Tuesday, January 13, 2009


Three good posting from the Angry Arab (who always lets his freak flag fly).  It is nice to see Israeli 'historians', who are basically propagandists and thus part of the Israeli military, removing the disguise.  

I also fully agree that critiques of Palestinian resistance are wrong.  The Palestinians are in an impossible position, and are doing what they can.  Quibblers about the details are Zionist apologists.  When the Palestinians win, the rockets will be part of that victory.  I only wish they had better ones.

The guy who won the movie award didn't mention Gaza.  He should give the award back.  It is not an anti-war movie, it is a movie about how terrible it is that the noble Jewish soul has to be troubled by feelings as it slaughters.  Very lite Zionist.  Also very Golda.

The remarkable series of Israeli lies about the shelling of the UN school has finally reached its conclusion:  it was a 'stray'.  After each atrocity too obvious to ignore, the Israelis and their apologists always give us this series of Maxwell Smart preposterous lies, 'would you believe . . . ', and with the failure of each lie just come up with another one.  It was the same thing with Cana, or when they bombed the UN observer post in Lebanon.


Anonymous said...

Declassified U.S. documents show that the CIA and former U.S. ambassadors were fully aware, as far back as 1990, that the military in Colombia -- the third largest recipient of U.S. aid after Israel and Egypt -- were committing extrajudicial killings as part of "death squad tactics."



Anonymous said...

Media outlets like The Australian are doing their best to help the Israeli Government convince the world that it needs to kill people in Gaza, writes Michael Brull
It has been interesting watching the so-called "pro-Israel lobby" work the media over the course of Israel's latest demonstration of its military superiority in Gaza.

One journalist recently wrote in the Guardian that the Israeli Government is actively recruiting people to peddle their talking points in the media. That's not a big surprise. It's certainly part of the reason why I keep reading the same idiotic things over and over again in media from across the world: England, Australia, America, and also from Israel.



Rowan Berkeley said...

well i dunno why the angry arab is bragging about receiving obscene emails from nir rosen.

Anonymous said...

"I support Israel banning Arab parties from elections"-every member of the US Senate

Anonymous said...

In the past I was scared to do anything offline, I would drop leaflets or post flyers or something anonymous (or seminonymous), but today I wore a Palestine flag (red fly on black-white-green horizontal tricolor) lapel pin, and tomorrow I will try to talk to one stranger about Gaza, and later I will try to organize a brutally honest organization and web site.

hANOVER fIST said...


OK, terrific.

Anonymous said...

hey come check out our new website:


Anonymous said...

It's great to see so much online support for Gaza and the massacre they're enduring...

Anonymous said...


ziz said...

Only one stray round in the gazillions used up in the last 2 weeks ? That looks like pretty good shooting.Perhaps this is the new fall back explanation - AW shucks that was stray GPS guided bumker buster bomb that took out hamas HQ. We are writing to the manufacturers about it.

How do you decide a "stray" mortar round - they are accurate to about ummm - well you need afew ranging rounds first and then ...

There is a GPS guided mortar system see 2/14/2006

More Toys for the Boys. GPS mortar passes tests - Alliant technical systems were developing precision guided mortar munition (PGMM)
ATK and the U.S. Army have established an extensive test regimen to ensure that the first PGMM production rounds will be ready for delivery no later than 2010.

PGMM is an advanced weapon system that a precise, multi-purpose indirect fire capability that can fly in excess of seven kilometers and impact within one meter of the target.(!) It will be able to defeat protected enemy with low collateral damage in 2 rounds or less.

Seems unlikely that the IDF will have any such kit yet - even though they are the official Live proving gound for weaponry (well Gaza is)

Whilst this item appeared on BBC online it was not on any main BBC news, either in UK or World Service.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

The zionist m.o. is always the same: lie, deny, blame the other guy.

Anonymous said...

“But the first step is that the Israelis and whoever is organizing the pathetic, pointless, ineffective rocket attacks from Gaza, stop shooting, stop harassing and humiliating and terrifying people._The people who are doing these dreadful deeds will have to find something more constructive to do sooner or later.”

the Israelis and whoever… Perhaps one and the same?

Something more constructive? Look how far they have come with the SOP,worked out long before the state of Israel became a reality. In their eyes, the project has been wildly successful. They not only control the Middle East but, by your own lights, all of the most powerful govts extant.

But how is the notion of ‘Eretz Israel’ different from that of ‘The kingdom of heaven on Earth’ or ‘The British Empire’ or any other of man’s endless self-righteous follies?

And the poor little decapitated child—what do you suppose her name was last time around? Golda, perhaps? Ben Gurion? Or some nameless foot-soldier of the Irgun?

Anonymous said...

xeno, a point (or two) of clarification (thx for the boycott list).
Are the following truly offenders of the zionist kind?
Carrefour, Hugo Boss (i thought he designed wermacht uniforms), Galbani (Italian cheese makers?), Nokia, ...
i'd be curious about the provenance of that list, false positives, etc.

(btw, the new blog layout is pure shits, posting here is like making a speech at some bar mitzvah)