Thursday, February 26, 2009


Pakistan is the real answer to the question: why is the United States in Afghanistan, fighting a war it knows it is going to lose?

Every one of these questions has two parts, the American Empire part - i. e., the way the Jews spin the issue to entice the American Military Industrial Complex to bite on something that is against the interests of Americans - and the real reason, the goals of World Jewry.

Afghanistan has two sets of reasons, the original reasons, and the long-term current reasons. The original reason prepared by the traitor-Jews in the White House to fool the American Empire was that taking over Afghanistan would allow the building of a gas pipeline (not to mention it provided a kind of revenge for September 11, and the idea that the Americans were doing something about it). The original real reason was that the attack on Afghanistan - under the guise of finding bin Laden! - was the first War For The Jews, a relatively palatable way of leading the United States into fighting the wars required by World Jewry to clean an area for Greater Israel. Under the flag of Bibi's 'War on Terror', it was supposed to, and did, lead directly to the attack on Iraq. It was the training-wheels war, preparing American popular opinion for wars of choice.

The current reason for the war in Afghanistan, from the point of view of the American Military Industrial Complex, is to take up the slack in arms requirements after the United States leaves Iraq. It is a corporate welfare program for arms makers. The current reason for the war from the point of view of World Jewry, i. e., the real reason for the war, is the destabilization of Pakistan.

Pakistan has a huge population. Due to its feudal economy, all the brightest minds end up in the military, and Pakistan has one of the most formidable armies in the world. It also has the bomb and a way to deliver it. Finally, it is fervently anti-Zionist. It is little wonder that one of the main goals of World Jewry is weakening or destroying Pakistan. The plan is to destabilize or even eliminate Pakistan by roiling up the border areas, areas under very tenuous control of the central governments. The numerous direct American attacks on Pakistan are just a part of the destabilization process.

The big Zionist plan is to have the Indians help in this, ideally through war, but the Indians are too smart, realizing that the break-up of Pakistan will lead to huge pressures in India towards the break-up of India. It is curious that this kind of tension is also thwarting Zionist goals to break up Iraq.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Sea bathing, soonish

From the comments (traducteur), this might be a hoax, except the content of the document is incredibly accurate. You can notice it in the air of extreme panic surrounding the American 'lites', who suddenly have a lot to say about the two-state solution, hoping against hope they can sneak that one in before the Jews have to learn how to swim. It is too late. Sales of water wings are soaring in Israel. The JIZ had their chance and they blew it.

Here, in a completely unnecessarily snarky article, is David Irving educating Bishop Williamson on the reality of the Holocaust, along with its misuse by certain parties.

, who just can't help himself. The accurate reading is that the traitor Jews surrounding Bush decided to have one more kick at the can, hoping to so foul the atmosphere that Obama wouldn't be able to impose peace on the JIZ. Obama knew he couldn't do anything about it, so decided not to waste any political capital complaining about it. Cynical of him, but not proof that he is also part of the Zionist cabal. The secret war against the Jews, of which he is a part (and which I have yet to explain, though I think it is obvious), is proof that the American Empire is no longer rolling with the JIZ.

The only good thing about Canadian university presidents is that the shekels jingling in their pockets means they cannot sneak up behind you. The younger ones might want to consider that the tide of history has already turned, and they really don't want to be on the wrong side of it, shekels notwithstanding.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

No waltzing

Were you as shocked as I was that Waltz with Bashir didn't win the Oscar? Here's why. It is positively anti-Semitic to force a 90-year-old 'Holocaust survivor' movie producer to sit through hours of movies filled with schwartzes in order to ensure that the movie which proves the beauty of the Jewish soul wins. They will have to 'fix' the process.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009

Monday, February 23, 2009:
  1. Another sad saga of Canadian university censorship in aid of mass murderers, this time at Carleton University (known in Canada as Cartoon U for its high academic standards and admissions policies; if you want a laugh, read about a disease dissed by the Carleton University Students’ Association for not being 'inclusive' enough, a decision subsequently partly overturned due to mass guffawing). I'm wondering . . . do the Jewish Billionaire puppet strings temporarily detach in case these university presidents need to change clothes or take a bath, or are they permanently attached? Of course, the Latuff cartoon couldn't possibly evoke any 'hurtful' ideas unless it accurately depicted at least some of the horror caused by Israel (note the threat of expulsion from the university if you are a decent and moral person).
  2. CUPE Ontario signs up with the legion of decent and moral people, despite enormous pressure from the you-know-whos.
  3. This is well done.
  4. Weirdest conspiracy theory of the week,

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A psychosexual history of the Wars For The Jews

There aren't a lot of defined minority groups that have managed to maintain their existence for millennia. In the West, I can think of but two, the Jews and the Roma (along with a few Christian sects like the Amish). Of course, there are still pockets of such people around, particularly in the Middle East, and a long history of such groups that no longer exist, either through assimilation or violence. The Catholic Church has been particularly careful to eliminate its rivals over the centuries (which is why there isn't an Albigensian Lobby!).

It is tough to keep a defined minority together. Other than the violence (which requires an investigation of the methods used by the group to establish relations with the outside, the subject of another posting, which will lead to a consideration of the relative success of the Jews and the Roma), the main problem is preventing voluntary assimilation. Being different is uncomfortable. Everybody wants to belong to the larger society. The different rules of the larger society look like freedom to younger people. How do you prevent assimilation?

The main method used by all minority groups to prevent assimilation is a mythology of the vast superiority of the group over the outsiders. This is drilled into children from the youngest age (I should note that this brainwashing is the main reason why almost all Jews are hopelessly confused on issues of the Middle East, and why the Jews won't be able to solve the problem they have created). People gain a considerable amount of their self-worth from their perceived superiority as members of the group. Preservation of the superior group is the highest value, and damaging the group is the greatest sin.

Of course, 'marrying out' is a terrible wrong. In a group where belonging is defined through the mother, 'marrying out' for a man is the greatest possible sin. Not only is it a sin in itself as it damages the group, but it dooms the children to a half-life as animals who can never regain their lost superiority. The conversion required of outsiders who 'marry in', and the controversy which still surrounds such conversions, is evidence of the importance of the perception of race purity in group identity.

It is not a coincidence that the Jewish Billionaires are all middle aged men, many of them who have themselves committed the ultimate sin or who have seen it among their colleagues. They are obsessed with assimilation. Contrary to what you might think, they are not obsessed with the physical survival of Jewish people; they are obsessed with the racial purity of the group. Since the Jews have no real defined racial characteristics - most Jews are racially identical to the Palestinians, and almost all of the Jewish Billionaires are descended from relatively late converts who have never had any connection with the Middle East - this is largely bullshit, but bullshit that is the subject of rather fervent belief.

We can only understand the mystery of the Israeli Empire - Greater Israel - if we grasp the central importance of this fear of assimilation. Obviously, the manipulation of the United States to fight Wars For The Jews, and the manipulation of Middle East politics to create a series of wars around and involving Israel, is very risky to the existence of individual Jews. The Jewish Billionaires don't care about that. Israel, or Greater Israel, is Anti-Assimilation-Land. Since everybody around you is a Jew, and, as planned, no Jews will be elsewhere, there is no risk of 'marrying out'. The guiding perception is that the key threat to the Jewish people isn't a holocaust, it is the gradual drifting away of members of the group. The Jewish Billionaires are willing to take any risk and commit any atrocity - start wars, kill and displace millions of people, end human civilization, destroy human rights and free speech around the world, destroy international law. and lay low the greatest economies, all to avoid the risk of the greatest threat to the Jewish group, assimilation.

Of course, the paradox is that the more evil the Jewish Billionaires act, the more that decent and moral Jews are voting with their feet and voluntarily leaving the group, fed up with all the violence and lies and manipulation. This drives those who remain even crazier, and makes them take even greater risks.

The ultimate goal of the Jewish Billionaires is to make Israel 'racially' pure, and have all the Jews of the world living in Israel. This explains the odd behavior of Israel. Why is Israel always obsessed with its short borders, and how difficult such borders are to defend? Surely short borders are easier to defend than the borders of a country stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. The reason that Israel has never set its borders is that the calculations are that the Jews, after all moving to the Middle East and being fruitful and multiplying, will need all the land of Greater Israel in order to be able to survive.

Self-worth is defined by group identity, but the group is threatened by assimilation. The only way to stop assimilation is to move all the Jews to one place, Anti-Assimilation-Land, and that place is Greater Israel. That is the explanation for the irrational behavior of the Jewish Billionaires, and the irrational out-of-control violence of the Jewish State.

Why is CanWest over?

From an article on CanWest:
"What you see here is a pattern – not just of making bad deals, but a pattern of thinking, or, if you want to be less charitable, of hubris.

Like the person who has too much pride in his home and holds out for every last dollar when selling, even in the face of evidence that the market is worsening, Mr. Asper could never bring himself to shed a trophy asset. (The one he did sell, he bought back less than two years later for nearly the same price.) He always thought he could manage his way through the problem and avoid crisis."

Curiously, CanWest is a victim of Zionism. As a Jewish Billionaire, Asper was unable to sell his key assets because his duty as a Jew required him to maintain the propaganda outlets to continue to lie to people about Israel and its wider intentions. I will print the entire first comment to this article, by Robin Travers, before it is disappeared:
"Gee what a shame. A major pro-Zionist corporate/government propaganda outlet might go bust. I'll sure miss all those news stories that served the Canadian public interest CanWest Global published.
You know the stories I'm taking about: the ones covering the poisons and heavy metals in our vaccines, the toxic sodium fluoride in 45% of Canadians' drinking water, the carcinogens the government allows companies to put in our food and CanWests's expose of GMO food, the history of state sponsored false flags and terrorism e.g. Operations Operation Susannah, Gladio, Ajax, Northwoods, Gleiwitz etc, the fact that Israel broke the ceasefire with Hamas 4 Nov 2008, the crimes against humanity Israel perpetrates against the Palestinians on a daily basis all documented by Israeli human rights organizations such as BT'Selem. I'll also miss Canwest's coverage of the police state Canada is becoming and how Canadian Prime Ministers are largely puppets of the Queen, that is when they're not putting the finishing touches on the projects their corporate paymasters have set for the,e.g. the SPP.

All and all it'll be pretty tough to fill the gap left by CanWest should it collapse. I don't know how our democracy will survive without it. Without CanWest there to challenge the (corporate/zionist/government) establishment version of things I guess we''ll just have to rely on some other news outlets to do their journalistic duty and report the facts Canadians need to make informed decisions about their government and their country."

Memo to the JIZ: the fact we have limited outlets for the truth doesn't mean that you can continue to delude yourselves that you have successfully fooled us. WE KNOW.

Technophobia II

After the 'Pointy-Haired Boss' from JS-Kit made a big show of appearing to care by posting on this blog, I went against my better judgment and decided to see if they could restore the comments from Haloscan that they lost. Of course, my better judgment was right. "Wally' has now requested that I tell him again what the problem is, an obvious attempt to 'put the ball in my court' so he can tell the 'Pointy-Haired Boss' that he can't do anything until I respond. I have no intention of wasting more time with these corporate games. If JS-Kit gave a damn, it has all the information it needs.

This is an example in miniature of why the American economy is fucked. All the commentators recognized immediately that JS-Kit was greatly inferior to Haloscan. JS-Kit won not because of its superior product, but because of its superior financing, i. e., because of its superior paper shuffling. The ideologues of capitalism keep repeating that the 'market' will solve all problems, and lead to greater and greater products available to consumers. Nonsense. JS-Kit is just corporate vandalism, taking a perfectly working product and ruining it, all because its banksters were smarter than Haloscan's banksters.

I'm sticking with Blogger's comments until I find another comment product that is obviously superior to it. Then I can only hope that JS-Kit doesn't buy it and ruin it.

Added in response to comments: I was told by JS-Kit that I had to move to JS-Kit from Haloscan: if I didn't move voluntarily, they would soon force me to move. The fact that some Haloscan comments still exist probably proves that JS-Kit is finding the conversion process more complex than they thought. As I understand it, eventually all Haloscan comments will be converted, and Haloscan will disappear.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009

Saturday, February 21, 2009:
  1. Tony Blair, who is supposed to be some sort of 'honest broker' in sorting out that little Israeli-Palestinian difference of opinion over how much land the Israelis can steal from the Palestinians, has just received a $1 million bribe from the Israeli side. Of course, he will continue to be just as fair and balanced as before.
  2. Let's say you are President of the University of Toronto Knitting Club and you want to book a room on campus to hold a meeting. Who do you call? Why, the President of the University, David Naylor, who has so little to do that he is personally involved in the booking of meeting rooms at the University. I assume if you ask nicely he'll wander over and help to set up the chairs and tables.
  3. The NYT informs us that Bibi is 'pragmatic' (he's starting to look a little like Chance the Gardener from 'Being There'). Of course he is. He doesn't care whether it is tank shells, aerial bombardment, slow poisoning from putting toxins on agricultural land, starvation by blocking food shipments, denial of medical care, or simply shooting unarmed civilians waving white flags. As long as it results in dead Palestinians, Bibi is a pragmatist.
  4. The Israeli elections could not have turned out better. We got to see the 'left' prove that there is not a hair's breadth difference between it and eliminationist Avigdor Lieberman (note how Lieberman's name somehow never appears in the NYT piece!), as it tried to suck up to Lieberman to obtain his support. Then we got to see the inevitable Likud-Yisrael Beytenu coalition, with Lieberman crowned King of the Jews. No more will Israel be able to make any kind of argument that it really would like to negotiate if only it had a negotiating partner, Hamas wasn't around, there weren't suicide bombers, there weren't rockets, Arafat wasn't around, the dog ate my homework, etc., etc., etc. The traditional 'lite' presentation of the Israelis as basically good people in a bad neighborhood will no longer fly. Nobody will accept Bibi and his new boss as wanting to negotiate anything. It has now become so much clearer that the only solution is to push the Jews into the sea (where that swimsuit that Bar sports so fetchingly will come in handy). I'm sure the Palestinians will be gracious and hospitable, as always, to that tiny minority of real anti-Zionist Jews who want to stay. The Americans will get the well-deserved booby prize of hosting the rest of them.
  5. In case you are wondering how fucked the United States is, this was the top story on CNN Mobile yesterday: "Socks, former Clinton cat, put to sleep"

Stop worrying about the comments. If I see an obvious denier posting - presumably from the Israeli blog warrior crowd - I just skip to the next one. Easy.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009

Friday, February 20, 2009:
  1. The NYT catches up with the Jarrahs. Of course, September 11 was all about stolen identities, so an Israeli hook into one member of a family would make it all that much easier to obtain an identity from another member of the family.
  2. This is all over the internet, but since the Huffington Post's corrupt protection of Zionism makes it fair game for all the mocking we can muster, the greatest apology of the year (and it is only mid-February): "John Gibson Did Not Compare Eric Holder To Monkey With Bright Blue Scrotum". I assume Arianna will have somebody killed over this.
  3. The Golden Age of Anti-Semitism is upon us: Judenschadenfreude.
  4. "eBay renames 'yellow star' after 'Nazi' complaint" If the victims of Stalin had no shame, and were trying to kill a bunch of people and steal their land, the red star would be next in line.
  5. What are the chances that Waltz with Bashir - another lamentation of how the beauty of the Jewish soul is damaged by what the Jews are forced to do (while somehow simultaneously denying that the wrongdoing was the work of the Jews!; i.e., the Jewish soul is so pure that it suffers under the weight of the wrongdoings of others) - won't win an Academy Award?
  6. Kate Winslet's figured it out: “I’m doing it because I’ve noticed that if you do a film about the Holocaust, (you’re) guaranteed an Oscar. I’ve been nominated four times. Never won. The whole world is going, ‘why hasn’t Winslet won one?’”
  7. The turd known as CanWest is circling the drain. You have to wonder whether they will follow the NYT and maintain Jewish Billionaire power by finding a Jewish Billionaire to bail them out.

Thursday, February 20, 2009

I'm not finished with Old School - believe me, it will become very interesting - but here are a few links to tide you over:
  1. From Robot Wisdom, a completely gratuitous drive-by slurring of Jorn Barger from "The Huffington Post Complete Guide to Blogging". You should know that you are in for a treat when the first quote in the book is by Erica Jong.
  2. A pdf of "The Ezra Pound Encyclopedia" is available here (you'll have to unpack it with a program like 7-Zip). You might also like "The Poetics of Fascism: Ezra Pound, T.S. Eliot, Paul de Man". It is funny how Eliot went from being 'The Greatest Poet of the Twentieth Century' to some schlub all because the usual suspects found some vaguely anti-Semitic line in a letter.
  3. A pdf of Political Ponerology is here. Definitely worth the read.
  4. A posting explaining my single favorite line from Family Guy:
    "You're doing the same thing that Mia Farrow did to that Oriental guy that Woody Allen brought home from the circus."

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Old School 2

William Turner on Arthur Bremer, the guy who attempted to kill Wallace, or at least the patsy for that attempt (bullet number discrepancies - shades of the RFK assassination - and the fact that Bremer said he did it for the publicity, and hasn't said a word since, either at the trial or later, makes one wonder), now out on parole:
"My investigation in Milwaukee determined that Bremer had a close association with a group of "Jesus Freaks" with a red, white and blue "Jesus Saves" bumper sticker. In other words pro-Nixon. This becomes interesting in light of the RFK case. Shortly after his assassination I inteviewed a fundamentalist free-lance preacher named Jerry Owen, The Walking Bible. He claimed he picked up Sirhan hitchhiking the day before the election and was to deliver a race track pony to him at the Ambassador Hotel on election night. To make a long story short - my book "The Assassination of Robert F. Kennedy" recounts it in full - we determined that Owen had a pre-existing custodial relationship with Sirhan. In 1975 Owen sued a TV station that had disclosed the relationship, and he had a devoted follower named Gail Aiken ready as a character witness at the trial. Imagine his surprise when Vince Bugliosi, primed by us, asked Owen if Aiken was'nt Arthur Bremer's sister. With that Aiden was harriedly sent back to Florida where her brother, William Bremer Jr., had been convicted of fraud. William's attorney was Ellis Rubin, who represented the Miami Four in the Watergate prosecutions."

and, further down the same thread, by Pat Speer:
"One of the things that really struck me about Owen's story was that, as I remember it, his alibi for the night of the assassination was Slapsy Maxie Rosenbloom, a business partner of Mickey Cohen's. Cohen hated Robert Kennedy almost as much as Hoffa. Cohen was also close to Belli, Ruby's attorney, and had dated Candy Barr, who'd work for Ruby. Was this just a coincidence?"

Here's an unconvincing attack on Turner by a Posner-style conspiracy debunker. Of course, the details of Owen's story are irrelevant. The key question is why is a guy volunteering himself into the Sirhan Sirhan story, a guy whose close associate is Arthur Bremer's sister? The use of phony preacher as an intelligence cover has a precedent in the amazing story of Albert Alexander Osborne.

More old school ruminations to come.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Old school

From an interview with Adam Gorightly, who wrote a book on Manson (he's got the assassination attempt order mixed up):
". . . during Manson's childhood in West Virginia, his mother was a prostitute, and Charlie's mom was a friend of another prostitute who just so happened to be the mother of Sara Jane Moore, who later attempted to assassinate President Gerald Ford. In fact, Charlie and Sara Jane Moore were childhood friends. Later Manson Family member Squeaky Fromme attempted to assassinate Ford, as well. These were just many of the strange coincidences, synchronicities, or, dare I say it, conspiracies that I happened upon during the course of my research."

From an account of Moore's parole (it's funny how the conspiracies all link):
"Her attempt on Ford's life came less than three weeks after Lynette "Squeaky" Fromme, a devotee of Charles Manson, mastermind of the 1969 Tate-LaBianca murders in Los Angeles, also tried to kill Ford, pulling out a handgun but failing to get off a shot when he made an appearance in Sacramento."

"On Feb. 4, 1974, a group of revolutionaries called the Symbionese Liberation Army kidnapped newspaper heiress Patricia Hearst, who morphed into a machine-gun-wielding terrorist and joined her captors for more than 19 months on the run. (The Hearst Corp. now owns The Chronicle.)

When the SLA demanded that Hearst's father, Randolph Hearst, feed poor people, a $2 million food giveaway program called "People In Need" was created.

Moore, an accountant who was already steeped in the Bay Area's radical politics, volunteered to be the group's bookkeeper. At the time, she was also an FBI informant, but apparently never rose far in the bureau's arsenal of snitches. That was in early 1974.

On Sept. 5, 1975, Fromme made the first assassination attempt on Ford. Thirteen days later, Hearst and the remaining SLA members were captured in San Francisco. Four days later, Moore tried to shoot Ford."

From a 1975 article in Time (PIN is 'People in Need'):
"While at PIN, she had struck up a friendship with Wilbert ("Popeye") Jackson, the black ex-convict who had formed the United Prisoners Union, dedicated to advancing prison reform. (He was gunned down in San Francisco on June 8 by unknown assassins.) Popeye, hinting at contacts with the S.L.A., approached Randolph Hearst with an offer to intercede for Patty's release. Sensing an opportunity, Moore managed to become the go-between in the dealings. It was a role that caught the attention of FBI agents, who thought she might provide useful information. According to her account (see box), the FBI hired her in the spring of 1974 and gave her a code name and control officer.

Sara Jane hung around the U.P.U. offices, answering phones and trying to ingratiate herself. But Popeye's blatant sexual activities offended her sensibilities. She also grew weary of being conned for money by him and got angry when he damaged her auto. She decided he was not sincere about trying to help free Patty. Her verdict: "He did what he wanted to, and to hell with the rest of the world."

The FBI assigned Moore a new target: a still unidentified radical leader whom she called Tom.

Soon, under Tom's tutelage, she found herself increasingly attracted to Maoist and Marxist ideas. She attended movies, discussions and seminars, often dragging along her son. Finally, she asked to join Tom's study group, and as an earnest of her sincerity, told Tom about her role as an FBI informant. Tom replied that while he believed her conversion, he would have to take the matter up with his colleagues. She recollected: "I was afraid of Tom's group, and I was afraid of the bureau if they found out I told Tom."

Word of Moore's FBI connection spread through the radical community, and she was ostracized. Whenever she attended meetings, she was surrounded by a circle of empty seats. She sought to counteract her alienation by making a full confession of her past links to the FBI. To reporters, radio interviewers and anyone else who would listen, she would pour forth self-criticism and expound on Marxist and Maoist theories. Whereupon both the FBI and the radicals dropped her entirely. Still longing for the thrills of clandestine work, she cultivated ties with San Francisco police, who in turn put her in touch with the Treasury Department's Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms."

I'm in an 'old school' frame of mind. More like this later.

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Getting the story straight

Have you noticed that World Jewry have conflicting arguments against divestment and against sanctions? If a university movement representing the decent and moral majority of us tries to ban Zionist Israeli professors from sullying their campus the Jews cry out 'academic freedom'. They claim that we need to foster communication and free exchange of ideas, the whole idea of a university.

But note what happens when a campaign of divestment starts, as in the case of the noble Hampshire College. Suddenly, the Jews don't seem to care so much for academic freedom. Dershowitz is going to make the College "pay a heavy price" for the exercise of its right to decide where it wants to invest. Apparently, 'academic freedom' goes only so far.

In the same vein, the Israeli government threatened to withdraw funding from Tel Aviv University unless it agreed to hire one of the IDF lawyer-colonels who provided the legalese for the slaughter of civilians in Gaza, someone who should move directly from the lecture hall to the dock in a war crimes trial. 'Academic freedom' means nothing to World Jewry, except as a propaganda weapon in its increasingly desperate attempts to escape justice for its ongoing campaign of psychopathic criminality.

Friday, February 13, 2009


  1. Jonathan Freedland, without knowing that he is doing so, comments on the rise of progressive anti-Semitism. "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas", indeed. It used to be a key, if stupid, liberal shibboleth that the evil should be able to hide behind the cloak of anti-racism in order to do their evil deeds. Thank goodness that is ending. The sad fact of the matter is that the wicked State of the Jews will continue to engage in mass slaughter and other atrocities until we all draw the obvious conclusions as to motive.
  2. Deborah Lipstadt (!) on the ADL's polling in Europe. The ADL ran what amounts to a 'push poll', convincing many Europeans that they were in fact anti-Semites, all in aid of increasing the size of the cloak.
  3. "According to the European Union Monitoring Center, the ‘New Antisemitism’ involves:
    • Denying the Jewish people their right to self determination
    • Applying double standards to Israel
    • Using the symbols and images associated with the classic antisemitism to characterize Israel or Israelis
    • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis
    • Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel"

    Decent, moral individuals around the globe should use this as a guide on what to do.
  4. If Venezuela’s Jews are nervous (and note how the NYT naturally fails to mention the inside-job nature of the attack), they should be nervous about that upcoming false flag attack.
  5. The Rat is put on the rack (don't forget that the timing of the Williamson ex-excommunication was surely connected to the Gaza slaughter, when Vatican right-wingers, who have been dying to do this for years, thought they could slip one by). I love this paragraph, written, I guess, for the benefit of Americans who are a little iffy on history (my emphasis in various colors; and yes, the Holocaust happened, however morally irrelevant the Jews have subsequently made it):
    "Last month the Vatican lifted the excommunication of a rebel bishop just days after the broadcast of an interview in which he denied the existence of gas chambers and said no more than 300,000 Jews had died in Nazi concentration camps. Scholars have in fact documented approximately 6 million Jewish deaths in the Holocaust."
  6. "Israel's central role in the resurgence of 'anti-Semitism'"
  7. "Brooklyn camera stores: The scam stops here" Read through to the comments.
  8. "The Quebec City Carnaval is apologizing for an ice sculpture of a traditional Ukrainian Christmas scene after a visitor complained that it included a stereotypical bearded Jew in a skullcap, holding a bag of money."
  9. More laughs (Anne Frank on skates; note this is a story from the 1890s):
    "Canada's honor has again been upheld abroad, and now Louis Rubenstein is not only champion figure skater of Canada and the United States, but of the world.

    Rival skaters weren't the only opponents Louis Rubenstein had to vanquish to become world figure skating champion. His triumph, in St. Petersburg, was also a triumph over the virulent anti-Semitism then rampant in imperial Russia."

    Be prepared for a heaping dose of this kind of bullshit, as the Jewish Billionaires are starting to panic.
  10. And, of course, my new hero, Rowan Laxton: "Fucking Israelis, fucking Jews."

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Assassination news

Assassination news:
  1. That synagogue graffiti may be cover for the groundwork for a Mossad false flag assassination against a Jewish target in Venezuela, to be blamed on Hezbollah as its revenge for the Israeli assassination of Imad Mughniyeh (note the alleged CIA help), thus doubly falsely implicating both Venezuela and Hezbollah and probably connecting Chavez to Hezbollah.
  2. Glen Davis assassination follow-up.
  3. A Chechen refugee killed in Vienna who was the key witness in an Austrian criminal investigation into Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, and the commander of the Azerbaijan air force

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Parts of the propaganda war

Before I consider the exciting new War Against The Jews - it might be a little premature to write about it - a little clean-up of links:
  1. Making movies to promote Zionism at the expense of making money has put Hollywood's greatest businessman almost out of business. But hey, if it can allow the shooting of one Palestinian child it's worth it, right?
  2. From Greg Bacon in the comments, arrests have been made in the Venezuelan 'anti-Semitic' synagogue attack, and the arrested include "at least one security official from the synagogue". Like clockwork: Chavez complains about the slaughter in Gaza so the Jews attack themselves to try to garner sympathy. It has happened so, so many times it is almost a joke.
  3. The Jew-controlled American publishing industry is also pulling its weight. This is not just an attack on the fake memoirs; it is also surprisingly 'anti-Semitic', especially as it is published in the New Yorker (remember when the New Yorker used to be relevant?).
  4. Speaking of finding things in odd places, an excellent photo essay on Gaza published in in the New York Times, kinda like opening Der Stürmer in 1943 and finding a similar article on the suffering of the Jews. Published where it is, I assume it is just Jewish sadistic porn.
  5. Also from the comments, a good analysis of the BBC's refusal to allow an appeal for Gaza relief. The BBC couldn't allow Gaza relief to be mentioned as that might cause people to ask why the people of Gaza need relief, which is, by definition, an 'anti-Semitic' question. My question: why does Mark Thompson still have a job?
  6. In the same vein, it is apparently now illegal in Britain to express an opposition to genocide. Just another example of how the JIZ will eventually wreck everything until they are stopped.

Sunday, February 08, 2009


Before I fill out the details of the amazing start of WWIV, the War Against The Jews (we've quietly but suddenly moved from the era of the Wars For The Jews to the era of the War Against The Jews), I should comment on the giddiness provoked by the results of the upcoming Israeli elections. As predicted , Bibi's going to take over to deal with the threat to the JIZ caused by Obama. Even better, outright eliminationist Avigdor Lieberman will probably hold the balance of power. A few weeks ago, I would have regarded this development with horror, but now I see the JIZ have fallen into a trap of their own devising. While the old Israeli leadership could always at least pass for human beings, neither Bibi nor Avigdor have even a chance at doing so. They both look and act and talk like the subject of cartoons out of Nazi newspaper Der Stürmer (whose motto was "Die Juden sind unser Unglück!"). The slaughter of Gaza proved that there is not a hair's breadth's difference between the JIZ, and we might as well see Israeli leaders who can't even begin to hide their racist extremist psychopathic eliminationist supremacism. Bibi's just going to make WWIV easier.

I'm even beginning to see an Israeli - no, there is not going to be an American attack! - on Iran in a new light. If it is going to happen, better sooner rather than later. The Iranian and Hezbollah defensive rocket counterattack should start the process of what all truly decent and moral people now want to see, the Jews - in their own words - pushed into the sea. Since the JIZ psychos are going to slaughter a lot more people - it is undeniably inevitable - better to get the big one out of the way right away so the world can be free of the Jewish State as quickly as possible.


It was dreadfully late in coming, and everybody in the media is pretending nothing happened, but the war of the rest of the world against the Jews started this past week.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

"International law progresses through violations"

Two surgeons from the UK, Dr Ghassan Abu Sittah and Dr Swee Ang, summarize some of the many war crimes and crimes against humanity committed by the JIZ - the morally indistinguishable coven of Jews, Israelis and Zionists - in their latest installment in an ongoing project of slaughter and mayhem, all in aid of their psychopathic extremist eliminationist racist supremacism. Note in particular the attempts to destroy the basis of civil society by attacking policemen, schools, government buildings, and the fertility of agricultural land. This provides further proof that the JIZ psychopathy is genocidal in intent. I also note the intentional destruction of archaeological evidence as part of the JIZ blueprint to eliminate any evidence of non-JIZ settlement in the area.

Note also the new JIZ plan: "International law progresses through violations". In other words, the JIZ intend to bring all of humanity down to their animal level by a constant process of getting away with worse and worse moral outrages. The 'progressives' always ready with the slur are their aiders and abettors in this dreadful, but well thought out, conspiracy to destroy international law.

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

The blood pours from their fangs

From the comments, proof of how the blood drips - pours - from their fangs, 91% of Israeli Jews support the Gaza slaughter, while in the relatively non-psychopathic American Jewish population, only 79% are in favor of the massacres. For the rest of us, the moral and decent people of the world, 99% are against the massacres, the 1% reserved for the Charlie Mansons and other assorted psychos (apologies to Charlie, as I'm sure he's not as crazy as that 91%). There is nothing to be done but eliminate the problem by ending the Jewish state. Debate with racist eliminationist supremacist psychopaths is futile.

Tuesday, February 03, 2009

JIZ logic

I really can no longer distinguish the Jews from the Israelis from the Zionists, so I'm just going to call them the JIZ. JIZ logic:
  1. A rocket falls harmlessly on Israel.
  2. The Israeli government admits that Hamas had nothing to do with it, but maintains that Hamas is still responsible, as it is responsible for everything that happens in Gaza.
  3. This despite the fact that the Israeli government refuses to admit that Hamas has any political authority, even though Hamas was elected by the Palestinians in free and fair elections.
  4. Hamas must be punished.
  5. Since Hamas is embedded in the Gazan civilian population, Israel punishes Hamas for what it didn't do by killing some civilians who have nothing to do with Hamas.
When the JIZ manage to drive themselves into the sea, somebody has found an old homeland for them (the Moon and Mars being still unavailable).