Tuesday, January 20, 2009


If a group with an eliminationist agenda - and Israel and World Jewry clearly have such an agenda - kills a large number of members of a group on the 'do do' list of the eliminationists, that is by definition 'genocide'. No debate.


Anonymous said...

"It's not genocide, it's awesomecide"-John Aravosis

Anonymous said...

this could be of interest for readers

The Barnes Review
September/October – Volume XIV, Number 5




This edition of TBR is entirely devoted to one of the most important books on the Russian Revolution and the Bolshevik era ever to be written: Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn’s The Jews in the Soviet Union.

Together with part one, Russian Jewish History: 1795-1916, they comprise Solzhenitsyn’s massive—and suppressed—200 Years Together. We’re reviewing The Jews in the Soviet Union this issue because, as far as we know, this is the first and only full-length review of the book ever to appear in the English language.

Distinguished Revisionist historian Udo Walendy reviewed Solzhenitsyn’s The Jews in the Soviet Union in his magazine Historische Tatsachen (“Historical Facts”). Our English translation of that scholarly review—with many great photos added—comprises this September/October 2008 issue. We think it’s a blockbuster.

As Solzhenitsyn himself put it: “After 1917 life and people [in Russia] changed greatly. But literature produced a very poor reflection of these changes. The truth was suppressed and lies encouraged. Thus we arrived in the 1990s knowing next to nothing about this country. This explains the great number of surprises.”

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The German magazine Der Spiegel asked the great writer:

Your recent two-volume work 200 Years Together was an attempt to overcome a taboo against discussing the common history of Russians and Jews. These two volumes have provoked mainly perplexity in the West. You say the Jews are the leading force of global capital and they are among the foremost destroyers of the bourgeoisie. Are we to conclude from your rich array of sources that the Jews carry more responsibility than others for the failed Soviet experiment?

Solzhenitsyn replied:

I avoid exactly that which your question implies: I do not call for any sort of scorekeeping or comparisons between the moral responsibility of one people or another; moreover, I completely exclude the notion of responsibility of one nation toward another. All I am calling for is self-reflection. You can get the answer to your question from the book itself: Every people must answer morally for all of its past—including that past which is shameful. Answer by what means? By attempting to comprehend: How could such a thing have been allowed? Where in all this is did we go wrong? And could it happen again?

It is in that spirit, specifically, that it would behoove the Jewish people to answer, both for the revolutionary cutthroats and the ranks willing to serve them. Not to answer before other peoples, but to oneself, to one’s conscience, and before God. Just as we Russians must answer—for the pogroms, for those merciless arsonist peasants, for those crazed revolutionary soldiers, for those savage sailors.

Man From Atlan said...

Fear of assimilation; the Arab population increase, of course the're trying to destroy a people.

Anonymous said...

6 or 8 votes gone per head women and children. Demographic war that uk and usa play every day.
Jocelyn www.thehandstand.org

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Fear of assimilation; the Arab population increase, of course they're trying to destroy a people

They're being increasingly open about it, too, the rabbis in particular. I recently caught a CBC programme in which a Zionist guest went on about "the Jewish people's right to self-determination". Look closely, and that can only be code for "ethnic cleansing is quite all right as long as it's the work of Jews".

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There's a letter in the current issue of the Guardian Weekly that is worth reproducing in full:

What is the international community to do with this rogue state in the Middle East? It possesses weapons of mass destruction. It practices ethnic cleansing and the killing of innocent women and children. It uses disproportionate violence against the same. It cleanses other ethnic groups from villages they have lived in for hundreds if not thousands of years. It has built the first politically motivated wall since Berlin's. It consistently refuses to comply with UN resolutions.

What is one to do about Israel?

Michael Edwards
Townsville, Queensland, Australia

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Three cheers for Michael!


Anonymous said...

Blen: Did Xymphie just call the Palestinians dodo?

Anonymous said...

I'm sure Xymph meant "to do" as in a things to do list.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Fritz - why isn't there an english TRANSLATION of "200 Years Together"? That would have been much more useful than 'reviews' of it.

Anonymous said...

don't know, it would be too simple to say the "jewish lobby", since "200 years" is there in French and German and in England it can be printed, even if Solshenizy wasn't received in the US very friendly (if that is so). Here one of his prominent friends was Heinrich Boell and the books about Gulags were read by very many at the time.
The "200 years" doesn't have the literary qualities of the earlier books but but is a singular important collection of many sources, many Jewish, about that aspect of Russian relations. and it's probably opposed to the current Zionist view. But he is more concerned with the downfall of the old Russian culture, than with ideologies. And often not so detailed as one would expect, e.g. about WW-2 almost nothing, about Chabad not much probably,.. it isn't a systematic history, only the beginning of it. (and wouldn't even find very many interested readers, because it's too big, and not so polemical even, but who knows, may be still many want to understand history).