Monday, January 05, 2009

We have them now

From kei and yuri in the comments:
"What we have heard from local and national American news is worse than usual, that is, they are literally reading IOF press releases as if it were news and quoting without attribution as though that was the way things are."

The politicians and almost all the media are reciting the same Israeli propaganda, word for word, and it obviously has no connection to reality (with Obama, it looks more and more like you can has cheezburger, but that's about it; if you miss the reference, see here and here). This is actually a good thing, as almost anybody can understand exactly what is going on, the same thing that always is going on, but not so ridiculously obvious. A number of people have noted the gross disparity between public opinion, as shown in polls and demonstrations, and the official position taken by the media and politicians. You should not have any doubts that we live in a world of conspiracies, and World Jewry is amongst the most active conspirators.

As I've said before, we all have a native understanding of the horrible injustice of what is being done to the Palestinians, which forms such a stark contrast with the official story. It goes beyond the ludicrousness of hearing all media figures and politicians recite the same nonsense. We understand that if a conspiracy can be so big and so awful - putting people in cages, half starving them to death, dropping bombs on them, and then blaming the dead people for what has happened to them! - that the same thing could happen to any of us. When we protest what is being done to the Palestinians, we are not just asserting our sense of morality (morality is, by its nature, anti-supremacist), we are also reflecting a realization that we could just as easily be the next Palestinians. The lies are so awful, and the disconnect with reality so huge, that we should all be terrified of the Jews and their power (which may be exerted in places you might not expect). It doesn't help that people like Frum and Rubin, and this monster from Israel, have such a tin ear about normal human morality that they appear to be people-eating space aliens rather than human beings.

As with Lebanon, the Jews forgot about the internet. We've worked around official pronouncements, which are all the Jews control (and I never expect anybody to dare complain about my saying 'Jew-controlled media' again!), treating the mainstream as a virus, and heading for truth. There is quite a bit of truth out there, stuff that looks even better in the light of the mainstream media truth crisis. The craziness of it all even has people like Juan Cole linking to the Truth will set you Free (I guess Cole has really given up on Yale; I can't wait for him to link to Judicial-Inc.). If all the acceptable sources are spouting nothing but obvious lies, you have to take the truth where you can find it.

Western politicians and media have never been so out of line with the facts and simple human decency. The reason they are so bent is that they have been bought by the Jews, and the reason the Jews are so bent is that they are extremist racist supremacists. We need to stop Israel and World Jewry from doing this again by:
  1. Putting an end to Israel by changing international law to recognize that habitual state offenders have to be stopped, and the only way to stop them is to treat them as international outlaws (this isn't collective punishment as our intention isn't to punish the residents of Israel for what they have done, but to stop the state from reoffending, something we are certain will happen); and
  2. Retaking control of our politics and media, which has never been so far from representing our interests and belief-system (not to mention their gross dereliction of duty in the world of finance), by rejecting this entire set of bought politicians and boycotting the entire mainstream media and entertainment industry.

We have them now. They've finally gone too far.