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  1. Jonathan Freedland, without knowing that he is doing so, comments on the rise of progressive anti-Semitism. "Hamas, Hamas, Jews to the gas", indeed. It used to be a key, if stupid, liberal shibboleth that the evil should be able to hide behind the cloak of anti-racism in order to do their evil deeds. Thank goodness that is ending. The sad fact of the matter is that the wicked State of the Jews will continue to engage in mass slaughter and other atrocities until we all draw the obvious conclusions as to motive.
  2. Deborah Lipstadt (!) on the ADL's polling in Europe. The ADL ran what amounts to a 'push poll', convincing many Europeans that they were in fact anti-Semites, all in aid of increasing the size of the cloak.
  3. "According to the European Union Monitoring Center, the ‘New Antisemitism’ involves:
    • Denying the Jewish people their right to self determination
    • Applying double standards to Israel
    • Using the symbols and images associated with the classic antisemitism to characterize Israel or Israelis
    • Drawing comparisons of contemporary Israeli policy to that of the Nazis
    • Holding Jews collectively responsible for actions of the state of Israel"

    Decent, moral individuals around the globe should use this as a guide on what to do.
  4. If Venezuela’s Jews are nervous (and note how the NYT naturally fails to mention the inside-job nature of the attack), they should be nervous about that upcoming false flag attack.
  5. The Rat is put on the rack (don't forget that the timing of the Williamson ex-excommunication was surely connected to the Gaza slaughter, when Vatican right-wingers, who have been dying to do this for years, thought they could slip one by). I love this paragraph, written, I guess, for the benefit of Americans who are a little iffy on history (my emphasis in various colors; and yes, the Holocaust happened, however morally irrelevant the Jews have subsequently made it):
    "Last month the Vatican lifted the excommunication of a rebel bishop just days after the broadcast of an interview in which he denied the existence of gas chambers and said no more than 300,000 Jews had died in Nazi concentration camps. Scholars have in fact documented approximately 6 million Jewish deaths in the Holocaust."
  6. "Israel's central role in the resurgence of 'anti-Semitism'"
  7. "Brooklyn camera stores: The scam stops here" Read through to the comments.
  8. "The Quebec City Carnaval is apologizing for an ice sculpture of a traditional Ukrainian Christmas scene after a visitor complained that it included a stereotypical bearded Jew in a skullcap, holding a bag of money."
  9. More laughs (Anne Frank on skates; note this is a story from the 1890s):
    "Canada's honor has again been upheld abroad, and now Louis Rubenstein is not only champion figure skater of Canada and the United States, but of the world.

    Rival skaters weren't the only opponents Louis Rubenstein had to vanquish to become world figure skating champion. His triumph, in St. Petersburg, was also a triumph over the virulent anti-Semitism then rampant in imperial Russia."

    Be prepared for a heaping dose of this kind of bullshit, as the Jewish Billionaires are starting to panic.
  10. And, of course, my new hero, Rowan Laxton: "Fucking Israelis, fucking Jews."


Anonymous said...

Vatican right-wingers, who have been dying to do this for years, thought they could slip one by

How do you know it wasn't timed to help that nation of perpetual victims, Israel?

Instead of the clownish MSM outlets focusing on the Israeli butchery in Gaza, they had a made to order distraction.

"Oh those poor Jews! Look another Holocaust™ Denier let loose on the world!"

Why has this gift wrapped bullshit ganered more headlines than reports of that White Phosphorous being dropped by Israeli Storm Troopers on Gazans?

Israel could drop a nuke on Gaza and the next day, there would be a story in the New York Times about how the pall of smoke rising above what was once Gaza reminded a Holocaust™ survivor of the smoke rising from the Auschwitz ovens.

Rowan Berkeley said...

they wanted to establish firmly in the anglophone world the idea that holo 'denial' henceforth includes holo 'minimisation'.

Anonymous said...

One for Bishop Richard Williamson:


A little investigation makes this clear.

For a start you should consider this:

In 1990, the Jew HolyCo$t Lie Changed:

From 1948, till 1990, the Auschwitz subsection of the HolyCo$t fable was:

Number of Jews supposedly killed at Auschwitz = 3,000,000
Total Number of people killed at Auschwitz = 4,000,000

From 1990, till the present, the Auschwitz subsection of the HolyCo$t fable has been:

Number of Jews supposedly killed at Auschwitz = 1,000,000
Total Number of people killed at Auschwitz = 1,500,000

And,... Check out this Jew Math.

From 1948, till 1990, the overall number of Jews supposedly killed by the Nazis was 6,000,000

In 1990, the number of Jews killed at Auschwitz was reduced from 3,000,000 to 1,000,000

So, you would think that the overall number of Jews killed would also have been reduced to

6,000,000 - 2,000,000 = 4,000,000

But not at all,...

From 1990, till the present, the Jews have continued to claim that the overall number of Jews killed by the Nazis is 6,000,000

You see, for the Jews, any LIE that is believed, is a good LIE.

Even if the LIE is as stupid as the one I have just pointed out.

Here are a few of articles that may help explain what happened:

So, why do people believe in the holocaust, anyway?

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

Jewish myth-making is truly awesome.

Skatin' Anne Frank reminds me of Louis Alexander Slotin , a Manhattan Project physicist who stuck a screw-driver on a Plutonium-Beryllium core of an A-Bomb. The procedure was non-standard, and made the core go "prompt critical" causing a burst of hard-radiation that killed Slotin and a number of other physicists present.

Shortly after the incident, stories were spun in the Jewish Press that Slotin was, among other phenomenal things, a fighter pilot, a freedom-fighter in the Spanish Civil War; in a nutshell, a judaic superman plus victimhood.

The accident, and the deaths it caused were a direct consequence of his negligence and poor judgement. It passed into history as "tickling the Dragon's tail."

Anonymous said...

HAHAHa Slotin...lying, the jews way of making lemon aid out of lemons.

3/6 is up - Money Pamphlets


Man From Atlan said...

C'mon, Laurievie. Log in properly with your website url so we can click through.

Anonymous said...

Fascinating account of the NYC mishpuka.

Fear not! The Federal Bureau for Israel is already on the case.


Bernard Madoff, the Mafia, and the Friends of Michael Milken
February 3rd, 2009 by Mark Mitchell


Man From Atlan said...

C'mon Xymphora, "yes, the Holocaust happened" is kinda iffily historically challenged too, so what do you mean exactly: 300,000 Joos,
6 million,
Gas or Typhus?
your many fans want to know.

Man From Atlan said...

Remember comments about Chavez's security detail?
He just reported a possible coup attempt.

Man From Atlan said...

And, by incredible coincidence, Beverly Eckert, whose husband died at the World Trade Center, died in the fiery plane crash outside Buffalo last night. She is the founder of Voices of September
11th, a victims advocacy group, and
had just been at a meeting with President Obama. From a 2003 article:"My Silence Cannot Be Bought by Beverly Eckert"
"I've chosen to go to court rather than accept a payoff from the 9/11 victims compensation fund. Instead, I want to know what went so wrong with our intelligence and security systems that a band of religious fanatics was able to turn four U.S passenger jets into an enemy force, attack our cities and kill 3,000 civilians with terrifying ease. I want to know why two 110-story skyscrapers collapsed in less than two hours and why escape and rescue options were so limited"
"So I say to Congress, big business and everyone who conspired to divert attention from government and private-sector failures: My husband's life was priceless, and I will not let his death be meaningless. My silence cannot be bought."

Man From Atlan said...

And now, her voice is silenced.

Man From Atlan said...

The plane crash details:

Man From Atlan said...

Obtw, instead of Jewish Billionaires, I came up with 'Fullionaires' as in full of (fill in the blanks)

Anonymous said...

UK anti-Semitic attacks rise after Gaza conflict

Israel's three-week offensive left nearly 1,300 Palestinians in Gaza dead, according to Gaza officials. Thirteen Israelis were killed, including three civilians.


i am appalled, just APpalled ... that AP would call it an offensive.
it is clearly a conflict between islamofascist goliath and a kind, suffering david.

AP management must watch shindler's list 300 times ...

Anonymous said...

Here's a transcript of Flight 3407's last minutes, Notice any radio traffic about ice buildup? Or mechanical problems?

4:38 - ATC: colgan 3407 procede direct ____?

4:58 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 6,000

8:39 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 5,000

8:40 - 3407: 5,000 for colgan 3407

9:09 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 4,000

12:14 - ATC: colgan 3407 descend and maintain 2,300

12:19 - ??? garbled

12:39 - ATC: colgan 3407 turn left heading 330

12:42 - 3407: left heading 330 colgan 3407

14:04 - ATC: colgan 3407 turn left heading 310

14:07 - 3407: left heading 310, colgan 3407

15:08 - ATC: colgan 3407 3 miles from ____ colonel?? left heading 260? maintain 2300 til established localizer and cleared ils runway 2-3

15:17 - 3407: left 260, 2,300 til established and cleared ils 23 approach, colgan 3407

16:02 - ATC: colgan 3407 contact tower 204.5 have a good day

16:08 - 3407: muffled colgan 3407

17:01 - ATC: colgan 3407 approach

17:22 - ATC: colgan 3407, buffalo

17:24 - ATC: colgan 3407, approach

17:33 - ATC: delta 1998, look out ur left side about 5 miles for a dash 8, should be 2300 feet, see anything there?,0,7376989.htmlstory

Now compare the above with the story below which says 3407 was having problems with ice build up.

Sounds like a massive failure of the plane's electrical and hydraulic systems.

Flight 3407 Plummeted Straight Down, Killing 50
Victims Include Sept. 11 Widow Beverly Eckert

Feb. 13, 2009

In the minutes before a turboprop plane plunged to the earth killing all 49 people aboard and one person on the ground, the pilot and crew were recorded discussing "significant ice build-up" on the plane's windshield and the leading edge of the wings, federal investigators said today.

The "black boxes" recovered from the burning remains of Continental Express Flight 3407 also indicated that the de-icing button in the cockpit had been in the "on" position.

Shortly after that conversation, Capt. Marvin Renslow deployed the plane's landing gears and the wing flaps to slow down the plane in preparation for landing.

"Severe pitch and roll [began] within seconds" of the flaps being deployed, said Steven Chealander, spokesman for the National Transportation Safety Board. Chealander said that means the plane's nose bucked up and down while the wing's dipped and rose violently.

The plane plummeted to the earth so rapidly that Renslow and his crew never had time to radio a mayday alert.

Anonymous said...

What MFA, you don't have it on your favorites list? :-)

Anonymous said...

Laurie, thanks for the pamphlets. I'll consolidate them on a pdf for easyer reading.

And before I say g'nite, a masonic toast:

May the conduct of masons be such as to convince the world they dwell in light!

Anonymous said...

I would have no trouble at all with Xymph substituting "considerable Jewish suffering, whether exaggerated for political purposes or not" for the "Holocaust." I consider his choice not to on a par with some of his liberal commentary on South Africa, for example.

Man From Atlan said...

Because, Laurievie, I haven't got around to organising my 300+Favourites menu, but you're there;
it was suggested for the benefit of others, and I recommend your site greatly;
and anyhow, I already know your site address from memory:
Great reading, The Money Pamphlets. Thanks.

Man From Atlan said...

You know, Greg, I thought of the same. Weather reports never indicated any possible ice build up conditions, and the Dash 8 Q400is one of the safest planes in the world, with an enviable safety record. It also has an amazing de-icing system so I dunno.
Let's just say the preferred hi-profile assassination method by the U.S. seems to be by airplane crashes.

Anonymous said...

"Jewish myth-making is truly awesome."

Yeah. Another classic Jew MYTH is called Einstein.

The Einstein myth is yet another example of Jews creating "reality" by just stating that it is so, in their newspapers and journals. Einstein stole so much of "his" work, that it is difficult to tell if he produced any substantial results of his own. What is clear, however, is that the Jews took an obscure researcher and turned him into a legend, by stealing the work of others and distorting experimental results to fit certain chosen theories.

Man From Atlan said...

Checked the DASH safety record again. My previous impression based on Porter Airlines flying out of Toronto saying it was one of the safest aircraft in the world. Maybe not, some landing gear and pitch control problems based on improper maintenance and cost cutting but still...

Anonymous said...

You are correct. Freedland's column does unwittingly give voice to the very clear rise of "anti semitism" from the "liberal left". Here's a link to liberal site Truth Out's posting of the article and at time of this writing 894 comments. I just skimmed the 1st page. The left isn't buying Freedland's comment equating Gaza with 911 or 777 because Gaza is a state. Many of the comments also seemed to be saying that global Jewish leaders are the ones blurring "Jew", "Israel" and "Zionism".

Anonymous said...

To Anon 7:40 PM, February 13, 2009

Incurious dimwit.
Picking out Einstein for castigation is a tad "obvious."
The ENTIRE history of (cross-pollinated) scientific discovery is littered with acrimonious disputes, complaints and debates about stolen and 'borrowed' theories. I'm not saying AE was squeaky clean but I am saying that he certainly understood what he was talking about and, more importantly, he knew how to express complex ideas in simple terms.

Dip into "Relativity" AND some of the contemporary writings of others and you'll see ehat I mean.

Plenty of original ideas languish on the rocks of poor communication.

Anonymous said...

Putting the context of so-called anti-Semitism into context was a clever idea, Xymph.

Anonymous said...

PIn my above comment on the Freedland link I, of course meant to state the difference between 911 & 777 (London) was that Israel (not Gaza) is a state. And I had thought the more than 800 comments came from Truth Out, but apparently they came from the Guardian. The first comment by Dan on Lipstadt's link is revealing.

**Reading the more than 800 comments that follow Freeland's article has left me almost more shocked than the anti-Semitism he describes within it. It seems that this has always been a concern of yours in your fight with Holocaust denial: that clearly articulated hate speech is much less dangerous than tangled, malformed and every-day speech uttered by potentially well meaning but completely uninformed masses that is punctuated by the very arguments of the deniers.

Certainly, Freedland's commentators mostly begin their posts with a variation of "I abhor anti-Semitism," but almost as often they end them with "but Jews, through their evil-doing force me to hold my views on them."

Given the tenor of these posts one wonders what the comments said that were "removed by the moderator."**

Anonymous said...

It appears that Hoarsewhisperer is, in fact, the "Incurious dimwit," he accuses others of being.

Sadly, it is clear he never read any of the articles presented.

Sadly, I guess he probably doesn't have the ability.

When I studied special relativity, I was struck by the fact the symmetry group of the (special relativity) universe was called the Lorentz group (or Poincare group = Lorentz group extended by the translation symmetries) and not the Einstein group.

This was anomalous because saying the Lorentz/Poincare group is the symmetry group of the universe, is exactly what is meant when on talks about special relativity.

One should note that the symmetry group of Galilean/Newtonian relativity is actually called the Galilean group.

So, we have both Lorentz, Poincare and a few others all talking about this group being the symmetry group of electromagnetism/the universe, i.e., about special relativity, in published papers, many years before Einstein finally "discovers" it.

As is written in

"It is easily proven that Albert Einstein did not originate the special theory of relativity in its entirety, or even in its majority.[1] The historic record is readily available. Ludwig Gustav Lange,[2] Woldemar Voigt,[3] George Francis FitzGerald,[4] Joseph Larmor,[5] Hendrik Antoon Lorentz,[6] Jules Henri Poincaré,[7] Paul Drude,[8] Paul Langevin,[9] and many others, slowly developed the theory, step by step, and based it on thousands of years of recorded thought and research."

Take the relativity test at

I didn't do very well. I'm afraid Einstein was much more of a fraud than I initially thought.

Rowan Berkeley said...

them dirty rats, they've suspended WUFYS.

Anonymous said...

And now...something entirely different:

Spanish police arrest six over massive '£420m London Stock Exchange fraud'

By Mail Foreign Service
Last updated at 2:25 PM on 28th January 2009

"The brains of the operation may be a man named Abraham Hochman, formerly an agent of the Israeli Mossad, and Diego Magn Selva, who was implicated in the Argentine Trust case, Spanish newspaper El Pais claimed."


Anonymous said...

I Forgot to add this nice bit:

"Lambert is an investment firm that manages money on behalf of some 2,000 wealthy Jewish settlers in Latin America and Israel. Both Lambert and Langbar are incorporated in Bermuda."


Mishpuka, Mischpoke, also Mischpoche or Meschpuke; Yiddish word derived from the Hebrew משפחה („Family“, pronounced: meeshpakha) meaning family, society, band, gang, syndicate, ring.

Anonymous said...

Nevertheless, blinkered anon, similar controversies abound in the realm of scientific discovery - just one being Franklin's (corrective) contribution to Crick and Co's work on DNA.

Anonymous said...

MFA, more on that commuter flight that crashed in Buffalo with Bev Eckert onbaord:

No mention of ice, just snow. Sputtering sounds? That's the sound an engine makes when it's conking out.

Plane Plunges Into Home in New York, Killing 50

The commuter airplane was flying from Newark, N.J., in snowy, windy weather when it crashed into a home in Clarence, N.Y. -- seven miles short of the Buffalo airport.

Witnesses heard the twin turboprop aircraft sputtering before it went down about 10:20 p.m., squarely through the roof of a house, its tail section visible through flames shooting at least 50 feet high, the AP reported.

The plane, a Q400 Bombardier, was used extensively in northern Europe, an area that is known for wintery weather.

Some problems reported with the Q400, with the landing gear, but NO fatalities or serious injuries.

Bombardier Q400 planes have had few prior problems

TORONTO (Reuters) - Canadian plane maker Bombardier Inc said on Friday the crash of one of its Dash 8 Q400 turboprop aircraft near Buffalo, New York, on Thursday night, which killed 50 people, was the first fatal crash involving that type of plane, although it has had some safety problems.

A spokesman for Bombardier said 220 of the Q400 turboprops have been delivered to 30 airlines around the world.

Over nine years of flights, the fleet had logged more than 1 million flying hours and 1.5 million takeoff cycles without a fatal accident, said Bombardier spokesman John Arnone.

Pratt & Whitney Canada, the maker of the engine for the plane, also sent officials to the site, a spokeswoman said.

The cause of the crash was unknown.

"There have been a few crashes with the Dash 8 over the years, but I don't recall anything that has been noticeably pointed out in the literature about that particular airplane that would suggest any issues," said David Greatrix, professor of aerospace at Ryerson University in Toronto.

Three made-in-Toronto Dash 8 Q-400 planes, owned by airline SAS, were involved in crash landings in Scandinavia in a span of 45 days in the fall of 2007 due to problems with landing gear.

Anonymous said...

Re. Xenophile on the "family"

Anyone on the no-fly lists should be deprived of citizen rights.

Emanuel claims that anyone on the no fly list does not belong in the "American family."

The list includes the president of Bolivia among other worthies.

Meanwhile, Michael Scheuer has been fired for mentioning Emanuel's record: "several major financial donors to Jamestown threatened to withdraw funding if I remained a senior fellow, so I was getting the boot."


Greg Bacon said...

Rowan, I've been in touch with QRS wave and they've been told by Bluehost that it's a "technical" problem.

Wasn't Bluehost the same batch of sniveling cowards that suspended Judicial Inc. forcing JI to find another site host?

QRS has a blog up about the problems.

the other site is down.

(you can see it, but there's a whole bunch of errors and I for one can't log in)

for the time being, any urgent news can be posted here.

email me at for posting privileges.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the shocking video, USTP.

Emanuel speaks as a latter-day version of the People's Commissar for War, hell-bent to crush the Whites.

In time his luck, I am afraid, may not be any better than that of his Patron Saint Trotsky.

Anonymous said...

I should hope my credentials as an antisemitic are solid, but I really have to wonder about how despicable the jookins are appearing to be. We've got the horrific invasion of Gaza, the abominable Madoff and the other Wall Streeters, and now IDF boy Rommie E. deciding who's an American??? Gotta gin up that anitisemitism least the chozen forget who they are. How many years ago was it that Jerkoffwitz published "The Vanishing American Jew"? I think we have a cat herding exercise going on. We know Alan M. Dershowitz didn't think of that topic himself, he doesn't have the imagination.

Xeno & MFA, glad you are enjoying TMP. 4/6 is almost up

Anonymous said...

Strangely, the video UST mentioned has had over 5700 views but not a single comment on it. There should be many hundreds of irate comments given the nature of Emanuel's remarks.

Anonymous said...

According to the European Union Monitoring Center, the 'New Antisemitism' involves:

1. Denying the Palestinian people their right to self determination

2. Applying double standards to Palestine

3. Using the symbols and images associated with the classic antisemitism to characterize Palestine or Palestinians

4. Drawing comparisons of the contemporary situation of Palestinians, to that of the Jews under the Nazis

5. Holding Palestinian collectively responsible for actions of individuals (actually, this is a Jew war crime)

So the Palestinians (being Semites) are the objects of the most severe antisemitism on the Planet.

And, the most antisemitic people on the Planet, by a huge margin, are Jews.

Rowan Berkeley said...

Greg Bacon said ... Rowan, I've been in touch with QRS wave and they've been told by Bluehost that it's a "technical" problem.

-thank you greg. 'qrswave' has got to be one of the coolest nicknames ever, hasn't it? It's actually the code name of a cia operation whose details I forget but prolly involved cuba.

Anonymous said...

'qrswave' has got to be one of the coolest nicknames ever

Hell, here I thought that she was some type of Heart specialist or ICU nurse, since a QRS wave also is part of your EKG reading they take when your heart is going on the fritz.

Anonymous said...

According to the European Union Monitoring Center, the 'New Antisemitism' involves

The US government has an Anti-Semite department to ferret out those who dare speak and think for themselves. Wait until they get that "Thought Crime Act" passed into law.

Introduced into the House by Rep. Jane Harman, a Jewess from California and which is currently setting on the desk of that loyal American patriot, Zionist Senator Joe LIeberman (Likud Party-Israel).

One more 9/11, either a physical one or a cyber attack, and damn near everyone that replies to Xymph's blog will become a "Thought Criminal" by law.

Executive Summary I. Anti-Semitism

Anti-Semitism has plagued the world for centuries. Taken to its most far-reaching and violent extreme, the Holocaust, anti-Semitism resulted in the deaths of millions of Jews and the suffering of countless others. Subtler, less vile forms of anti-Semitism have disrupted lives, decimated religious communities, created social and political cleavages, and complicated relations between countries as well as the work of international organizations. For an increasingly interdependent world, anti-Semitism is an intolerable burden.

The increasing frequency and severity of anti-Semitic incidents since the start of the 21st century, particularly in Europe, has compelled the international community to focus on anti-Semitism with renewed vigor....

Has Israel and her band of rabid backers ever think that if they stopped going on murderous rampages in Gaza, the West Bank, Lebanon, Syria and soon, probably Iran and stopped killing off people around the world they deem to be an "existential" enemy, that people might hold a little better view of them or does that thought not ever enter into their diseased minds?

Anonymous said...

Great interview with Bill Moyers and Simon Johnson, former chief economist of the International Monetary Fund (IMF), MIT Sloan School of Management professor.

Do you guys realize that even an IMF technocrat and MIT man has started calling the American system of governance an oligharchy? Critical mass for a tax revolt or widespread rioting in the US cannot be too far down the road.

Johnson goes only so as to formulate it as a putative opposition between Geithner and The American Oligarchs. But every day more and more common Americans see through the spiel: Geithner is a creation of those oligarchs.

Really worth the time.

Anonymous said...

Apparently at the last G8 meeting the only thing on the U.S. attendees minds where 'How to deal with the hatred of the people'. I'd like to remind them of Ta Hio...The Ho-Kiang says: the fortune of the prince depends upon heaven, and the will of heaven exists in the people.

Anonymous said...


The Bill Moyers' interview is frighting! Something is cooking!
"The American Oligarchs"?


Anonymous said...

anonymous said I'm afraid Einstein was much more of a fraud than I initially thought.

his massive achievement was to prove that truth bends as it travels through mainstream medium.

Rowan Berkeley said...

maybe I got my WAVEs mixed up, Greg, I was probably thinking of this one:

JM WAVE was the Central Intelligence Agency station in Florida. Located south of Miami in a heavily wooded 1,571-acre tract. The numerous buildings were said to belong to Zenith Technological Enterprises. The CIA JM WAVE station in Miami served as operational headquarters for Operation Mongoose. The head of the station was Ted Shackley. By the spring of 1962, JM/WAVE employed more than 200 CIA officers. They in turn ran over 2,200 Cuban agents. JM/WAVE had a navy of over 100 craft, including the 174-foot Rex, that had the latest electronic eqquipment and 40-millimeter and 20-millimeter cannons. The CIA station also had a large number of V-20 Swift craft and access to F-105 Phantoms from nearby Homestead Air Force Base.

Anonymous said...

Laurie, I like your taste of music.
Are you a music teacher?

Anonymous said...

Measha Brueggergosman

Anonymous said...

hey there Xenophile - Bill Moyers and Simon Johnson are both Jews who are playing Good Cop vs. Bad Cop...they both in this, and they are going against the US government because they are planning an anti-government revolution for the overthrowing and complete takeover of the US government by the Jews - the Jews are destructive revolutionaries who will fool the masses into overthrowing their own governments. It is like when a virus or parasite enters your body, and makes you sick to the point that your stomach starts to hurt - however if you cut open and threw out your stomach from your body - that would be a misdiagnosis that would lead to your own death - one should not trust the Jews when they go against the Government. Jewish deception at its final stages before the American Republic is killed off... Good Luck goyim...and Greg Bacon...tell us about how the next goy frei US government is going to look like.

Anonymous said...

... tell us about how the next goy frei US government is going to look like.

it is going to look good.

Anonymous said...

oops ... not good, my brain translated it into juden frei.

heck, my phone is already ringing with offers of academic and diplomatic positions ...

Anonymous said...

Way off topic

Anonymous said...

Way off topic

Anonymous said...

There are a lot of very interesting points in this. You have caught my interest and I am going to research this topic further. Thanks!

Anonymous said...

his massive achievement was to prove that truth bends as it travels through mainstream medium. - lobro


Anonymous said...

anonymous said I'm afraid Einstein was much more of a fraud than I initially thought.

his (Einstein's) massive achievement was to prove that truth bends as it travels through mainstream medium.

That,.. is very clever. Thank you.