Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Invocation Eve

It is curious how much 'progressives' read into Rick Warren's comments to Sean Hannity. Assassination? And why do they assume that he is referring to Iran when he is talking of evildoers against whom violence is justified? Does the context not leave open the possibility that he is talking about Israel? Note that Warren's first 'yes' in this transcript is very misleading (if you look at the clip, it is clear he is not agreeing to killing Ahmadinejad, but just pausing before he addresses the entire issue). Warren has already gone out of his way to praise Syria, a move which World Jewry considers tantamount to anti-Semitism. I would think it is absolutely clear that the Christian, but not Christian-Zionist, position has to be that the only 'evildoers' in the Middle East against whom violence might be justified are Jews living in Israel.

I note that the Geigh Lobby - more 'one issue guys', and not at all progressive - is attacking Warren's efforts to stop AIDS in Africa by using the kind of slimy guilt-by-association tricks they would be the first to whine about if used by a Limbaugh type.


Anonymous said...

There's always a gay uproar here when Israel is commiting genoicide over there. Labor Zionist 3 card monte on every American street corner

Anonymous said...

"...attacking Warren's efforts to stop AIDS in Africa..."

I'm very skeptical about the AIDS story.
I have followed it closely since the Montaigner-Gallo controversy.
So I would have to support the "Geigh Lobby" (can we have gay back now?) if they are advocating against so-called anti-AIDS drug therapy which is great business for western aid and pharmaceutical industries but murder on the recipients.
I think improved nutrition and living conditions, advocating moderate behaviour, less war and its devastating effects on people's lives, malaria and other endemic disease prevention will do a lot more to combat "AIDS" that the drug/vaccine scam.
The only thing they are good for is business.

Anonymous said...

On the other hand, he seems to be able to resist the hysteria of the Zionists so he maybe he means well and has been mislead by the commercial mumbo jumbo about AIDS.

"...Warren has already gone out of his way to praise Syria, a move which World Jewry considers tantamount to anti-Semitism..."

Anonymous said...

Living in the area that Rick Warren preaches, although it is tilted in towards Republicans, it is strictly for the reason of being pro-business. I would think that RIck Warren would be a great possible voice in the pro-Palesinian cause. There is no doubt that there are 100's of Bible verses to back this up which should be included. many of these quote can be found on the site www.nogw.com in the Israel sections. I urge you and urge you to inform others that this is worth a shot. Email or better yet, snail mail Rick Warren and educate him. Send him a copy of Peace, Propaganda, and the Promised Land. Send him the research of Bjerkness, Marrs, Sharak, Uri Averney, Norman Finklestein, and dozens of other jewish truth tellers. I have faith that a campaign to flood him with this censored accounts will make him think twice. Being that he has the ear of both parties, I believe this will reap benifits...