Thursday, February 12, 2009

Assassination news

Assassination news:
  1. That synagogue graffiti may be cover for the groundwork for a Mossad false flag assassination against a Jewish target in Venezuela, to be blamed on Hezbollah as its revenge for the Israeli assassination of Imad Mughniyeh (note the alleged CIA help), thus doubly falsely implicating both Venezuela and Hezbollah and probably connecting Chavez to Hezbollah.
  2. Glen Davis assassination follow-up.
  3. A Chechen refugee killed in Vienna who was the key witness in an Austrian criminal investigation into Chechen President Ramzan Kadyrov, and the commander of the Azerbaijan air force


Rowan Berkeley said...

That whole Stratfor thing is nonsense. He doesn't seem to have read the papers on the Caracas synagogue arrests, which included a rabbi's personal guard and a synagogue guard.

Anonymous said...

Kadima's lead over Likud shrinks to one place, spelling unstable government
DEBKAfile Special Report

"unstable" being a polite term for criminally insane.

Hugo Chavez should put on trial those folks involved in the synagogue thing for "anti-semitism" and sentence them all to 30 years of hard labor, or - offer them a plea deal to name the ringleader and then put the ringleader in prison for 40 years.

Anonymous said...

Nuke weapons lab missing 69 computers

POSTED February 12 2009 6:27 AM BY Carleton Bryant

The nuclear weapons lab at Los Alamos, N.M., is missing 69 computers, including at least a dozen that were stolen last year, the AP is reporting.

Among the missing computers are three stolen from a scientist's home last month and a Blackberry lost in "a sensitive foreign country" in the last two months, according to a lab memo regarding the computers.

No classified information was on the computers, but they contain names and addresses that could pose security problems.

The lab is reviewing its computer security practices.

Lost a Blackberry in a "sensitive foreign country?"

Hmm, wonder how much the agents in that sensitive foreign country paid to help make the Blackberry disappear?

What foreign country is "sensitive" to its nuclear weapons program?

Anonymous said...

The HolyCo$t is simply a Jew lie.

No Jew was ever gassed by the Nazis.

Yes, they were rounded up and sent to concentration camps,... yes many died in concentration camps,...

When people died at Auschwitz the Germans wrote out death certificates with the person's name, occupation, residence before Auschwitz, religion and cause of death.

The Soviets found the death certificates (at Auschwitz) for most of the period August 1941 to Jan 1944.

The Germans had simply left this documentation when they evacuated. The Soviets, found it and conveniently "lost it" in their archives for some 45 years. In 1989, Gorbachev presented this documentation to the Red Cross who then "lost it" in archives in Arolsen, Germany, where it still is.

There were 68,864 of these death certificates.

Most deaths were reported as due to the disease Typhus.

Some 30,065 deaths were recorded as Jews.

So the true number who died at Auschwitz is probably about 150,000.

The number of Jews who were killed (as opposed to died) at Auschwitz is unknown, but is probably quite small.

One death certificate was for a 93 year old Jewish woman:

Königstein, Anna Sara
(1852-12-30 to 1943-12-27)
Birthplace: Poleschowitz,
Place of Residence: Theresienstadt,
Denomination: mosaisch

Here are a couple of articles that may help explain what happened:

So, why do people believe in the holocaust, anyway?

A Quick Proof that the Holocaust Story is a Lie.

The Jews Declare War on Germany (in 1933).

Death Certificates issued at Auschwitz.

Anonymous said...

It does seem awfully strange to go in for all that confusing stuff about Mossad given the much simpler and more attractive idea that they were just trying to remind the public of their monopoly on the concept of victimhood in reaction to Gaza, especially since that is an established habit of theirs.

Anonymous said...

Love it:

The HolyCo$t.

True enough. Holy to Jews and very, very, expensive to everyone else.

Jews are the world's biggest liars. The bigger the lie the better.

Anonymous said...

Freedom of Speech, adieu.

My heart goes out to the Lechers.

Say hello and a big thank you too to brothers Chertov and Mukasey when you meet them.


Texas judge orders site to identify anonymous trolls, flamers

The right to flame someone online has typically been protected by the courts, but a Texas judge has decided enough is enough when it comes to 178 anonymous commenters on The site has less than a month to hand over identifying information about the Internet trolls.

By Jacqui Cheng | Last updated February 11, 2009 11:45

A Texas judge has ordered an online news site to unveil identifying details about 178 anonymous commenters on the site. The order came after a couple, Mark and Rhonda Lesher, sued the numerous anonymous commenters posting to for making what they considered to be "perverted, sick, vile, inhumane accusations" about them.

The Leshers were originally thrust into the Texas spotlight in 2008 after being accused of sexually assaulting an unidentified former client of Mark Lesher. That's when thousands of comments began piling up on the community news aggregator Topix to discuss the sexual assault charges. As with most things on the Internet, many Topix users felt free to let loose with nasty comments about the Leshers.

Anonymous said...,1020,1319685,00.jpg

Beautiful picture