Friday, January 02, 2009

I don't know where to start

So much to write about, I don't know where to start. I'll clean up a few links by going meta, meta-analysis being the last refuge of scoundrel bloggers:
  1. Have you noticed how many self-styled 'progressive' bloggers are pretending that Gaza isn't happening? It doesn't fit their view of the world, so they are choosing to ignore it.
  2. Meanwhile, the circle jerks are up to the usual, tabulating a list of the Jews who are right about the issue (because of Jewish innate morality), against a list of those who are wrong. Hopeless.
  3. Note how Philip Weiss' definition of Zionism turns on a reaction to anti-Semitism, and not on typical 19th century ethnic nationalism. This huge mistake is the defining one of lite Zionism. The Jews are victims, at most subject to making tactical errors which are understandable given the great injustices to which they are always subject. It is because the lite Zionists will never get out of their intellectual straight-jacket that they are much worse than useless. Note how easily Blankfort, a real anti-Zionist, gets it, effortlessly putting Zionism within the context of European colonialism.
  4. I've called the defining Jewish characteristic - a racist notion, to be sure - a lack of grace. Note David Frum and Barry Rubin. They are intellectually and emotionally incapable of understanding that they sound like monsters. The same problem infects the entire Israeli leadership, who simply cannot understand that there is no amount of propaganda from the lying Jew-controlled media and the lying Jew-owned Western politicians that will make bombing civilians in a cage look good. Everybody has a native, instinctive understanding of this except the Jews, who wonder what is wrong with crushing cockroaches. We got it when they bombed the civilians of Beirut, and we get it while they bomb the civilians of Gaza. They will never be able to understand how easily we get it, which is why they are doomed to fail.
  5. To give a hint of how bad Jewish control is - and we simply can't emphasize it enough, particularly as those strangely silent 'progressives' define 'anti-Semitism' as pointing it out - note the caution from the Angry Arab. It is a fact that Americans kind enough to want to donate to alleviate Palestinian suffering face a very real risk of spending the rest of their lives in jail as supporters of 'terrorism'.
  6. More on the spin numbers: the reason the Israelis can bomb apartment buildings, mosques, schools, government buildings, busy city streets and university buildings and only kill 'terrorists' is partly because all Palestinian men are defined as terrorists (more analysis here, proving the UN, except for the brave Richard Falk, is also scared of the Jews). Remember the outrage when certain Islamists claimed that all Israelis were fair targets because they all have served, or will serve, in the IDF?
  7. Righteous comment on the inability of the Huffington Post to publish Mustafa Barghouthi's excellent analysis (also here and here, in case Jewish pressure forces them to remove it) without falling all over itself with qualifications. I look forward to reading their qualifications the next time they publish something from a Zionist.