Thursday, January 15, 2009

The killing continues:

The killing continues:
  1. The Angry Arab writes: "I won't be surprised if the New York Times decides that any mention of the civilian suffering in Palestine is in fact anti-Semitic." In fact, Canadian Jewish groups are now arguing that demonstrating against the slaughter is anti-Semitic hate speech, and presumably needs to be stopped by the Canadian government. Said government, having achieved the nadir in Canadian diplomatic history by voting alone for genocide and Israel, might very well follow its Jew masters and agree.
  2. Speaking of which, CanWest is circling the toilet. It is not a coincidence that World Jewry is experiencing its worst financial crisis at the same time that Israel is going mad. In the case of CanWest or the New York Times, the pro-Zionist lying is so obvious, and so repulsive to the average decent person, that it is actually leading directly to the insolvency. The World's Worst Newspaper is the world's worst newspaper largely because of its lying to promote Zionism.
  3. Israel, which we know uses human shields - against the ruling of its own Supreme Court, a ruling which the Israeli government is trying to convince the court to overturn! - complains that Hamas uses human shields, necessitating the huge civilian toll that the slaughter is causing (note that the Zionists have given up saying that no civilians have been harmed in the making of this holocaust). Gaza is the most densely populated area in the world. It is completely locked up. Short of laying down arms and giving up, where is Hamas supposed to go to get away from the civilian population? This is just another example of the type of argument - both wrong-headed and somehow deeply evil - that we are coming to associate with Jews.
  4. More Angry Arab:
    "Three factors are strategic liabilities for Israel in the technical military-intelligence sense: 1) Israeli terrorist soldiers fight with the awareness of the military superiority of Israel, unlike previous generation of Israeli terrorist soldiers who thought that Arab armies were a match and thus fought as if the life of the lousy entity depended on it; 2) there is no more Arab Jewish immigrants in Israel whose knowledge of Arabic (or Persian) can be utilized by Israeli terrorist military and intelligence (this is a point made by Amer, in fact; 3) the ideological zeal which can be an asset in battle is less of a factor. I mean, do you think that Russian or Ethiopian immigrants give a shit about the fate of the Zionist project?"

    All true. People first started to notice the deterioration in Israeli fighting ability while the IDF was getting its ass handed to it by Hezbollah in Lebanon. It was Israeli military historian Martin van Creveld - the guy, you may remember, who was used to threaten Europe with an Israeli nuclear attack - who noted that armies with vast technological and material supremacy irrevocably lose their fighting morale. The phony-Jewish Russian immigrants being forced to risk their lives for the Project are the same group who spray-paint swastikas on the sides of synagogues. The soldiers are not willing to take any risk: they lob rockets and tank shells from a distance, and then use Palestinian human shields to ensure that they face no danger of running into scary Hamas.


Anonymous said...

Lawrence of Cyberia
Herbert Adams Gibbons (1919). Excerpted from Chapter XI, "Palestine and the Zionists", pp191-228. Full text available

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'Progressive' Congressman Anthony Weiner(D-Hymie Town) was blaming the Palestinians for over an hour last night on C-SPAN. Being able to count is anti-semitic

Anonymous said...

Xymph: "The soldiers are not willing to take any risk: they lob rockets and tank shells from a distance..."

Using the term "soldiers" for the IDF is making these bastards sound like normal, on the side of right, battle heroes.

In any case, not so much that they "lob...from a distance", as that they use remote-controlled weaponry, such as the drone missile that assassinated Hamas leader Rayyan and his family.

Woe be to the Hamas heroes and others who've been physically captured by the IDF, and then subjected to the torture and wrath of these f**ks.

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New outrage by the child-murderers:

Israel Attacks UN HQ in Gaza With ‘White Phosphorus’ Shells

Israel Defends Attack on Building Sheltering 700 Civilians, Storing Food

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apropos your earlier threat on changing Turkish attitudes:

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I can only hope that more and more massive demonstrations happen this coming weekend. I read earlier today that German police in two towns have banned that stupid looking Tel Aviv flag from being held by pro-ZioNazi demonstrators.

Anonymous said...

Gilad Atzmon, at Palestine Think Tank:

IDF soldiers are now stranded in Gaza. Don't misinterpret me, they are still capable of spreading death and inflicting carnage, yet they cannot win this war. The IAF ran out of ˜military" targets a week ago and the artillery is probably facing the same situation. As news floods in it becomes evident that once Israeli soldiers leave their armoured vehicles and Merkava tanks they are subject to the mercy of Hamas. I have read today on Ynet that some IDF soldiers reported that they "don't really see the enemy", "we get hit and we do not know by who and how."

As things stand, Hamas is becoming a symbol of heroic persistence. Its combatants on the ground fight almost with bare hands against America's most lethal technology. Similarly, Hamas'political leadership has managed to set itself as the key to any possible resolution of the current conflict. The hope that Hamas would be toppled or discredited proved to be just another Jewish wet dream. Hamas is now becoming a widely accepted entity by the international community. It is regarded as an elementary ingredient in any possible solution. Israel, on the other hand, is seen for what it is for real, a murderous criminal state involved in genocidal war crimes of the worst order.

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jtt (jewish terrorist thugs)

ersatz israel, take a moment from your hectic day of lobbing, dropping, shooting, to die.

Anonymous said...

im tired of talk of "proportionality". as if israel leveling one house or killing one actual hamas member is ok. for any squat in savageland to even breath one breath is cause for any palestinian to shoot in self defense.

jews in palestine have no rights except to leave and to leave without even clothing which is stolen. the right to die in palestine is not theirs. return to brooklyn or miami or russia(the gulag is still available) and die in those places. dont leave your rot for the palestinians to smell.

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When I grow up, I want to be a Palestinian Freedom Fighter.

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The continued crimes against the Palestinian people, - 40/60 years suffocating in Israel's GULAGs - may have a reason at the present to distract from the crash of International finance & Wallstreet. If it isn't another trick to enforce debt- slavery on (all Western) nations.
Don't know, if the bankers started it by manipulation, greed and speculation and it got out of hand like 1929.
Hamas was as Hisbollah called "terrorist" by all major media and politicians, "axis of evil" - but these are to 80-90% social organisations of people in heavy times.
And this is the valid historical parallel to "Nazis" in the 1930s. Hitler was trying to solve international problems peacefully. already in 1933 demanding disarmament as was the Reich before and as the dictate of Versailles had stated in 1918.
Also Hamas was trying to reach peace if Israel retreated to the 1967 (?) border. The propaganda lies of Zion's elders tell, they, as Iran, had called for wiping Izrael off the map. When it was said, Izrael would disintegrate in a peaceful period by it's inner immorality anyways.
This propaganda is repeated by all major news agencies and politicians not only NYT.

Anonymous said...

As the Israelis try to justify the massive loss of civilian life in Gaza, their arguments are shot down by the U.N. or by human rights organizations.

The situation in Gaza is so abominable that both the U.N. and international human rights organizations have refused to remain silent. Israel has been accused of violating both humanitarian law and the Geneva conventions on military operations.

Greg Bacon has collected news:
New York Jews Cheer on IDF and call for "Wiping Palestine Off the Map"
Pro-Israel Rally Attended by Big-Time NY Dems Descends into Calls for 'Wiping Out' Palestinians
By Max Blumenthal, AlterNet

On January 11, an estimated 10,000 people rallied in front of the Israeli consulate in midtown New York in support of Israel’s attack on the Gaza Strip. The rally, which was organized by UJA-Federation of New York and the Jewish Community Relations Council of New York in cooperation with the Conference of Presidents of Major American Jewish Organizations, featured speeches by New York’s most senior lawmakers. While the crowd was riled to righteous anger by speeches about Hamas evildoers, the event was a festive affair that began and ended with singing and joyous dancing.

Sen. Chuck Schumer highlighted Israel’s supposed humanitarian methods of warfare by pointing to its text messaging of certain Gaza Strip residents urging them to vacate their homes before Israeli forces bombed them
Gov. David Paterson appeared on stage wearing one of the red hats distributed to demonstrators as symbols of the red alerts some residents of Israel endure when Palestinian groups fire rockets their way. Paterson cited the many Qasam rockets that have fallen on Israel as a justification for the country’s operations in Gaza,

[Also Bloomberg present.]

Anonymous said...

Just watched the 2004, or 2005, documentary film "Zionist War Crimes: The Case For the Prosecution".

It's available on Google video, and to buy as dvd.

Please guys spread the word about this.

There's nothing else out there shows what Zionist brutality really is, and how the crimes of these judeo-psychopaths has been suppressed.

Man From Atlan said...

Faced with denial and demands for 'proof' that White Phosphorus was made illegal under the Geneva Conventions, then statements that the Convention was never ratified by the major powers, as I had to respond to on Huff Post, here's the answer:
"The Convention on Certain Conventional Weapons", See protocol III, and
where Isareal and the US DID ratify it.

Man From Atlan said...

Xymphora, I'll vote for JS-Kit now, since you got two nice e-mails from them already:
This format just doesn't work, and I'll vote with you on Firefox as well. Microsoft slip[s in a few lines of code to make other browsers act all googly on Windows systems.

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If jewskid 'dispenses' with the archived comments in favor of nifty features like seeing your fave and nothing but i would suggest unleashing an entire site harvesting softie and uploading it as a rapidshare file, before making such a move.

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Anonymous said...

Save Gaza - A Mom say Goodbye to her son.

Anonymous said...

William S Lind makes a lot more sense than Zion's lunatics and liars, as usual.

piety piet said...

for what it is worth, a retired Izrule army officer named Rothschild is in holland at the mo and was on radio this morn. He mentioned rockets rained made in iran (3000 of them falling in the last number of years, without specifying the ((much much smaller)) number of casualties they caused or their ineffectiveness as wake up callers about the incredibly hell-like conditions created in Gaza) and since most independent observers were barred from verifying what he says anyway, this chap has the cheap courage to assert that Hamas boobytraps schools on top of stuffing them with collateral in order to secure their weapons caches. Boy, why don't they simply create colonial conditions and spread the Quran for a few thousand years in the ammo feeding hinterlands instead. That would make them the good kind of semites right?

piety piet said...

Joseph Massad is associate professor of modern Arab politics and intellectual history at Columbia University in New York.

"While Zionism sought and recruited Arab and Palestinian collaborators since its inception in the hope of crushing Palestinian resistance, neither Israel nor any of its collaborators has been able to stop it. .... Mahmoud Abbas, having provided so many dishonorable services to Israel, lacks Zygielbojm's integrity and noble principles and would never follow in Zygielbojm's footsteps.

The Gaza Ghetto Uprising will mark both the latest chapter in Palestinian resistance to colonialism and the latest Israeli colonial brutality in a region whose peoples will never accept the legitimacy of a racist European colonial settlement in their midst."
That is wildly optimistic but the bravery is as empty as abstract. I certainly won't deny America was full of natives but now in the hands of mad jews*. I would jump into the sea and set myself adrif a refugee on the double. But no, we did not abduct your semitic brothers and teach them dirty tricks to unleash upon you in blatant betrayal of blood and regional bonds. Your siblings got eqypt to do the heavy lifting a few millenia ago, now the USA and subjugants. So, on the contrary, euros are victims too, though by now in a decidedly more comfortable bind than you Gazans are is all.

Maybe 20 of you get to stay and run a few museums if you are lucky.

..... However, let me try a little optimism too, more in keeping with a grounding grind i am attempting to derive enough joy to keep on living on/for from, watch me ban arms all by my lonesome, already managed a clampdown on smoking pretty much.

Since Race is as empty a term as class and gender, or if one were to insist on calling them full, one would, as to the substantial question as to what of, not manage to claim much beyond fluid. Watery stuff's property is to yield, be flighty and fleety unless frigid and otherwise rigid riggings prop stuff into a semblance of structure but only real solidity, never solidarity (a lazy meandering, multilevel, at most periodically tumultuous thing) can lay fameclaim to resistance worth any salts and to imperviety against assaults. Hence, the only mud that sticks gets to be thrown by the Rockist. On top of that the term racist is meaningless in a fraternal struggle.

Ascribing, as Massad does here, 'integrity and noble principles' to a suicide in London, a leader of the Polish Jewish resistance, cannot do a rockist cause a lick of good. That takes dealing with death in a different manner.
Massad again: "He also felt that he had no right to live after his comrades were killed ... In the case of Zygielbojm, he blamed world powers for their indifference and inaction, in the Palestinian case, world and regional powers are co-conspirators and active partners in crime."
What's a rockist like? What rock don't he like? He meshes with all of creation thoroughly, early and quick, re- and immediation with and without bare hands, respecting life and respectacling death, turning rock into light effects additional and closely syncopated with the ones the aforementioned and sibling wet oxides do by default (that 'other', complementing one's 'own' jubilatious# gray, rubble, rub all, ribald remedy for fraternal and all 'other' type rivalry) not before but preventing the proverbial 'muddle through', that is, recapitulate a few stages of evolution before your psychology becomes it and more (volutionizing, volitious, volunta raising) failing that I see no 'right to live' in the sense of yearning turned (l)earning.

Yes, palestinians clearly have the rootedness advantage in the local sense. In fact, reading the jeremiads (a biblebook filled with lamentations) the passage therein that speaks of a wall cannot fail to remind of the one standing now and make one wonder if it wasn't a prophecy coming true only lately and turning nice modest farmers, nice guys really, protagonists of the weirdly twisted and tangledly crisscrossing Biblical storylines, into a bunch of Jobs all over again.
# =Rich Harper (at gang8 group) claims 'Cost of Capitalism' is about default and Jubilee. (SECOND ARTICLE in the link)

... wonder if that and should be an or, there are just no 2 ways about or around life and death differences, nor any relativaging away with those, except as Madoffian make believers.
* = Harry Markopolos on Madoff to SEC in 2005 (Thanks owed to Pete Myers) is an amazingly detailed read. How nastiness like that can be kept under the hat so long is only slightly less amazing than the factual delay and lag we, us, general, run of the mill, average rabble joe sexpick pack in the lies, stack up the debts and can't seem to find the right time to riot yet.

Anonymous said...

^^^Thanks Piet!!! [9:05 AM, January 16, 2009]

Everyone should read the article

Anonymous said...

from nyt via angry arab:

"White phosphorus is a standard, legal weapon in armies, long used as a way to light up an area or to create a thick white smoke screen to obscure troop movements. While using it against civilians, or in an area where many civilians are likely to be affected, can be a violation of international law..."

can be if used by other than jews. if jews use is legal. always proper and legal. they will provide the papers proving such.

...and there are no civilians in gaza or the west bank. every living cell and every structure is hamas. hamas is pure evil as told us by the all knowing and all innocent and all truthful jews.

Anonymous said...

be kind to a jew on coming sat sabbath. invite to a white phosphorus lunch.