Wednesday, January 07, 2009

The Jewish circle of death

The 'progressives' who coddle the Jews have a lot to answer for (perhaps explaining why so many are choosing to pretend that nothing is happening in Gaza). By calling anybody who dared criticize Zionism an anti-Semite, they have allowed the Israeli national mental illness of extremist racist supremacism to progress untreated, leading directly to the unbelievable escalation we are seeing now. The irony is that a little truth earlier on might have knocked some sense into World Jewry. The real 'anti-Semites' are those 'progressives' who allowed their addiction to power and their wanting to appear to be holier-than-thou to cover up the fact of the real evil driving World Jewry, evil which has led directly to the current slaughter, and will lead eventually to the destruction of the State of Israel.

What are Israel and its enablers responsible for? Cluster bombs (of course). White phosphorus. Attacking a building identified to the Israelis as a press center. Shelling a UN school to which civilians had been sent for refuge, killing mostly children (the streets ran with blood, causing the Jews to dream of matzos), again identified to the Israelis (Israeli tank gunners used HEAT rounds for maximum civilian kill). The use of Palestinian civilians as human shields. Intentionally targeting civilians using weapons which leave cancer-causing debris. Destroying entire apartment buildings containing civilians (of course, David Frum would claim that all these pictures of dead people are fake). We can't forget the 'diet' that the Palestinians have been on, nor the fact that Israel has an obligation under international law to look after these people. The Israelis can do all these things so easily as Jewish supremacists don't see gentiles as human beings.

All of this is being watched by Jews on lawn chairs, sipping Pepsi, as a sort of ghoulish spectator sport, from the area where the Palestinian (?) rockets are falling, the rockets that were the Israeli rationale for the slaughter in the first place. Now we'll see some sort of ceasefire, and will just have to wait until the Jewish supremacist bloodlust rears its head again, so we can witness the next holocaust. This will keep happening until the Jewish supremacist state is wiped off the face of the earth.