Saturday, January 31, 2009


After much thought, I've taken JS-Kit up on its offer to 'fix' my Blogger template (I'm a glutton for punishment). When this turns into another disaster, I'm contemplating switching to Disqus or Intense Debate (both integrate with FriendFeed, and Intense Debate looks particularly good). Nobody seems to offer spell checking in the comments box, and, from reading various support postings, all the comments companies are, to varying degrees, surprisingly clueless about doing their jobs. JS-Kit seems to be the only hope at recovering Haloscan comments.

I'm using Firefox again, but only when I can't use Opera (blog posting is one area where Opera won't really work). The deep problem with Firefox, and one that can't really be fixed, is that extensions tend to be incompatible. Firefox tries to monitor this, but can't possibly figure out whether every possible combination of extensions will work. Twice now I've frozen Firefox completely (and the 'solution' of deleting files from AppData doesn't work). You could run it without the extensions, but then you might as well run IE. I've tried all the various IE clones, but they are all as hopelessly slow as IE. Opera is still far ahead of everybody, and, since the Abe Vigoda plugin is no longer available for Firefox, the only choice for power surfers.


Anonymous said...

Who needs spell check?

Are you running a site for illiterates?


Anonymous said...


Spot on evaluation. One other area where Opera sometimes has trouble is in locating plugins for the different video formats (although this is at least partially due to my impatiemce at keeping track of them).


You are of course right in principle, but you might cut a little slack to those with tremor, pain or who are just plain drunk.

Anonymous said...

It's being done on purpose.

Get our governments to remove privately owned state banks from racket syndicates ruling your countries.

Set up real national owned banks with new interest free notes. Pay off the debt by paying off the principle making the old notes valueless. Interest is a compounded burden if you don't pay the time oriented debt off immediately, in full, with interest free notes. The lenders and holders of the old currency are screwed. And they should be. Then over a short time you will have interest free notes to stabilize your currency almost immediately as your economy begins to recover. The money of the thieves will be worthless as the new currency becomes the legal tender of the nation. No gold or silver is needed to support the notes. The money will be backed by the integrity of our governments making trade more humane and less
aggressive or threatening.

Its been done many times before in history. This is not another John Law scam. Law couldn't stop printing money for Napoleon's war and offered "interest" and tax rates making the money compounded debt . It was not interest free, making it worthless as the printing press cranked out huge sums of fiat money causing hyper inflation.

We have to go back to the practice of national economies, negotiated trade exchange and stop international competition using slave labor outside our boarders. Cheaper does not translate into better quality goods and making great fortunes for the chosen few who's avarice creates wars and scarcity.

The party's over.

Anonymous said...

"...cut a little slack to those with tremor, pain or who are just plain drunk.."


Stop picking on us functional illiterates.
We demand our rights!
Maybe a homeland as well...

swampthing said...

DO NOT upgrade to Firefox 3 - will not work on old Mac OX-10.

Anonymous said...

Funny USTP reel funny.


I don't give a damn for any man
that can only spell a word one way. (SC)

Anonymous said...

"The lenders and holders of the old currency are screwed. And they should be."

I understand where you're coming from but the trouble with this solution is that the debt is someone else's savings.

The banks are brokers, commission agents who make their money on transactions.

Individuals and corporations "create" money when they issue bonds.
When we borrow money for a house or car or holiday or whatever we are actually issuing a bond, a promise to pay the bearer... we are, in effect, issuing money.
Corporations and governments (municipal state federal) also issue bonds.

The banks will give you paper money (another promise to pay), which is more liquid than your bond, or credit your account.
Either way, you have "created" the money you spend.
The actual amount of money printed will depend on the demand for it from the bond issuers (us).
If the newly issued (borrowed) money is credited to an account and spent electronically then no notes will need to be printed.

You can get money by selling your labour or goods you produce, and that is a good thing as it creates "wealth", but the money you get will come from the bond issuing process outlined above.

You get a new set of problems when you start using actual money (as opposed to buying a painting or investing it) as a store of wealth.

When, in times like these, people choose cash as a safe haven, the money inevitably ends up in cash (treasury) bonds.
The state is saddled with a whole lot of cash and the rest of the economy is starved of it.

It has to try and lay it off to the banks so it can be put back into the credit system or spent, that is, given back to people in exchange for goods and services or just because they are people (call that rebates, handouts, tax cuts, welfare etc, depending on which part of the community is the recipient).

The state has a limited appetite for goods and services, and anyway, it must limit itself to avoid draining the domestic economy of too many resources, AND because it also has to function as a wealth redistribution agent in these times of high capital participation in the production process.

The credit system has seized up because of various, ahem, unforeseen technical issues, so the bond issuer needs to do something with its hoard of cash fast or the system will likely collapse. :-)

Rowan Berkeley said...

Long, definitive round-up and perspective by Petras at Global Research - focusing on Gaza as a political rehearsal for an Israel-only attack on Iran's supposed nuclear weapons plants.

Rowan Berkeley said...

I've also parked a copy here, re-formatted a bit for clarity:

Anonymous said...

Law couldn't stop printing money for Napoleon's war


off by about 90 years


Anonymous said...

Nobody seems to offer spell checking in the comments box

Google Chrome offers spell check as default.

Anonymous said...

Asia Time article about Munich meeting next week wherein Biden may be meeting with a high-ranking Iranian. "America needs Iranian help to deal with Afghanistan".

Why should the US help Israel vis a vis Iran, makes no sense to me.

Only an insane Israel would attempt an attack on Iran. But, then again, they are insane. The US could have stopped the Gaza Holocaust but didn't. Why?

Anonymous said...

Why? we'll take that as a rhetorical question

Blogger has an ominous connection with google

interesting discussion including the distinction between antisemites and anti-zionists--


Anonymous said...

You made a good point about Spell Checker and I will talk it over with out team. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about Disqus or need help integrating.

Community Manager

Anonymous said...

True enough, the Zionazis are once again trying to whip us into a frenzy in preparation for an assault on Iran. This appeared in the Globe and Mail last week:

Juke said...

Sea Monkey is the Mozilla carry-on sort of thing.

Anonymous said...

The Halevi piece in G&M is insane.

It does include one line that may be accurate:

For the first time in Israel's history, the entire country is exposed to missile attack.


Anonymous said...

"Law couldn't stop printing money for Napoleon's war"

Pardon me. I should have referenced the costly war with Spain.

You could have pointed out the right information. The rest of the argument concerning bank scams is right on.


All those financial vehicles are part of the scam. There would be simple stability by either keeping tabs on the amount of money in circulation and excessive profit taking, that is, monopolies. It's interest compounded that destroys nations. A simple negotiated profit is alright. If you want to buy a house and spend three times its value on interest I have an out- house I can sell you at three times its value!

At todays values it would be considered a deal.

Anonymous said...

Try Flock it is the firefox engine with useful built in add ons, even for blogging. On my eeepc it runs much better than firefox.
And as for going back to js, just means never say never.

Anonymous said...

We are finding that we are not able to comment at Rowan's place.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of being unable to comment, here is the text of a comment I tried to post at Al Ahram, I should be grateful if anyone can point out why it was refused (the reply was some reference to Microtrash):

Re "Jingoism all the way", Khaled Amayreh, 29th Jan-4th Feb

With respect, while deeply sympathetic to your sentiments and point of view, I have several times taken you to task for your ignorant use of imagery derived from your misunderstanding of WW II.
In the very first sentence of this piece you again parade your ignorance. What, in fact, do you imagine a "Blitzkrieg" to be? This is a plain question, and it would seem that a plain answer would show that you use a word which you do not understand.
To the extent you accept Zionist baseless terms of reference, you make yourself a Zionist tool. Doubtless the German National Socialists did not form a model government, but it is quite certain that they were forced into an unwanted war, a war waged as humanely as possible. The Blitzkrieg into France was over in days, and the partial occupation was peaceful and almost universally accepted.
The Israelis have shown themselves wicked beyond measure. You do them a service by making facile use of a fabricated past.

Rowan Berkeley said...

sometimes it just stores comments for approval, don't worry about it.

Anonymous said...

Yes, we use terms like "Zionazi" and "Jewish Nazi" because we have been taught that the term "Nazi" carries connotations of the utmost evil, but in fact they're not adequate, the Zionists are incomparably worse than the National Socialists ever were.

Rowan Berkeley said...

traducteur, even if that statement were meaningful, which it is not, it would still be irrelevant to the real question, which is whether it is productive or counter-productive to compare jews in general and zionists in particular, to germans in general and nazis in particular. I say that it is indeed productive, but note the precision with which I have phrased it.

Anonymous said...

A really dedicated opponent of the Nazis, in search of the ultimate insult, might have denounced them as "Aryan Zionists!"

Anonymous said...

How about calling "Jews" what they really are? Like Khazarian Ashke -"nazi's".

There is no meaning to the abbreviation NAZI in Germany. It's a post WW II reference made up my the Allies.

The real abbreviation of Hitler's German Nationalist Party is NSDAP.

I don't think that this was a mistake. Is it a clue as to who really started WW II and so many other conflicts well before and after WW II?

There was no use of the word "NAZI" in Germany that I can find. If someone can find it please post it.

Anonymous said...

Because you leave out significant Sephardic contribution, among other reasons.

Anonymous said...

Fine Berkeley, as long as you understand, as the past few weeks of rallies, etc have shown, there are even Arab/Moslem groups using
the reference in the exact opposite way.

Anonymous said...

i have 2 skills: spelling and mis spelling. spell check kills my resume.

Anonymous said...

from kenny's sdeshow at right:

"For top 400 Americans, combined income of $105 billion in 2006

Statistics recently released by the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), the federal tax authority in the US, show that in the year prior to the emergence of the financial crisis a tiny share of the population enriched itself enormously.

In only one year, 2006, the income of the top 400 Americans—who comprise about .0001% of the population—stood at more than $105 billion, or $263 million a head. To join this exclusive club, individuals had to take home a minimum of $111 million.

Less than one fifth of the financial aristocracy’s income went in tax payments to the IRS: $18 billion cumulatively, or $45 million per head.

The proportion of their total income the rich paid in taxes, just 17%, was the lowest since the IRS began to collect similar data 18 years ago. It is also well below the tax rate of most working class families, according to Robert S. McIntyre, the director of Citizens for Tax Justice."

more - Tom Eley at

off to check my bank statement to see if im in this group.

Anonymous said...

Audio interview in which George Kenney asks James Petras about the ‘Israel Lobby,’ what’s behind it, what makes it different than the tobacco lobby, the NRA, or the AARP. Total runtime fifty six minutes.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Xeno, nice interview w. the incomparable Petras, pulls no punches

Great new website, brilliant analysis by Werther and others:

Israel and the triple standard, Werther:

down with spell check, up with 5DS


Man From Atlan said...

Did you switch to Opera recently, I've had more problems logging on to your site, doesn't seem to work well with those using IE.
I did get used to JS-Kit, and hope you get the Haloscan archives back.
Don't need no stinkin' spellchek.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the post Xeno, good interview with Petras. I hope everyone (particularly you Rowan) noticed that Petras agrees with me on Finkelstein. Is there anyone else anyone would like to ask me about?


Bring back spell check

Anonymous said...

M K Bhadrakumar seems paranoid.

Neo-Ottomanism??? Please!

Anonymous said...

Call for pope to step down over Holocaust denier

Anonymous said...

You're welcome, USTaxes and Evie.

I found an interesting clip from a 1991 movie dealing with the Zwi Migdal, the redoubtable international Jewish criminal network that dominated human trafficking and prostitution in Brazil, Paraguay, Uruguay and Argentina in the first half of the XXth Century.

Downloadable clip:

Obviously, Zvi Migdal did not exploit exclusively Jewish women, or dealt only on prostitution as suggested by Wikipedia. They were quite oecumenical regarding their profit sources.

Influence trafficking, murder and the subversion of justice through bribes leveraged the power of their international networks and were part and parcel of their business model.

Anonymous said...

re petras article at globalresearch, how did anybody read it? spreads across several monitors. had to go to niqnaq where i will later print.

news of the day:

punkatoxic bill kristol has seen his shadow. 12 more years of wars for jews.

Man From Atlan said...

Intense Debate doesn't allow you to post long address links.

Man From Atlan said...

Moonkoon, bonds, like credit, are just another form of debt created by and managed by the Banks.
It has no value except as an indice of the value of the labour required to purchase it and the labour required to pay it off.
If we could only understand the power of money, we'd all be rich.
In one way or the other.

Man From Atlan said...

Grettir, I imagine your comment wasn't accepted since Al Ahram, being dependant on the Egyptian govt's graces, would not allow anything resembling sympathy for the National Socialists to sully its pages. MEMRI is quite capable of using a blog comment as 'proof' of Egyptian media's innate anti-smitism :)

Rowan Berkeley said...

The James Petras article at Global Research does indeed fail to wrap, at least when viewed in Firefox, I have seen this at Global Research once or twice before.

why does this site - Xymphora - need to gather fresh information from the sites of every single person on its blogroll, every time you open it?

Rowan Berkeley said...

answering my own question: it is so that it can compile that lise on the right of the page that shows the latest post title and time from every single one of them. 'spose with all this free bandwidth why not eh

Anonymous said...

a letter from south africa:

Anonymous said...

OT, but historically interesting nonetheless:

Text of the German Declaration of War with the United States : December 11, 1941

The text of the note which the German representatives handed to Mr. Ray Atherton, Chief of the European Division of the State Department, at 9:30 A.M., December 11, the original of which had been delivered the morning of December 11 to the American Charge d'Affaires in Berlin, follows:


The Government of the United States having violated in the most flagrant manner and in ever increasing measure all rules of neutrality in favor of the adversaries of Germany and having continually been guilty of the most severe provocations toward Germany ever since the outbreak of the European war, provoked by the British declaration of war against Germany on September 3, 1939, has finally resorted to open military acts of aggression.

On September 11, 1941, the President of the United States publicly declared that he had ordered the American Navy and Air Force to shoot on sight at any German war vessel. In his speech of October 27, 1941, he once more expressly affirmed that this order was in force. Acting under this order, vessels of the American Navy, since early September 1941, have systematically attacked German naval forces. Thus, American destroyers, as for instance the Greer, the Kearney and the Reuben James, have opened fire on German sub-marines according to plan. The Secretary of the American Navy, Mr. Knox, himself confirmed that-American destroyers attacked German submarines.

Furthermore, the naval forces of the United States, under order of their Government and contrary to international law have treated and seized German merchant vessels on the high seas as enemy ships.

The German Government therefore establishes the following facts:

Although Germany on her part has strictly adhered to the rules of international law in her relations with the United States during every period of the present war, the Government of the United States from initial violations of neutrality has finally proceeded to open acts of war against Germany. The Government of the United States has thereby virtually created a state of war.

The German Government, consequently, discontinues diplomatic relations with the United States of America and declares that under these circumstances brought about by President Roosevelt Germany too, as from today, considers herself as being in a state of war with the United States of America.

Accept, Mr. Charge d'Affaires, the expression of my high consideration.

December 11, 1941.


Anonymous said...

Finklestein recently seemed to modify his slant in the Petras debate. In interviews concerning Gaza he has said that Jews with Lobby power contribute importantly if not decisively to US policy. In the Petras debate he said Jews operating within the power structure were acting as economic units, not chiefly as Jews.
"You don't really believe that, Jim?" I roughly quote his

Anonymous said...

Forgive me for saying so Xymph, but I think you were gulled by Haloscan-JS-Kit. ICH still uses the old Haloscan and is thus able to consider the inevitability and implications of enforced change at leisure - and make plans to cover a worst-case scenario if and when the claims of redundancy prove to be correct.

Anonymous said...

Interesting but I found this a little more relevant -

Anonymous said...

In my post above I claimed that "debt is someone else's savings."
However it turns out that this is a gross oversimplification.
In his blog, Steve Keen points out that total debt exceeds the M3 money quantity by 2 or 3 times! Keen
Only one dollar out of every 2 or 3 is someone's savings, credit expansion is not a function of deposits but dependent on the actual demand for credit. Keen describes the credit market as "endogenous".
The amount of liquidity in a system depends on our willingness and ability to undertake "bond exchange" (see above).
The willingness varies according to things like prospects for capital gain, falling asset values are a surefire way to reduce credit uptake.
The ability to service the bonds depends on income and bond servicing costs (interest, fees etc.)
It seems that we can sustainably service about four to five times income.