Tuesday, January 13, 2009

The mysterious hold of Zionism over American politicians

Juan Cole, who seems to be letting his freak flag fly recently, has an excellent detailed posting on the automatic control that the Israeli government has over the American government, exemplified by Olmert picking up the phone and ordering Bush around to the extent that the United States changed its mind and abstained, rather than voted for, the latest UN cease-fire resolution.  This was a public slap in the face for Rice, who actually helped draft the resolution, and Olmert is crowing about it.  Note the behind-the-scenes trickery of the Jew Kouchner, who valiantly worked for his homeland - Israel, naturally, not France - to try to block the resolution.  

Cole concludes by raising the most important issue of all - the consideration of which is necessitated by the lack of any obvious motive for Bush to act as he did - the conspiracy theory that the mysterious hold of Zionism over American politicians is connected to blackmail.  Israeli intelligence, with the aid of the secret cadre of dual-loyalty American Jews, gathers dossiers of information on characters like Bush, people who have a lot of embarrassments in their pasts, and holds it over them.  Other than direct payments of cash, which probably explains Cheney, this is by far the most plausible theory for why American politicians consistently and blatantly act against American interests (sorry Noam).  I wonder what the Israeli dossier on Obama looks like?


Anonymous said...

It is difficult to come to any other conclusion as the slavish adherence to Israeli requirements is surely damaging the international credibility and legitimacy of the lapdog nations.

Everyone knows that if they don't to adhere to the meme, they will suffer a period of regression in various aspects of their careers and lives.

It is accepted that it is terminally unreasonable to deviate from the idea that Israel's interests trump all other considerations.

I also think Israel's illegal nuclear arsenal is used to intimidate others into supporting Israel's, crackpot, murderous, vindictive acts.

The sheer pointlessness of the terrorist invasion of Gaza leaves me speechless.
The, "we have to stop the rockets" excuse is just nose-thumbing insolence.

Anonymous said...

I feel the same way as moonkoon, the explanations for their actions seems to be either to stop ineffectual rockets or to garner votes in the upcoming election, neither of which rationales justifies the atrocities being committed. I think they are trying to goad Hezbollah and Iran to do something so that a larger war would seem to be justified and would also bring the USA into it before the "Decider" leaves office and it's handed off to Obama as a fait accompli.

I'm not sure about the blackmail part. When you have the guns might it not just be easier/safer to kill the blackmailer rather than to submit continously to it's demands? I'm thinking Cheney/Bush just contracted for 8 years the influence/might of the USA for something they wanted, money or ???

Anonymous said...

jews control the outlets for any story. displease jews and get attacked by a swarm of killer bees .few if any will come to your side..

as influential and seemingly powerful as billy graham was/is. he was forced to his knees and begged for forgiveness. marlon brando blubbered like a baby. nixon complained behind closed doors. robertson, dead falwell, others speak of 'hollywood' or 'liberals' but cant say 'jews'.

mel gibson still comes under attack. people bought tickets but how many told the jews to 'shut the hell up". the catholic church is constantly under attack from jews. who knocks the synagogues for their pedofiles and money launderers and politicking?

blackmail, career loss, lawsuits, thugs for harassment assault.

Anonymous said...

"saying anything about Israeli influence would be like wanting black people to sit at the back of the bus again"-progressive blogger

Anonymous said...

There's a good discussion going on over this issue at Col Lang's site. It's pretty clear what informed Americans think and it's decidedly not what our corrupt politicians think.

Anonymous said...

whoops, here's the url:


Anonymous said...

Australian "Leftist" Government let fly with every imaginable Israeli talking point, before realizing they were against the tide. Then they seem to have just shut up.

Anonymous said...

I have people point out to me that Mark Regev is Australian. I simply reply that he's not, he's Jewish. I say that of any Jew now. Judaism is an entity within, or a State within multiple States. On the surface they work for the State in which they reside, but in actuality, they work toward the advancement of their own collective identity, of which physical Israel is but one part. It used to be called treason, now its just dual Nationality.

Anonymous said...

the details of the israeli mob assuming control over the usa would require too much space.

but suffice it to say that it goes back to post ww2 era, the opium/heroin traffic and cuba.then panama. and south florida, nola, and houston.

as to blackmail, how can we count the ways.

the usa's financing of israel is in many respects a money laundering operation. us taxpayers' money goes to israel. and then there is this program where un congresspersons are invited to israel. where i think that they learn that they have an account funded by these dollars in an israeli bank...and as long as they are good israeli supporters, that account will eventually be there for them.

but, deviate from the israeli line, that account will disappear.

oh, and by the way, israeli bank secrecy is supported more strongly than in almost other supposedly bank secrecy country [lichtenstein, chur, to name the most illustrious].

as far as i know, neither the usg nor euro govs have never made any efforts to break israeli bank secrecy similar to the efforts made to break lichtenstein and chur bank secrecy.

makes you sort of wonder if bernie madoff might have been a mossad, shin beth asset. and though some of the money might have been "appropriated", perhaps he was really running a money laundering operation[i.e., moving jew money from the usa to israel where it could be secreted].

as to the mossad, shin beth, et alia conducting blackmail ops in the usa. of course they do.

i think it is important to recognize some of the players in that game. the tisch family, for instance. via their lowe's hotels. from its opening in the early 1970's, the lowe's l'enfant plaza hotel in dc was a honey trap. i have written about it elsewhere, but suffice it to say it was the only hotel that i have stayed in,other than the hotel gellert in budapest, where the presence of large numbers of hookers was welcomed. all the rooms were wired.

since the tisch family are israeli assets, i would assert that all of their hotels can be used as honey traps.

then there are certain jewish foundations. do you recall a dual passporter by the name of yossef bodansky? he is the individual that created the "legend" of usama[osama] bin laden.

he got his start in the usa writing anti-arab, anti-palestinian screeds in houston, texas. on the payroll of an entity known as the rabbi friedman foundation.

an entity worthy of investigation.

i think it has been obscured, but when george walker bush was sniffing snow, selling snow, he had a jewish girlfriend. who was leaned on by the israeli intell services to give him up. and he was busted. on a snow selling rap that, in those days, would have put you away for decades[if not forever].

though some know of the arrest, the records have been disappeared. the "official" story is that he escaped incarceration by doing community service. what entity arranged that community service? the rabbi friedman foundation, i think.

Anonymous said...

It is not just the Zionists who keep a record of the indiscretions of US politicians. The people who actually run the US want to be sure that any elected individual is susceptible to pressure if they are in any danger of becoming too independent. I would suggest that nobody can get elected to high office in the US unless they are blackmailable. If they lack vulnerability the essential campaign funds are not made available and nobosy can get elected in the US without access to large campaign sums.
As to what the Israeli government in particular has over Bush et al? One does not have to look any further than Israeli involvement in 9/11.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Freemasonry, damnit.

Anonymous said...

This might be a reason the newspaper industry is dead.