended to have to live amongst such inferiors, and particularly insulted to have to live under the rule of inferiors. The failure of the Zionists - lite or hard core - to really understand the nature of Zionism is built right into the nature of supremacism. It is why Jews won't solve this problem.

Collective psychopathy

FAIR points to Thomas Friedman's express endorsement of what FAIR chooses to call 'terrorism' - what I would call 'collective punishment', as it avoids Bibi's 'war on terror' while making clear the sheer illegality of what Friedman is endorsing - on the pages of the New York Times. As Glenn Greenwald phrases it (in one of the Updates he adds in response to the psychopathic - i.e., Jewish - comments he receives):
". . . is it even possible to imagine an Op-Ed or column being published by a major newspaper that enthusiastically trumpeted all of the great strategic benefits that would accrue to Muslims from the violent deaths of large numbers of Israeli civilians, the way Friedman today did with regard to the deaths of Palestinian and Lebanese civilians?"

Another advantage of the slaughter - perhaps the most important in the long run - is that it has made it abundantly clear that the root cause of the problems in the Middle East is the extremist racist psychopathic supremacism of the Jewish people, so transparently reflected in the comments of a Jew like Friedman when a little pressure is applied, in this case the pressure of a few complaints about the magnitude and illegality of the Jewish slaughtering. It is this incurable - at least in the short run, but we do not have time to wait for future generations - collective psychopathy that is the real reason that the world must eliminate the Jewish State of Israel, and replace it with a state ruled by Palestinians. Of course, Jews could still live in a Palestinian state if they wanted to, but their collective psychopathic supremacism will mean that the vast majority would not choose to live under Gentile rule.

Thursday, January 15, 2009

The killing continues:

The killing continues:
  1. The Angry Arab writes: "I won't be surprised if the New York Times decides that any mention of the civilian suffering in Palestine is in fact anti-Semitic." In fact, Canadian Jewish groups are now arguing that demonstrating against the slaughter is anti-Semitic hate speech, and presumably needs to be stopped by the Canadian government. Said government, having achieved the nadir in Canadian diplomatic history by voting alone for genocide and Israel, might very well follow its Jew masters and agree.
  2. Speaking of which, CanWest is circling the toilet. It is not a coincidence that World Jewry is experiencing its worst financial crisis at the same time that Israel is going mad. In the case of CanWest or the New York Times, the pro-Zionist lying is so obvious, and so repulsive to the average decent person, that it is actually leading directly to the insolvency. The World's Worst Newspaper is the world's worst newspaper largely because of its lying to promote Zionism.
  3. Israel, which we know uses human shields - against the ruling of its own Supreme Court, a ruling which the Israeli government is trying to convince the court to overturn! - complains that Hamas uses human shields, necessitating the huge civilian toll that the slaughter is causing (note that the Zionists have given up saying that no civilians have been harmed in the making of this holocaust). Gaza is the most densely populated area in the world. It is completely locked up. Short of laying down arms and giving up, where is Hamas supposed to go to get away from the civilian population? This is just another example of the type of argument - both wrong-headed and somehow deeply evil - that we are coming to associate with Jews.
  4. More Angry Arab:
    "Three factors are strategic liabilities for Israel in the technical military-intelligence sense: 1) Israeli terrorist soldiers fight with the awareness of the military superiority of Israel, unlike previous generation of Israeli terrorist soldiers who thought that Arab armies were a match and thus fought as if the life of the lousy entity depended on it; 2) there is no more Arab Jewish immigrants in Israel whose knowledge of Arabic (or Persian) can be utilized by Israeli terrorist military and intelligence (this is a point made by Amer, in fact; 3) the ideological zeal which can be an asset in battle is less of a factor. I mean, do you think that Russian or Ethiopian immigrants give a shit about the fate of the Zionist project?"

    All true. People first started to notice the deterioration in Israeli fighting ability while the IDF was getting its ass handed to it by Hezbollah in Lebanon. It was Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld - the guy, you may remember, who was used to threaten Europe with an Israeli nuclear attack - who noted that armies with vast technological and material supremacy irrevocably lose their fighting morale. The phony-Jewish Russian immigrants being forced to risk their lives for the Project are the same group who spray-paint swastikas on the sides of synagogues. The soldiers are not willing to take any risk: they lob rockets and tank shells from a distance, and then use Palestinian human shields to ensure that they face no danger of running into scary Hamas.

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Future Madoff fun

A prominent Canadian tax lawyer weighs in on Madoff:
"Paul will not generally complain when one robs Peter to pay Paul. In this case, however, there could be worse news downstream for the investors who have already lost millions of dollars. An additional wrinkle to the scandal is the United States Federal Bankruptcy Court decision in the Bayou case. That case held that earlier investors must give back the money that they 'earned' from the Ponzi.

Payments by Mr. Madoff to the earlier investors were fraudulent conveyances - an illegal transfer of property with the intent of committing fraud. The earlier investors were, in fact - albeit innocently - beneficiaries of the fraudulent scheme. The investors must refund their improperly earned money into the pool of assets from which all - old and new - victims will share, if there is anything to share. Thus, we can expect to hear a lot of complaining from Paul."


Sorry for the lack of posting, but I'm battling Firefox.  Where, exactly, did Firefox get its good reputation?  It is unbelievably unstable, and every time it updates, which is very often, half of what you've had to laboriously install to approximate Opera's functionality suddenly, and mysteriously, doesn't work.  I know why it is popular.  Cubical prisoners seeking something to do all day other than what they are paid to do are dying for something useless to tinker with.  For them, it is perfect.  We live in a world where 'retarded' - from here - is a virtue.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Three good posting from the Angry Arab (who always lets his freak flag fly).  It is nice to see Israeli 'historians', who are basically propagandists and thus part of the Israeli military, removing the disguise.  

I also fully agree that critiques of Palestinian resistance are wrong.  The Palestinians are in an impossible position, and are doing what they can.  Quibblers about the details are Zionist apologists.  When the Palestinians win, the rockets will be part of that victory.  I only wish they had better ones.

The guy who won the movie award didn't mention Gaza.  He should give the award back.  It is not an anti-war movie, it is a movie about how terrible it is that the noble Jewish soul has to be troubled by feelings as it slaughters.  Very lite Zionist.  Also very Golda.

The remarkable series of Israeli lies about the shelling of the UN school has finally reached its conclusion:  it was a 'stray'.  After each atrocity too obvious to ignore, the Israelis and their apologists always give us this series of Maxwell Smart preposterous lies, 'would you believe . . . ', and with the failure of each lie just come up with another one.  It was the same thing with Cana, or when they bombed the UN observer post in Lebanon.

The mysterious hold of Zionism over American politicians

Juan Cole, who seems to be letting his freak flag fly recently, has an excellent detailed posting on the automatic control that the Israeli government has over the American government, exemplified by Olmert picking up the phone and ordering Bush around to the extent that the United States changed its mind and abstained, rather than voted for, the latest UN cease-fire resolution.  This was a public slap in the face for Rice, who actually helped draft the resolution, and Olmert is crowing about it.  Note the behind-the-scenes trickery of the Jew Kouchner, who valiantly worked for his homeland - Israel, naturally, not France - to try to block the resolution.  

Cole concludes by raising the most important issue of all - the consideration of which is necessitated by the lack of any obvious motive for Bush to act as he did - the conspiracy theory that the mysterious hold of Zionism over American politicians is connected to blackmail.  Israeli intelligence, with the aid of the secret cadre of dual-loyalty American Jews, gathers dossiers of information on characters like Bush, people who have a lot of embarrassments in their pasts, and holds it over them.  Other than direct payments of cash, which probably explains Cheney, this is by far the most plausible theory for why American politicians consistently and blatantly act against American interests (sorry Noam).  I wonder what the Israeli dossier on Obama looks like?

Monday, January 12, 2009

The answer

Finding the answer to a Blogger problem isn't easy, and isn't helped by the inscrutable Google style - you can see the frustration in so many similar questions asked with so few answers given! - but the problem with my disappearing comments button was a corrupted widget, probably caused by whatever indignities JS-Kit performed on my template, and the answer to the problem is to remove the offending lines of HTML, republish the template, reinsert the same words, and republish again, all as neatly described here. I've reverted to plain vanilla Blogger comments for now, until I find enough courage to embark upon another comments system (JS-Kit is dead to me).

Wasting time

Despite wasting - and that's the only word for it - an enormous amount of time on the subject, the 'comments' link has again gone missing, although you can comment, I think, by clicking on the time stamp under the post, getting a new window with the post and its comments, and going from there. I'm getting very close to being fed up with comments. My view on JS-Kit, who have never responded to my request for help, is like what the Jews say about the Jewish holocaust, 'never again'. There is another service called Disqus which I may try. It looks good, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Advantages of slaughter

There are a few advantages coming out of the slaughter:
  1. Jewish apologists no longer have any possible ammunition to argue against academic boycotts, as the Israeli version of a boycott is a bomb dropped on a university or school.
  2. There is nothing bad you can say about Israel or Jewish support for Israel, no comparison you can make to the worst holocausts in history, that can live up to the blood-dripping from-the fangs evil. Israel and the Jewish people - and Jewish support for the Palestinian holocaust puts the full blame on the Jewish people - are as evil as it gets, and everybody knows it.
  3. I've been called an anti-Semite for daring to speak of Jew-controlled politicians and Jew-controlled media. No more of that. I blame the crypto-Zionist 'progressives' for much of the horror, all because they couldn't accept the truth about Jew control and wanted to show off how 'progressive' they were. When every mainstream media outlet and every major politician spouts exactly the same made-in-Israel words, words that are patently bullshit, which everybody knows are patently bullshit, and in direct contradiction to the knowledge and understanding of the vast majority of the population (less vast, of course, where decades of Jew-controlled media malfeasance have misled the people), there is only one possible explanation: Jew control. Let's shout it, unapologetically, from the rooftops. I await the abject apologies from everybody who has accused me of being an anti-Semite.
  4. Sanctions, divestment and boycotting are now commonly discussed, and millions of people are now newly politically aware, and mobilized, on the issue. The demonstrations in Europe were amazing and, again, highlight Jew-control, as the Jew-slave politicians are so obviously out of line with their electorates. One would hope that the mass realization that both the mainstream media and all major politicians have been bought and paid for by World Jewry would lead to a further realization that these lying Jew-slaves need to be replaced, pronto.
  5. We're witnessing the death of the Chomskean lie that all political evil flows out of the United States. While the Bush Administration, in its death throes, has managed one final embarrassment to the United States (one for which Americans will be paying for decades), this one is entirely to be blamed on Israel and World Jewry. Again, while acknowledging the evil of the United States in blessing this monstrosity, everybody knows who is really to blame.

We can't forget that the slaughter is encouraging a deep examination of the psycho-killer psychology of Israel and World Jewry, which, just as in the case of many psychopaths, is tinged with self-righteousness. An example of the new analysis is Gideon Levy:
"You can't have it both ways. The only 'purity' in this war is the 'purification from terrorists,' which really means the sowing of horrendous tragedies. What's happening in Gaza is not a natural disaster, an earthquake or flood, for which it would be our duty and right to extend a helping hand to those affected, to send rescue squads, as we so love to do. Of all the rotten luck, all the disasters now occurring in Gaza are manmade - by us. Aid cannot be offered with bloodstained hands. Compassion cannot sprout from brutality.

Yet there are some who still want it both ways. To kill and destroy indiscriminately and also to come out looking good, with a clean conscience. To go ahead with war crimes without any sense of the heavy guilt that should accompany them. It takes some nerve. Anyone who justifies this war also justifies all its crimes. Anyone who preaches for this war and believes in the justness of the mass killing it is inflicting has no right whatsoever to speak about morality and humaneness. There is no such thing as simultaneously killing and nurturing. This attitude is a faithful representation of the basic, twofold Israeli sentiment that has been with us forever: To commit any wrong, but to feel pure in our own eyes. To kill, demolish, starve, imprison and humiliate - and be right, not to mention righteous. The righteous warmongers will not be able to allow themselves these luxuries.

Anyone who justifies this war also justifies all its crimes. Anyone who sees it as a defensive war must bear the moral responsibility for its consequences. Anyone who now encourages the politicians and the army to continue will also have to bear the mark of Cain that will be branded on his forehead after the war. All those who support the war also support the horror."

Self-righteousness is the defining characteristic of Zionism (just read anything by Dershowitz; it is almost funny). They won't be able to get away with it any more.

The final advantage of the slaughter is that people are finally considering what is to be done to Israel to punish it for what it habitually does - another advantage of the slaughter is that the entire history of Zionism is being reanalyzed as part of a pattern of psychopathic murderous compulsion - and stop it from reoffending.

A note of caution. The lite Zionists are gearing up to protect Zionism by ensuring that the sanctions on Israel amount to no more than ineffective boycotts (especially so as boycotting Israel is illegal in the United States). They will purport to be outraged, and purport to be dealing with the problem, all the while doing what they always do - protecting the project of Greater Israel which they all secretly support. We can't let them get away with this. We now know that Zionism is an incurable violent psychological illness, and Israel will not stop murdering. Zionism has to be stopped. Permanently. The only way to accomplish this is to make a Jewish state in the Middle East impossible. We need to be figuring how to do this in the most humanitarian way, while acknowledging that there will inevitably be millions of Jewish refugees. As terrible as that is, Israel and World Jewry have made it necessary.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Graphic art of the year

Via Moon of Alabama, wow (or here). The artist is Morten M. Kristiansen (Morten M). I may just have a space for it. World Jewry loves Norwegian graphic arts.

RFK assassination: Onassis and Hamshari?

Actor Robert Vaughn resurrects an old theory proposed by Peter Evans on the assassination of Robert Kennedy, that it was the work of Aristotle Onassis and Mahmoud Hamshari, a Palestinian who Israel claimed - without any evidence - had been involved in the Munich Olympics attack (Hamshari was eventually assassinated by the Israelis with a bomb in his telephone). Note the Lisa Pease response to Evans' theory (Evans' main source seems to have been the extraordinarily suspicious Robert Maheu, who just died in August, and who was certainly trying to deflect suspicions about his own involvement in the assassination). Since the Los Angeles police spent an enormous amount of effort destroying and manipulating evidence, you have to ask the obvious question: why would they do this for Onassis and an obscure Palestinian politician? Vaughn also has real problems describing the motives of both Onassis and Hamshari.

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Refutation of the current Zionist set of lies

Via Spontaneous Arising, "The Truth about Palestine and Israel" from the Republic of Lakota, a very concise, well-informed summary.


World Jewry is insane (it is the insanity that differentiates Zionism from South African white supremacism, of which more later), and so obviously insane, that it is a wonderful target of mockery. Just issue a fake press release showing a prominent Jewish group appearing to act sane or moral, and watch the fun. This type of trickery is particularly powerful, as it emphasizes the utter madness of organized Jewish representatives.

Friday, January 09, 2009

Tuncay Guney

The Toronto Star on Tuncay Guney (see also here; my emphasis in red):
"It's a fantastical tale from the slight, bespectacled man, a former Muslim who now wears the garb of an Orthodox Jew.

But Guney is not taken lightly in his home country. He is the lynchpin in a sprawling trial accusing dozens of prominent Turks of plotting to overthrow their government. Many in Turkey see the trial as the result of a power struggle between the secular military and the pro-Islamist government of the ruling AK Party.

According to Turkish prosecutors, the labyrinthine ultranationalist cabal, code-named 'Ergenekon', backed political assassinations and deadly terrorist attacks.

All the threads lead back to information provided eight years ago by Guney."

and (nine days of interrogation for a petty crime?):
"His standing among fellow expatriates is less lofty.

'Speaking as a member of the community, we are embarrassed that he lives in Canada among us,' said Lale Eskicioglu, executive director of the Ottawa-based Council of Turkish Canadians. 'Because of him, many innocent people have been interrogated. He has caused a lot of hell in Turkey.'

Guney's rise from obscure journalist to renowned whistleblower began in 2001. That year, he was arrested for attempting to sell a stolen car. Over nine days of interrogation, Guney told police he had uncovered a wide-ranging plot to unbalance the Turkish state."

"Police searched Guney's apartment, uncovering six batches of documents, some marked `Top Secret'. The papers laid out a portion of the conspiracy, naming as members some of Turkey's most prominent citizens.

'He got so much information that he cannot have gotten it by himself,' said Ergun Babahan, a former editor of the Turkish newspaper, Sabah. 'Someone gave it to him.'

Despite a travel ban, Guney was mysteriously able to flee Turkey for the United States. 'He went from Turkey to New York and then Toronto. That is not so easy to do,' said Babahan. 'I believe he has some sort of protection.'

Different factions in Turkey have variously accused Guney of working for American and Iranian intelligence; Islamist interests and Ergenekon-linked secret police units. He denies all of it. He took off his black, broad-brimmed hat and skullcap before being photographed for this article because he feared it would bolster accusations that he works for Israel's Mossad."

Mossad makes sense. But why would the Mossad want to destabilize the Turkish government and embarrass their very good pals in the Turkish military (latest development here)? Is all this part of the bigger deal whereby Turkey continues - through thick and mostly thin - to be an ally of Israel? More intrigue:
"Guney is famous in Turkey for his about-faces and provocative statements. There is also his `conversion' to Judaism since leaving Turkey. Guney claims that his family are Jews by way of Egypt who presented themselves as Muslims in order to survive in Turkey."

Thursday, January 08, 2009

Blog progress

Despite wasting - and that's the only word for it - an enormous amount of time on the subject, the 'comments' link has again gone missing, although you can comment, I think, by clicking on the time stamp under the post, getting a new window with the post and its comments, and going from there. I'm getting very close to being fed up with comments. My view on JS-Kit, who have never responded to my request for help, is like what the Jews say about the Jewish holocaust, 'never again'. There is another service called Disqus which I may try. It looks good, but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment.

Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Just part of an old pattern

Saree Makdisi (my emphasis in green and blood-red):

"The brute fact of the matter is that, as long as their air force is killing an entirely defenseless people, the Israeli public and media do cheer them on. As soon as they start paying any kind of price - no matter how grotesquely out of proportion to the level of damage their soldiers are inflicting on unarmed and innocent people - their bloodlust quickly cools. In Gaza, the Israeli infantry won’t take a single step forward unless the ground in front of them - and everything and everyone in it, armed, unarmed, whoever and whatever they are - has been safely cleared away for them by the air or by artillery. 'These are ‘Georgia rules,’ which are not so far from the methods Russia used in its conflict last summer,' write Harel and Issacharoff in Ha’aretz. 'The result is the killing of dozens of non-combatant Palestinians. The Gaza medical teams might not have reached all of them yet. When an Israeli force gets into an entanglement, as in Sajaiyeh last night [where three Israeli soldiers were killed], massive fire into built-up areas is initiated to cover the extraction. In other cases, a chain of explosions is initiated from a distance to set off Hamas booby-traps. It is a method that leaves a swath of destruction taking in entire streets, and does not distinguish military targets from the homes of civilians.' I’m not sure where the 'Georgia' reference comes from: the Israelis used the very same tactics in Jenin and Nablus in 2002, and in southern Lebanon in 2006 and 1982. And it would be an act of futility to point out - for the millionth time - that the Israeli method of warfare takes place in sweeping disregard for the principles of international humanitarian law, not to mention total contempt for innocent human life. This is not to mention that most of the casualties pouring into Gaza’s morgues and hospitals are the victims of the sheer indiscriminate unleashing on densely populated civilian areas of high explosive ordnance from land, sea and air that has been characteristic of Israel's military style since at least the 1970s."

"Israel’s disregard for innocent human life is not motivated only by a desire to forestall the political consequences - especially during an electoral campaign - of Israeli military casualties. It is also a clear indicator of the contempt that Israel has for Palestinian life in general. The cold, hungry, tired, desperate, and terrified men, women and children that Israel is now sweeping away by the dozen in balls of fire and showers of shrapnel are the very same people that it had already reduced to what one UN official months ago warned was 'a subhuman existence,' the deliberate product of the siege that Israel has imposed on Gaza for over three years, beginning in 2005, before the election of Hamas. They are the same people whose political and human rights Israel has been stifling since the occupation of 1967 - twenty years before the creation of Hamas. They are the same people who were ethnically cleansed from their land in 1948 because, as non-Jews, they were inconveniently cluttering up the land that European Zionists wanted to turn into a Jewish state, no matter what the land’s actual population had to say about it.

Israel's disregard for Palestinian life in Gaza today is, in short, a direct extension of its disregard for Palestinian life since 1948, and what is happening in Gaza today is the continuation of what happened six decades ago. Eighty percent of the people crammed into Gaza’s hovels and shanties are refugees or the descendants of refugees that armed Zionist gangs, which eventually coalesced into the infant Israeli army, terrorized from their homes elsewhere in southwestern Palestine in 1948. They have been herded, penned, and slaughtered by a remorseless power that clearly regards them as subhuman. If you think I’m stretching the point, I’m not. Listen to the words of Professor Arnon Sofer, the government consultant who did so much to help plan the isolation and imprisonment of Gaza, in a interview with the Jerusalem Post in 2004: 'When 2.5 million people live in a closed-off Gaza, it’s going to be a human catastrophe,' Sofer predicted. 'Those people will become even bigger animals than they are today, with the aid of an insane fundamentalist Islam. The pressure on the border is going to be awful. It's going to be a terrible war. So, if we want to remain alive, we will have to kill and kill and kill. All day, every day.' Sofer admitted only one worry with all the killing, which will, he says, be the necessary outcome of a policy that he himself helped to invent. 'The only thing that concerns me,' he says, 'is how to ensure that the boys and men who are going to have to do the killing will be able to return home to their families and be normal human beings.'"

Golda!  And more:

". . . the people being killed today are the ones for whom there is no room in the Zionist vision of the state. They are regarded as an excess population. Not even Malthus thought that a redundant population should just be lined up and shot, or bombed into the ground. But, clearly, times have changed since 1798.

This inhuman madness will end only with the end of the violent ideology that spawned it - when those who are committed to the project of creating and maintaining a religiously and ethnically exclusivist state in what has always been a culturally and religiously heterogeneous land finally relent and accept the inevitable: that they have failed."

and a nice bit on the American fuckers:
". . . it seems clear that the writing now being posted on alternative media outlets is also starting to outweigh the clumsy efforts still being churned out by America's army of paid and unpaid cheerleaders for Israel, who have forsaken what little remained of their own humanity and blinded themselves to suffering that ought to move any rational, caring, sentient human being to tears - the Dershowitzes and Foxmans, the Orens and Boots, the Krauthammers and Peretzes, the Bards and Goldfarbs, the cynical apparatchiks of CAMERA and AIPAC and the mindless busybodies and shuffling zombies of Stand With Us, the Israel Project and the Israel on Campus Coalition - who persist with their stubborn, craven defense of the indefensible. About these misanthropes there is much to be said, most of it too unpleasant to print . . ."

Psychopathic killers, escalating

Khalid Amayreh at Desertpeace doesn't pull any punches:
"For years, I have been warning that Israel is psychologically and morally capable of carrying out a holocaust or a genocide against the Palestinian people.

Needless to say, the horrible events of the past two weeks in Gaza seem to have enforced and vindicated my convictions in this regard.

Israel, government and people, seem to possess the psychological propensity that would make her embark on such a monstrosity. Yes, there is a minority of Israeli Jews and non-Israeli Jews who say 'No' to all the evils and crimes Israel is doing in the name of their name.

However, let us be honest and realistic. These people are a small minority and have very little influence if any on the Israeli government and army."

Me: I don't know the percentage of evil Israelis, but I do know that the way the country is set up, with its awful proportional electoral system that encourages and rewards political fanaticism, means that for the foreseeable future the people running things will be Zionazis. More:
"Given the Israeli mindset, Israel may well be hoping the latest genocidal onslaught could have a certain desensitizing and de-mystifying effect on people’s perceptions and attitudes.

The logic is quite simple. If the world can be bullied or cajoled into silence and apathy when Gaza is ravaged and thousands of its inhabitants are slaughtered en mass in full view of humanity, the same world can likewise be manipulated in similar fashion to come to terms with a greater genocide."

Me: of course, the attack on Lebanon, and the fact they used the levers controlled by World Jewry to get away with it, was the enabler for Gaza, just as Gaza will be the enabler for the next, greater, outrage. More:
". . . one could safely argue that the 'ideology of annihilation' now represents the mainstream in the Israeli society."

Me: dunno, but mainstream Israeli opinion doesn't matter, as described above. More:
"The Israeli hasbara machine’s main job has always been and continues to be to turn the black into white, the white into black and the big lie into a 'truth' glorified by millions, especially in the west.

To effect these obscene lies and 'virtual realities,' the Israeli government counts heavily on the Jewish-controlled or Jewish influenced media in the western world, especially in North America where telling the truth about Israel is the ultimate taboo."

Me: so, so, so, so true. If you are looking for real blood-dripping-from-the-fangs villains, look to North American Jewry. More:
"In truth, what has been happening in Gaza is a huge massacre of genocidal proportions as many conscientious Jews have testified.

What else can be said of this wanton, deliberate and indiscriminate blanket bombing of densely-populated neighborhoods and refugee camps?

I believe terms such as 'huge massacres' and 'genocidal onslaught' used in reference to the Gaza nightmare cannot be dismissed by Israel and her supporters as merely overstatements or rhetorical exaggerations.

This is unless Israel views non-Jewish pain and suffering as disingenuous, probably because non-Jews or 'goyem' are actually considered 'human animals' by a large and growing class of fanatical rabbis, politicians and military leaders."

Me: supremacism leading to genocide. More:
"On 6 January, Israeli tanks fired several artillery shells at a school at the Jabalya refugee camp, killing more than 40 civilians, mostly children and women, who had sought shelter at the UNRWA-run facility. Dozens others were injured, many critically.

Israeli army spokespersons, who are actually professional liars, claimed that Palestinian fighters were seen in the vicinity of the building and that some of these actually fired on Israeli troops from the school.

However, UN officials in Gaza strongly denied the Israeli account, with one UN official saying that he was '99.99%' that the Israeli army was lying.

Earlier, the Israeli air forces hit a mourning reception, killing 15 members of the same family."

Me: two hundred years from now, the school massacre will be read about in history books describing the end days of the State of Israel. More:
". . . if we are to accept this logic, namely that everything is fair in war, then Jews should stop complaining about what the armies of Hitler did to them during World War II.

It is just unacceptable to apply two standards of morality, one for Jews and another for non-Jews. For if what Israel is doing in Gaza is right, as Israel and her supporters maintain, then what the Nazis did in Europe several decades ago must have been right as well. And vice versa.

After all, crime doesn’t become kosher when committed by Jewish hands."

Me: what the Nazis did to the Warsaw ghetto was awful. They destroyed buildings with innocent people in them because they thought there might be one member of the resistance within. They wiped the place out, but they did it fighting, block by block. They would never have dreamed of locking the place up and bombing it to pieces. The Nazis were, after all, human beings, not animals. More:
"Facing their crimes, pornographic and outrageous as they are, many Israelis, probably the majority, are simply so gleeful that they think Israel is doing the right think and that God is standing on the side of Israel in this war and every war.

Some religious Israelis have become so euphoric, thanks to the Gaza blitz, that they think the Messiah’s coming imminent.

Other 'religious' Israeli Jews, including rabbis, readily justify the wanton slaughter by quoting biblical verses justifying genocide.

One Israeli settler leader recently argued during a conversation with a visiting American peace activist that 'if it was right to commit genocide during Biblical time, why can’t it be right to commit genocide now . Has God changed his mind,' the settler wondered sarcastically."

Me: no comment required.

Speaking of Zionist animals, more details are emerging about the massacre of 60 to 70 members of the extended al Samouni clan (my emphasis in red):
"Concerns had been growing that Zeitoun had witnessed massive civilian casualties after surviving members of the Samouni clan reached Gaza City three days ago.

They said that after the Israeli army first took the town on Saturday night soldiers had ordered about 100 members of the clan to gather in a single house owned by Wael Samouni around dawn on Sunday.

At 6.35am on Monday the house was repeatedly shelled with appalling loss of civilian life."

It pays to be 'chosen'

The nice Jewish ladies in Toronto were released without charges. Had they been Muslims, they would have been labeled 'terrorists' and jailed indefinitely without proper access to a lawyer or to the case against them.

Lull breakers

Two graphs from an article by Nancy Kanwisher, Johannes Haushofer and Anat Biletzki in the Huffington Post lead you to an unmistakable conclusion (my emphasis in red):
". . . a systematic pattern does exist: it is overwhelmingly Israel, not Palestine, that kills first following a lull. Indeed, it is virtually always Israel that kills first after a lull lasting more than a week.

The lessons from these data are clear:

First, Hamas can indeed control the rockets, when it is in their interest. The data shows that ceasefires can work, reducing the violence to nearly zero for months at a time.

Second, if Israel wants to reduce rocket fire from Gaza, it should cherish and preserve the peace when it starts to break out, not be the first to kill."

Of course, Israel always arranges things to provide an excuse for its genocidal violence. The current holocaust was set up by Israel breaking a lull to encourage the rockets so Israel would have an excuse to start slaughtering. The attack on Lebanon was started by sending some Israeli soldiers on a suicide mission. It is always the same sort of trick. The Jews are always the victims, and everything they do, no matter how vile, is always justified.

Jewish Protesters Stage Sit-In at Israeli Consulate

From Toronto: "Jewish Protesters Stage Sit-In at Israeli Consulate". The police are arresting the protesters. From Reuters:
"The Canadian government blamed the Palestinian militant group Hamas for the deaths of more than 40 civilians who were killed by Israeli shells on Tuesday in some of the most hard-line comments by any leading western nation on the deadly incident.

Medical officials in Gaza said the civilians had been sheltering at a United Nations school. The Israeli army accused Hamas of using the civilians as human shields and of firing mortars at its troops from inside the school.

'Hamas bears a terrible responsibility for this and for the wider deepening humanitarian tragedy,' Canadian Junior Foreign Minister Peter Kent told Reuters when asked for Ottawa's reaction to the attack.

'The burden of responsibility is on Hamas to stop its terrorist rocketing of Israel.'"

The only problem was finding the hole in the back of Peter Kent's pants so the Jews could get their hand up his ass to move his lips. Before he was a politician, Kent was a 'journalist', working for the Jewish Billionaires, so I guess he's used to it.

The Jewish circle of death

The 'progressives' who coddle the Jews have a lot to answer for (perhaps explaining why so many are choosing to pretend that nothing is happening in Gaza). By calling anybody who dared criticize Zionism an anti-Semite, they have allowed the Israeli national mental illness of extremist racist supremacism to progress untreated, leading directly to the unbelievable escalation we are seeing now. The irony is that a little truth earlier on might have knocked some sense into World Jewry. The real 'anti-Semites' are those 'progressives' who allowed their addiction to power and their wanting to appear to be holier-than-thou to cover up the fact of the real evil driving World Jewry, evil which has led directly to the current slaughter, and will lead eventually to the destruction of the State of Israel.

What are Israel and its enablers responsible for? Cluster bombs (of course). White phosphorus. Attacking a building identified to the Israelis as a press center. Shelling a UN school to which civilians had been sent for refuge, killing mostly children (the streets ran with blood, causing the Jews to dream of matzos), again identified to the Israelis (Israeli tank gunners used HEAT rounds for maximum civilian kill). The use of Palestinian civilians as human shields. Intentionally targeting civilians using weapons which leave cancer-causing debris. Destroying entire apartment buildings containing civilians (of course, David Frum would claim that all these pictures of dead people are fake). We can't forget the 'diet' that the Palestinians have been on, nor the fact that Israel has an obligation under international law to look after these people. The Israelis can do all these things so easily as Jewish supremacists don't see gentiles as human beings.

All of this is being watched by Jews on lawn chairs, sipping Pepsi, as a sort of ghoulish spectator sport, from the area where the Palestinian (?) rockets are falling, the rockets that were the Israeli rationale for the slaughter in the first place. Now we'll see some sort of ceasefire, and will just have to wait until the Jewish supremacist bloodlust rears its head again, so we can witness the next holocaust. This will keep happening until the Jewish supremacist state is wiped off the face of the earth.

Tuesday, January 06, 2009

The Good Jew

The lite Zionists continue to breathlessly report on the status of the debate within the 'community', as if anybody could give a rat's ass. Somebody writes something crazy - well, crazy in the sense that it exactly reflects Israeli national policy - like 'let's kill them all', and somebody else responds by stating that the Jews are moral - unlike everybody else - and probably should kill a little more slowly. Whatever.

But what about all the prominent Jews in the world of entertainment, the arts, and general celebrity? They are not exactly shy about expressing their opinions on anything else. What do they think about the Israeli genocide of the Palestinians? Which prominent Jewish American 'liberal' has come out with a comment that genocide might just perhaps be wrong?

Just one. The Good Jew. The only Good Jew. Roseanne Barr (her blog):
"starting with Rahm Emmanuel

remove israel's influence from american government! Their occupation of and brutality against their neighbors is the real reason we were attacked on 9-11!
Israelis must dismantle their war state and make peace or die.
Israeli soldiers must resist the urge to follow their nazi leaders blindly and refuse to 'obey orders' to kill UNARMED STARVING CHILDREN in Gaza. the UN must step in and must investigate Israel!"

"i told my friend don't go!

I said Israel will attack any boat carrying doctors and medical supplies - they have turned away the red cross already and all medical and food assistance. Israel is a NAZI state. The Jewish Soul is being tortured in Israel. The destruction of the jews in Israel has been assured with this inhuman attack on civilians in gaza. Hamas is the street gang - this is equivilent to los angeles attacking and launching war on the people of watts to attempt to kill the bloods and the crips."

Of course, she's taking hell for it.

Monday, January 05, 2009

We have them now

From kei and yuri in the comments:
"What we have heard from local and national American news is worse than usual, that is, they are literally reading IOF press releases as if it were news and quoting without attribution as though that was the way things are."

The politicians and almost all the media are reciting the same Israeli propaganda, word for word, and it obviously has no connection to reality (with Obama, it looks more and more like you can has cheezburger, but that's about it; if you miss the reference, see here and here). This is actually a good thing, as almost anybody can understand exactly what is going on, the same thing that always is going on, but not so ridiculously obvious. A number of people have noted the gross disparity between public opinion, as shown in polls and demonstrations, and the official position taken by the media and politicians. You should not have any doubts that we live in a world of conspiracies, and World Jewry is amongst the most active conspirators.

As I've said before, we all have a native understanding of the horrible injustice of what is being done to the Palestinians, which forms such a stark contrast with the official story. It goes beyond the ludicrousness of hearing all media figures and politicians recite the same nonsense. We understand that if a conspiracy can be so big and so awful - putting people in cages, half starving them to death, dropping bombs on them, and then blaming the dead people for what has happened to them! - that the same thing could happen to any of us. When we protest what is being done to the Palestinians, we are not just asserting our sense of morality (morality is, by its nature, anti-supremacist), we are also reflecting a realization that we could just as easily be the next Palestinians. The lies are so awful, and the disconnect with reality so huge, that we should all be terrified of the Jews and their power (which may be exerted in places you might not expect). It doesn't help that people like Frum and Rubin, and this monster from Israel, have such a tin ear about normal human morality that they appear to be people-eating space aliens rather than human beings.

As with Lebanon, the Jews forgot about the internet. We've worked around official pronouncements, which are all the Jews control (and I never expect anybody to dare complain about my saying 'Jew-controlled media' again!), treating the mainstream as a virus, and heading for truth. There is quite a bit of truth out there, stuff that looks even better in the light of the mainstream media truth crisis. The craziness of it all even has people like Juan Cole linking to the Truth will set you Free (I guess Cole has really given up on Yale; I can't wait for him to link to Judicial-Inc.). If all the acceptable sources are spouting nothing but obvious lies, you have to take the truth where you can find it.

Western politicians and media have never been so out of line with the facts and simple human decency. The reason they are so bent is that they have been bought by the Jews, and the reason the Jews are so bent is that they are extremist racist supremacists. We need to stop Israel and World Jewry from doing this again by:
  1. Putting an end to Israel by changing international law to recognize that habitual state offenders have to be stopped, and the only way to stop them is to treat them as international outlaws (this isn't collective punishment as our intention isn't to punish the residents of Israel for what they have done, but to stop the state from reoffending, something we are certain will happen); and
  2. Retaking control of our politics and media, which has never been so far from representing our interests and belief-system (not to mention their gross dereliction of duty in the world of finance), by rejecting this entire set of bought politicians and boycotting the entire mainstream media and entertainment industry.

We have them now. They've finally gone too far.

New template

In order to have working comments I've switched to a completely new template. The comments line now pops up without having to jump on it before it disappears, but I haven't yet figured out how to retrieve the old comments. Anyway, the new template is cleaner, and looks a lot better on Firefox. I'm now trying to contact JS-Kit to see where the old comments are hidden. If you click on 'Comments', a 'Leave a comment' line appears, which, when clicked on, leads to the comment box. Still no spellcheck.


I don't know what happened to the comments. It wasn't something I did. Haloscan's operations were taken over by an outfit called JS-Kit, which basically told me that all Haloscan systems were going to be replaced by JS-Kit systems, so I might as well switch over now voluntarily, rather than wait and be forcibly changed. I'm hoping that the loss of comments is a temporary glitch, and not more Zionist thought control. (Oddly, the comments seem to be entering the JS-Kit system - I get emails of each of them - but not posted to Blogger, so maybe its the Zionists who own Blogger who are to blame.)

Saturday, January 03, 2009


'traducteur' in the comments refers to this excellent piece (or here) by Ilan Pappé. Note the huge difference between a true anti-Zionist and any of the innumerable lite Zionists who appear to be trying to help (my emphasis in red):
"It is crucial to explore the ideological origins of this attitude and derive the necessary political conclusions form its prevalence. This righteous fury shields the society and politicians in Israel from any external rebuke or criticism. But far worse, it is translated always into destructive policies against the Palestinians. With no internal mechanism of criticism and no external pressure, every Palestinian becomes a potential target of this fury. Given the firepower of the Jewish state it can inevitably only end in more massive killings, massacres and ethnic cleansing.

The self-righteousness is a powerful act of self-denial and justification. It explains why the Israeli Jewish society would not be moved by words of wisdom, logical persuasion or diplomatic dialogue. And if one does not want to endorse violence as the means of opposing it, there is only one way forward: challenging head-on this righteousness as an evil ideology meant to cover human atrocities. Another name for this ideology is Zionism and an international rebuke for Zionism, not just for particular Israeli policies, is the only way of countering this self-righteousness. We have to try and explain not only to the world, but also to the Israelis themselves, that Zionism is an ideology that endorses ethnic cleansing, occupation and now massive massacres. What is needed now is not just a condemnation of the present massacre but also delegitimization of the ideology that produced that policy and justifies it morally and politically. Let us hope that significant voices in the world will tell the Jewish state that this ideology and the overall conduct of the state are intolerable and unacceptable and as long as they persist, Israel will be boycotted and subject to sanctions."

"It seems that even the most horrendous crimes, such as the genocide in Gaza, are treated as discrete events, unconnected to anything that happened in the past and not associated with any ideology or system. In this new year, we have to try to realign the public opinion to the history of Palestine and to the evils of the Zionist ideology as the best means of both explaining genocidal operations such as the current one in Gaza and as a way of pre-empting worse things to come."

"Despite the predictable accusation of anti-Semitism and what have you, it is time to associate in the public mind the Zionist ideology with the by now familiar historical landmarks of the land: the ethnic cleansing of 1948, the oppression of the Palestinians in Israel during the days of the military rule, the brutal occupation of the West Bank and now the massacre of Gaza. Very much as the Apartheid ideology explained the oppressive policies of the South African government, this ideology - in its most consensual and simplistic variety - allowed all the Israeli governments in the past and the present to dehumanize the Palestinians wherever they are and strive to destroy them. The means altered from period to period, from location to location, as did the narrative covering up these atrocities. But there is a clear pattern that cannot only be discussed in the academic ivory towers, but has to be part of the political discourse on the contemporary reality in Palestine today."

"By connecting the Zionist ideology and the policies of the past with the present atrocities, we will be able to provide a clear and logical explanation for the campaign of boycott, divestment and sanctions. Challenging by nonviolent means a self-righteous ideological state that allows itself, aided by a mute world, to dispossess and destroy the indigenous people of Palestine, is a just and moral cause. It is also an effective way of galvanizing the public opinion not only against the present genocidal policies in Gaza, but hopefully one that would prevent future atrocities. But more importantly than anything else it will puncture the balloon of self-righteous fury that suffocates the Palestinians every times it inflates. It will help end the Western immunity to Israel’s impunity. Without that immunity, one hopes more and more people in Israel will begin to see the real nature of the crimes committed in their name and their fury would be directed against those who trapped them and the Palestinians in this unnecessary cycle of bloodshed and violence."

While this is all good and necessary, I've come to see that it is not enough. The racist supremacists - and this includes the lite Zionists, although they will never understand it - will resist until everybody is dead. Supremacism has made them completely insane, unable to listen to reason or even to understand their own self-interest. Both Lebanon and now Gaza has proven that, beyond a shadow of a doubt. The boycotts and sanctions won't stop the Israelis and their enablers. The problem won't be gone until Israel is gone.

Another prediction

The international community, which until now has done nothing but parrot talking points supplied by the Israelis, will suddenly grow a conscience just in time to prevent Israel from having to invade Gaza, something the Israelis don't really want to do (they fear Hamas capturing Israeli soldiers). As a result of the Zionist slaughter, Hamas will end up stronger (which was probably the Israeli plan). Your tax dollars will then be employed to begin to pay for the damage caused by World Jewry. As nothing will be done to put an end to Israel (just as nothing was done after the outrages committed against Lebanon), the Israelis will be free to commit another outrage (and another, and another, and another . . .) as soon as the dust clears from this one.

Friday, January 02, 2009

I don't know where to start

So much to write about, I don't know where to start. I'll clean up a few links by going meta, meta-analysis being the last refuge of scoundrel bloggers:
  1. Have you noticed how many self-styled 'progressive' bloggers are pretending that Gaza isn't happening? It doesn't fit their view of the world, so they are choosing to ignore it.
  2. Meanwhile, the circle jerks are up to the usual, tabulating a list of the Jews who are right about the issue (because of Jewish innate morality), against a list of those who are wrong. Hopeless.
  3. Note how Philip Weiss' definition of Zionism turns on a reaction to anti-Semitism, and not on typical 19th century ethnic nationalism. This huge mistake is the defining one of lite Zionism. The Jews are victims, at most subject to making tactical errors which are understandable given the great injustices to which they are always subject. It is because the lite Zionists will never get out of their intellectual straight-jacket that they are much worse than useless. Note how easily Blankfort, a real anti-Zionist, gets it, effortlessly putting Zionism within the context of European colonialism.
  4. I've called the defining Jewish characteristic - a racist notion, to be sure - a lack of grace. Note David Frum and Barry Rubin. They are intellectually and emotionally incapable of understanding that they sound like monsters. The same problem infects the entire Israeli leadership, who simply cannot understand that there is no amount of propaganda from the lying Jew-controlled media and the lying Jew-owned Western politicians that will make bombing civilians in a cage look good. Everybody has a native, instinctive understanding of this except the Jews, who wonder what is wrong with crushing cockroaches. We got it when they bombed the civilians of Beirut, and we get it while they bomb the civilians of Gaza. They will never be able to understand how easily we get it, which is why they are doomed to fail.
  5. To give a hint of how bad Jewish control is - and we simply can't emphasize it enough, particularly as those strangely silent 'progressives' define 'anti-Semitism' as pointing it out - note the caution from the Angry Arab. It is a fact that Americans kind enough to want to donate to alleviate Palestinian suffering face a very real risk of spending the rest of their lives in jail as supporters of 'terrorism'.
  6. More on the spin numbers: the reason the Israelis can bomb apartment buildings, mosques, schools, government buildings, busy city streets and university buildings and only kill 'terrorists' is partly because all Palestinian men are defined as terrorists (more analysis here, proving the UN, except for the brave Richard Falk, is also scared of the Jews). Remember the outrage when certain Islamists claimed that all Israelis were fair targets because they all have served, or will serve, in the IDF?
  7. Righteous comment on the inability of the Huffington Post to publish Mustafa Barghouthi's excellent analysis (also here and here, in case Jewish pressure forces them to remove it) without falling all over itself with qualifications. I look forward to reading their qualifications the next time they publish something from a Zionist.

Thursday, January 01, 2009


'stevieb' wrote in the comments:
"I wonder how those 6 holocaust flicks released this month are making out at the box office..."

Six Christmas Holocaust movies, with no chance of any of them making money. Just when the Jews need a little propaganda. Coincidence? Producing a movie is a fairly massive undertaking, and can take a couple of years or more. On the other hand, 'Hollywood' knew there would be a U. S. election in November 2008, knew that George Bush was very unpopular (and that a large part of his unpopularity derived from fighting Wars For The Jews), knew that the Democrat might very well succeed on an America-first platform, and therefore knew that Israel would have to provoke an attack on the Palestinians in late 2008/early 2009 in order to ensure that the new President couldn't end Zionism by enforcing a peace on the Israelis that would preclude Greater Israel. Yet another massive media onslaught - it is the media coverage that is important, as almost nobody will go to see any of these depressing films - reminding everybody what the poor Jews - always the victims, even when they drop bombs on children in cages - are up against is in line with the entire history of Hollywood propagandizing.

Despite bleatings from the 'Hollywood'-controlled press, one of these movies, 'Valkyrie', looks likely to bankrupt one - or even two - of the major, indeed iconic, studios. That's a big price to pay for a little propaganda, and indicates how important World Jewry regards its total control of the message.