Wednesday, January 07, 2009

Jewish Protesters Stage Sit-In at Israeli Consulate

From Toronto: "Jewish Protesters Stage Sit-In at Israeli Consulate". The police are arresting the protesters. From Reuters:
"The Canadian government blamed the Palestinian militant group Hamas for the deaths of more than 40 civilians who were killed by Israeli shells on Tuesday in some of the most hard-line comments by any leading western nation on the deadly incident.

Medical officials in Gaza said the civilians had been sheltering at a United Nations school. The Israeli army accused Hamas of using the civilians as human shields and of firing mortars at its troops from inside the school.

'Hamas bears a terrible responsibility for this and for the wider deepening humanitarian tragedy,' Canadian Junior Foreign Minister Peter Kent told Reuters when asked for Ottawa's reaction to the attack.

'The burden of responsibility is on Hamas to stop its terrorist rocketing of Israel.'"

The only problem was finding the hole in the back of Peter Kent's pants so the Jews could get their hand up his ass to move his lips. Before he was a politician, Kent was a 'journalist', working for the Jewish Billionaires, so I guess he's used to it.