Sunday, January 11, 2009

RFK assassination: Onassis and Hamshari?

Actor Robert Vaughn resurrects an old theory proposed by Peter Evans on the assassination of Robert Kennedy, that it was the work of Aristotle Onassis and Mahmoud Hamshari, a Palestinian who Israel claimed - without any evidence - had been involved in the Munich Olympics attack (Hamshari was eventually assassinated by the Israelis with a bomb in his telephone). Note the Lisa Pease response to Evans' theory (Evans' main source seems to have been the extraordinarily suspicious Robert Maheu, who just died in August, and who was certainly trying to deflect suspicions about his own involvement in the assassination). Since the Los Angeles police spent an enormous amount of effort destroying and manipulating evidence, you have to ask the obvious question: why would they do this for Onassis and an obscure Palestinian politician? Vaughn also has real problems describing the motives of both Onassis and Hamshari.